Skirts for obese women: what styles to wear.

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Despite the fact that the modern world is trying to fit women in the standard sizes and certain canons of beauty, every girl and woman knows that, in fact, its main weapons and zest - no similarity to the mass, and its difference fromher.The fir...

Skirt-American: what to wear and how to sew

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Every girl at least once in a lifetime dream to feel feminine, romantic and elegant princess.The main association with such an attractive way acts finery, which is very uncomfortable in the modern world.The most objective and realistic option be...

How and what to wear skirts to the floor (MAX)?

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Long skirts - is the first and only long skirts style that was possible for a respectable woman.When in the 20th century revolutionaries in style and fashion coined midi skirts and even a mini skirt maxi receded into the background, while contin...