First aid for fractures - do not panic

First aid in the fractures

Providing first aid for fractures, it is important not to harm humans.Therefore, if you are not confident that you can help, please call an ambulance and Stay with the victim until medical help arrives.Call an ambulance for the victim - ...

Longitudinal flat - if it hurts to stand

Longitudinal flatfoot

longitudinal flat - one of the most common types of flatfoot;It occurs in approximately 20% of patients with this disorder.Longitudinal flat with about equal frequency occurs in different age groups. The normal width of the middle part ...

Torticollis - can pass itself

Krivosheya thumbs

Krivosheya - can pass itself How is Torticollis - a disorder characterized by the curvature of the neck, where the head can be tilted in one direction, whileWhile chin rotated in the opposite direction. Torticollis may be...