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Hibiscus: Sudanese rose

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hibiscus belongs to the family Malvaceae.Total in the world there are several hundred species of hibiscus, both wild and cultural.In our country the most famous sea hibiscus is a houseplant, better known under the name of Chinese rose.In...

Digitalis: Grass heart

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digitalis has long been used in folk medicine as cordial.In Russia, it began to grow as a medicinal plant since 1730.The introduction of digitalis drugs in scientific medicine associated with the work of English physician Uayteringa publ...

Rosehip oil: gentle pink doctor

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Laboratory rosehip oil obtained from the fruit of useful small seeds, not just medicine, it gently nourishes the skin, eliminating fine wrinkles, adds inner radiance.Due to the high content of vitamins and fatty acid oil is used in cosme...