How to remove scars on his face.

The scar on his face

How to remove a scar on his face meant to each winner's such a defect.The occurrence of a scar on the face may be different: from the dog bite, the wound is healed, the effects of acne and so on.Carriers have a variety of scars causes, but the desire to have all of one thing - it's to get rid of those nasty look on his face markings.

One of the most offensive cases, the appearance of scars on the face - the consequences of acne.Acne manage to do harm, and they are scattered across the face, and after healing too.

Acne can leave behind small scars, which are unlikely to want to spend rest of his life.After all, if time does not begin to deal with the scars that are left after acne, then it may be too late.

scars adorn men only (and not always), so for a woman's face with a scar - it is a problem to be solved.



1. methods by which fade scars on his face
2. How to remove scars on the face of their own if there is no desire / money to resort to medicine
Women's secrets - howget rid of scars, video

methods by which fade scars on his face

most effective and expensive - is, of course, laser removal. laser procedure will relieve you of unwanted scar almost completely.Laser therapy can be activated to the upper layers of the skin, and may be directed to the lower layers of your skin (there is an intensive development of collagen, and thus struggle with the scar comes from within the skin). This method can save you from the scars of any origin.

Other effective methods is:

  • surgery. Surgery, in turn, includes a lot of different options for treatments.For example, you can cut the scarred area of ​​the skin, and make the transplantation of healthy skin.Or the imposition of intradermal stitches when cutting scar, etc .;
Photo shot in the face
  • peeling. peeling essence when dealing with the scars is that it helps to remove the top layer of the skin, to which belongs and shallow and a small scar;
  • hormones. Getting rid of scars on the face with the help of hormones - another way.The idea is that the hormonal medicine is injected into the scar itself injection. Application of this method against the scars solved only with a doctor!
  • special creams. This type of treatment is also to be discussed with your doctor.To date, developed a variety of anti-scar creams that can actually remove the scars on his face.


How to remove scars on the face of their own if there is no desire / money to resort to medicine

would seem ordinary foods that you eat almost every day, and they alsoThey have unique properties.

1. Lemon juice will make the scar less noticeable on the face (it has a special bleaching agents).

2. Honey may also provide removal of scars on the face (causing the mask of honey several times a day can be significantly reduced and the size of the scar, and to separate from the skin color).


3. Aloe is not a food, but can also contribute to getting rid of scars from facial skin (but not so much redemption as preventing the formation of scars, aloe juice is used to wound healing without scarring later).

Recipe mask of scars, stretch marks and scars of the most simple ingredients:
mask of cinnamon and honey:
1. Mix both ingredients in equal proportions;
2. Apply the desired location massage (you can on the entire face, because it is very nourishing mask);
3. rinse with warm water after 15-20 minutes.Holding the
this mixture on your face, and you get smooth skin and improve the appearance / size of your scar.

can deal with scars on his face and obtaining medicine and in the home.Only you can decide which way to remove a scar on his face.

Choose suitable and regains a long-awaited clean face.


Women's secrets - how to get rid of scars, video