Value Name Valeria

2.2 znachenie imeni valeriya

This name has Latin roots meaning of the name of Valery - is power, health, and is translated as a strong , healthy . Determining the power inherent in the nature of always Valeria.It is often unpredictable and stubborn.Her behavior is often de...

The value named Sergei

4. znachenie imeni sergey

The value named Sergei translated from Latin, it stands for "high", "revered". As a child, a boy of the same name is often sick than gives parents a lot of trouble .However, by 5-7 years in health, as well as Sergei himself , will get stronger ...

The value named Igor

3.1 znachenie imeni igor. igor petrenko

This name is Norse roots meaning of the name Igor - martial. Igor grow alive and moving children.Such activity is often annoys others, or the parents of these boys are often called to school.This applies especially to Igor born in the winter.Th...