Sleepwalking - dangerous to walk in a dream?

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At all times the sleepwalking was shrouded in mystery, he was surrounded by plenty of myths and legends.And in our time, all the mysteries of sleepwalking is not completely solved.Despite significant scientific and technological progress...

Afobazol - help with anxiety

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life of modern man is often accompanied by disturbances of mood and anxiety disorders, stress-related, and a huge amount of information.Many drugs that can help in this case, have a number of undesirable side effects, as well as a backfi...

The strangest phobias - hits of human fears

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We are all subject to varying degrees of fear, but not all are subject to these fears (or phobias) so that they can lead a normal life.Especially for you we have compiled a list of the most bizarre phobias that occur are not as rare as y...