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There comes a time when the artificial mixture , which replace breast milk for bottle-fed babies are no longer able to provide the child with all the necessary for the growth and development of nutrients.And we need to expand nutritious diet baby.But when you need to bottle- introduce solid foods ?As he entered , and that it was giving the baby , bottle-fed ?

At some point, it's time to expand the diet of the child, so that he could fully develop.In addition to the introduction of a new baby food, will contribute to the final maturation of the baby's digestive tract enzyme system (gastrointestinal tract).As early as 4-6 months toddler very willingly opens his mouth at the sight of a spoon with food and pulls the handle, watching the parents eat.With his hand such behavior - it is a signal that it's time to introduce solid foods bottle-.By this time, my mother should be prepared, to know how to introduce solid foods, what to feed your baby and how much.


1. The rules for bottle-feeding.
2. The approximate scheme of introduction of complementary foods for bottle-
3. Food allergens and children's allergies

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  • 1. The first bottle-solid foods are introduced only healthy baby.
  • 2. Do not need to join as many .The first bottle- feeding up whether it's mashed potatoes or porridge - half teaspoon before the main meal , but gradually the amount of new food is brought to the recommended servings.
  • 3. Each breast- feeding a baby start with , and then additional dome crumb mixture.Do this at the same time of day , gradually increasing the amount of foods .
  • 4. The first and last feeding of the baby should always be free from any lures - only the main mix.
  • 5. Pay close attention to how the body responds to the baby's new product.Try not to miss the warning signs, such as the liquid portion of the chair, rash or redness on the skin.If this happens, you need to cancel a bottle-feeding up and start all over again just a few days later, when the body is restored.If, after repeated administration of the product in the diet of the symptoms of intolerance to again make themselves aware of this type of product should be completely abandon (the baby allergic to it) and replace it with another (for example, applesauce, pear).
  • 6. Enter bottle- feeding up ( any new foods) should start only from any single product.For example, baby first try the juice of any single type of fruit , and only after a while move to a mixed ( for example, apple and pumpkin , carrot and apple ) .The same rules for bottle- feeding are cereals, vegetable or fruit puree.

• Juices

Bottle- Lure in 3 months, on the recommendations of local dietitians should be fruit , and more specifically , apple juice .But up to 3 months of age to hurry up and offer your child a novelty , it is not necessary .Such haste is often the cause of allergic reactions , disorders of the gastrointestinal tract of the baby.

How to give the lure of fruit ?At first juice must be diluted with boiled some water 1 : 1 , month by month , increasing the concentration .Toward year's juice can be natural , or almost .As for quality, it is best to cook them yourself using the freshest fruits.

If familiarity toddler with apple juice successfully passed, then turn - pear juice, plum, peach, and a little later - cherry, black currant and other juices.As for juices made from citrus fruits, strawberries, raspberries or some exotic fruits, then they should be very careful.These products are subjected to the baby at risk of allergic reactions, so bottle-introduce solid foods such juices not earlier than 6 months can not be, and then better to refer to them very rarely.With regard to vegetable juices, the preference for the carrot and pumpkin juice.When addiction baby constipation is better to give solid foods in the form of apricot and plum juice, with an unstable chair - pear.

If the baby has become accustomed to the juices , then after their administration after 2 weeks you can give him on trial are not juices, purees and already , again using the familiar baby products .The order and the range in this case is the same as that with the introduction of baby juice .


complementary feeding bottle-From about 4.5-5.5 months you can start to introduce solid foods a bottle- solid food .Starting with the need to give the lure of a single species of vegetables : zucchini or potatoes .In the future, you can gradually expand its range , including one after another cauliflower , carrots, cabbage , squash .

Try tomatoes can be no earlier than six months, and include green peas - just 7 months of age.


After 3-4 weeks of dating a baby with vegetable puree, can be administered in the diet of porridge.If the baby weight behind the average , it is better not to follow the proposed sequence , and enter the first cereal in the diet , not the vegetable puree .

How porridge should be given preference ?To better special baby cereal- milk porridge and dry instantons cereals are enriched with vitamins, calcium and iron .But these substances are now very much needed for the development of the baby, besides their arrival is the prevention of further violations of calcium metabolism and anemia in children.

Introducing solid foods must- bottle- with cereals that do not contain gluten ( wheat gluten ) .To secure porridges are corn, buckwheat or rice ( good for the baby unstable chair ) .During this period, the introduction of cereals containing gluten ( semolina, millet , oats , barley porridge) , can cause a violation of the children of the stomach and intestines.In some children there is also an allergic reaction to milk ( on lactose) .In this case, you need to prepare dairy porridge for the baby.

From 5-6 months a baby can please a mixture of buckwheat and rice cereal .Kashi with honey (if no allergy to it a child ) can be given only after 6 months of age , and cocoa - after a year .


what to feed babyMeat - it is the only product that contains iron Gemini .This item is the best protection from anemia .Nevertheless , before 7 , and preferably 8 months give the baby - bottle- meat should not .At the same time , and to delay the introduction of too much meat bottle- feeding is also impossible.Kid often learned only after years taste of this valuable product , simply letting him down .And to replace him for the body of the child can not be anything else.

The first is the lure of meat thoroughly crushed puree, made from beef, chicken, turkey or lean pork.With 8 months baby is already trying to chew food and to swallow more dense food than homogenized puree.The consistency of mashed meat is divided into homogenized puree, puree and krupnoizmelchennye.Starting first need to bottle-feeding up to the homogenized product is then transferred to the children gradually puree consistency dishes.The kid can offer quality canned meat with added vegetables and cereals them, increasing the nutritional value of food, and digest a meal the child will be easier.


Fish has a special nutritional value , being, among other things, a source of vitamins B , PP , as well as phosphorus.However, the fish entrenched " bad " thank vysokoallergennogo product and, therefore , it can not offer 8-9 months earlier and a little bit to start ( you should start with a half teaspoon ) .The fish must be well cooked .You can use special baby food canned .


This milk product is very useful , but to enter it in the diet , according to the scheme for the introduction of bottle- feeding , only in 7.5-8 months , not before.Use in feeding children at an earlier age yogurt, strongly advise domestic nutritionists : it could have a significant additional burden on the kidneys , which is fraught .

Once pipsqueak " will grow " to the yogurt and kefir bottle- feeding up first will be a success , it can be determined with a more " refined " choice: for example, " Kefir children " or choose " Kefir Beefy 'and others .


  • MODEL SCHEME FOR bottle-weaning

complementary feeding scheme


• Food allergies and children's allergies

Nutritionists several years sounding the alarm : the cases of allergies in young children frequent in earnest.The causes of the disease , several , including , and incorrectly entered products in complementary feeding or untimely and intolerance to the children of some specific foods .

GLUTEN.Wheat, rye, oats and some other cereals, contain protein gluten , is very poorly absorbed by the child's body , especially up to 5-6 months, they can be hazardous to health.First of all, enter into the diet of gluten-free cereal , namely : buckwheat , corn , rice .As for other cereals, something with them will have to wait , for that matter , with biscuits and bread.

Cow's milk.For the feeding of children under one year is not desirable in the presence of this kind of product - baby enzymatic systems are not yet ready to ensure that the product digest .If you wish to pamper toddler milk porridge , it is better to separate the breast milk or infant formula .

EGGS.Quite often, by today's standards the phenomenon - an allergy to the protein .Therefore , the kiddies to give only the yolk and then , in small amounts , and occasionally.

In addition to these products allergic rashes on the cheeks can cause the following products: fish, lamb , beans , honey , vegetables , fruits and berries are red and orange colors.They need to be careful .

In addition, the baby never offer multiple new products and drive your food diary , especially if you are allergic still apparent .Accustomed to record dish , cooking method , and the reaction to it remains.Firstly, you will not confuse whether to give some " questionable " dish (which should be given in limited quantities ) this week or not yet .And secondly , this information will help to identify the culprit ease the appearance of the skin baby red spots .


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