How to teach your child to go to sleep alone

Teach a child to independent sleep

Baby sleeping with mother initially - that's the law of nature, as in this case, the newborn was in a state of security.Naturally, in such a case he sound sleep.Over time, children begin to sleep separately from the mother, but not all.The fact that a child should be taught to sleep on their own, although it may be sufficient reason for rejection of such a dream .

Teach a child to independent sleep can have 6-8 months.In addition, for this and there children mattresses , cots and other attributes of a healthy sleep for your baby .It is not necessary to treat categorically that grudnichok to sleep very close to his mother , because even in 2-3 years it will endeavor to bed with you , although it can not do without you.

Nevertheless, the most appropriate age for accustom yourself to sleep - 2 years .At this age a child requires less heat and protect the mother , than before.In order for your child to sleep , where th e put , you need a set of actions to develop a kind of leaning the baby to sleep.Bedding in this case can be selected with the child , as in this age it may give preference to one or another color, image to the laundry .

Comfortable and beautiful dream - the main thing for the child at this age.To start a child sleepy in the evening, it is necessary to provoke actions quieter than during the day, for example, play quiet games.Pere excite the child in the evening absolutely not necessary, because otherwise, he did not fall asleep.In addition, at night you can read him various tales or tell stories, it also provokes a quick bedtime.Moreover, at this time you will be close to your baby, and he will settle down on this.

Sleeping child in the two-year age it is best with a favorite toy.Once you have laid him, saying goodnight and leave the room.Do not immediately go back to the room if the child began to cry and get nervous, it's best to wait about three minutes and then go into the room.Be sure to try to convince him that he is old enough to sleep on their own.Remember that the first few days, you often have to approach the child, even at night, when he will wake up.But if hard to persuade him to independent sleep, you have all the necessary work.