Actress Svetlana Ivanova - interesting facts

Svetlana Ivanova

Svetlana Ivanova - sought after actresses of our time.More than 50 films, a number of famous performances, awards, recognition and fans - all this is the result of hard work by a talented actress and a movie theater.



  1. birth and school years
  2. Student years
  3. creative career
  4. Awards
  5. Favorite "things" and especially its nature
  6. Life
  7. Video

Birth andschool years

September 26, 1985 in Moscow born girl who was named Svetlana.The girl's parents were electrical engineer, that is, people who can not come into contact with the work.

Secondary girl got into physical-mathematical school, where he showed extraordinary tenacity and graduated from high school with honors.

the age of 14, along with compulsory secondary education, she began to attend a theatrical circle with his girlfriend.This circle and became a determining factor in choosing a future profession.Even then, Svetlana realized that would come "in the theater."

parents did not approve of the choice of his daughter, who filed a hope in the field of physics and mathematics.But it did not discourage.


Student years

The first step was to cast the future admission to preparatory courses in the MAT.Education is given with ease.Svetlana was interesting, the teachers praised the girl, and she was confident in the success of examinations and university admissions.

Svetlana Ivanova

But Svetlana was expecting a blow on the way.Despite praise from teachers, a girl is not allowed to entrance exams, was expelled from the course.But the blow did not break the aspiring actress, and she tries to enter another university similar orientation.

So, in 2002, Ivanov became a student of the Institute of Cinematography.This moment was so delightful to students that to this day, Svetlana divided emotions that day in his interviews.

From the very first day of school before the final exam, Svitlana worked and studied with great interest in the university.Study was given to her easily, as it was interesting.She tried so hard that one of the teachers play a trick on her.So she decided to start smoking light that dragged on for several years.

puny woman of medium height, in his student years favored almost boyish style clothing and shoes.Her favorite shoes are sneakers.Thus, it is possible to be, and was, if teachers do not pay attention to the light, that it has the potential to fulfill the roles of fatal beauties, so do not neglect femininity.

sooner said than done, and the future actress immediately bought a "stud".Day after day she learned to walk on his heels.

addition to knowledge, while studying at VGIK Svetlana Ivanova received her first acting experience, appearing in the melodrama "God Son", released in 2003.The following year student Svetlana starred in the film Igor Chernitski "Farewell echo."The picture is a serial feature film.Next was the role in the short film "PhotoHunt".

2005 became very fruitful and important for students Ivanova.In that year, she starred in three films: "Duel", "private detective" and "Company 9".The last movie Ivanov still thinks the best experience, this debut of his career.Incidentally, the sample "Company 9" Svetlana late by as much as 20 minutes, but it did not stop her successful audition.

2006 became final to Svetlana.Having successfully passed the exams, not only graduate, but also has the actress completely plunged into his professional life.


creative career

won recognition of the audience and becoming popular among filmmakers, Svetlana Ivanova has always been involved in the shooting.With her very first film in 2003 to this day, the actress does not know the creative downtime.

Svetlana Ivanova

In many ways it helps diverse.It easily transforms from a fatal beauty in a daring teenager.She is invited to star in a melodrama, comedy, drama and other genres.

Immediately after the fighting positions to the end of the year, Svetlana played in 5 movies and a TV series "The Last Confession".

most successful at this stage of his creative career, for it was the main role in the film "Franz and Polina» .For the role of Pauline in this picture, Svetlana won the award for "Best Actress", and repeatedly.

2007 was no less remarkable career Ivanova.In that year, she starred in two films and the TV series "Still, I love you."

From 2008 to this year , Svetlana Ivanova starred in 34 films.That is, on average, for each year of the actress starred in six films.

addition to cinema, Svetlana realized itself in the theater "Contemporary".She also participated as a model in an advertising campaign of the fashion house Nina Ricci.

And "lit up" in the clips it domestic bands.In particular, co-starred in the music video for the band "ZNAKI" ("Polly", directed by M. Segal), a group of "Prologue" ("You are a Light", directed by A. and B. Gorodetskaya Lisnevsky), the group "CASTE" ("Radio signals"director. M. Segal) and" Intonation »(In2Nation) -« August.Eighth. "



his first actress received the award in 2006 had for the main role of Pauline in the film "Franz and Polina".And for this role, she received none of the award.

фильм "Отец"

2007 also brought Svetlana awards: "Golden Sword" for the role of Masha in the movie "Father."This event took place at the 5th International Festival of Military Movie them.N. Ozerov.Also for this role, it was awarded to the 15 International Festival "Constellation-2007".In the same year it was awarded again for the role of Pauline in the film "Franz and Polina" at the International Festival of Film Actors, which took place in Portugal.

In 2009 Svetlana twice awarded prizes for the role of Valeria in the film "Hello, Kinder".

In 2011, the actress received the award "Golden Eagle-2011" Oksana for her role in the film "Palm Sunday" in the category "Best Actress on TV."

In 2012 Svetlana Ivanova won the prize for her role in the film Lydia Avilova "The fan" within 5 International Film Festival "East and West.Classic and avant-garde. "


Favorite "things" and especially its nature

actress loves orchids. In food preference Georgian cuisine, though a favorite dish - buckwheat.Favourite drink - sweet coffee and green tea.

Svetlana Ivanova

Her favorite is a director Elem Klimov.Her professional dream - familiar with Johnny Depp.

Hobbies Svetlana - collecting angels.

Features of character: terribly jealous, but never cries (almost never) tries to avoid conflicts, crazy shopaholic.

Credo: «Smart in the mountain will not go, the clever mountain bypass."



Despite the fact that personal life - a personal life as a public person, she certainly familiar, it is this part of life is particularly interesting for the majority.Therefore, something so well known.

And we know that a few years ago, Svetlana Ivanova lived in a civil marriage with the operator Vyacheslav Lisnevsky .Actively engaged in the operation did not give space courtship, but all the young lovers, is also a time for each other.One even managed to relax in the Maldives.The initiator in the choice of destinations was Vyacheslav.Svetlana prefers the "right" to Berlin.

In 2010, the couple separated for reasons not known to the public.

Today we know that Svetlana Ivanova has a daughter, born in 2012.She lives with her beloved man, whose name was not disclosed.