Short poems about love: how to express beautiful feelings?

Hearts in apples

Poems about love - timeless way to admit to feelings, to remind them again and again.It's a beautiful way to show your love in words.And this does not have to be a poet.Short poems about love how you can borrow from the classics, and in little-known poets, just people who know how to write beautifully.

Speaking of classics, it is worth noting that the majority of poets dedicated their line is love - very light feeling.Beautiful love poems can be found at Julia Druninoy, Fyodor Tiutchev, Marina Tsvetaeva, Alexander Blok and many others.



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Shortpoems about love Julia Druninoy

There is no love unhappy

There is no love unhappy.
not happen ... Do not be afraid to get
at the epicenter of the explosion of super-power,
What name is "desperate passion".

If the soul bursts flames,
Clears soul on fire.
And for that dry lips
«And thank you!" Whisper of spring.

No love for the guilty and the right


No love for the guilty and the right.
Is this element - wine?As
stream of molten lava flies through the destinies

No love for the guilty and the right,
Nobody here can not be faulted.Sorry
madman who tried lava
used to stop ...

you - next

you - next, and everything is fine:
rain and cold wind.
Thank you, my clear,
Because you are in the world.

Thank you for the lips,
Thank you for these arms.
Thank you, my beloved,
Because you are in the world.

you - side by side, and in fact could
friend of a friend is not found.
only my thanks
Because you are in the world!


short poems about love Fedor Tiutchev


Love, love - the story goes -
union of the soul with the soul of the native -
their compounds, the combination,
and the Deathly their merger.
And the fatal duel ... ...
And the one of them softer

The unequal struggle of two hearts,
more inevitable and more accurately,
loving, suffering, sad numb,
It iznoet finally ...

Not once did you hear confession ...


Not once have you heard confession:
not stand me your love.Let it
my creation -
But I am poor in front of her ...

Before love thy
hurts me to remember myself -
I stood silently in awe and worship
I'll ...

When, at times, so tenderly,
with such faith and prayer
not help you getting at
knee Prev cradle road,

where she sleeps - your birth -
Your nameless cherub, -
Understand Well you and my humble
Prev your loving heart.

I met you - and all the former ...

I met you - and all the former
In otzhivshem heart revived;
I remembered the golden time -
and heart became so warm ...

As late autumn sometimes
There are days, sometimes hours,
When will blow suddenly spring
And something vstrepenetsya us, -

So, the whole breath of obveyan
those years of spiritual fullness,
long forgotten rapture
I look at the lovely features of ...

As after centuries of separation,
I look at you, as if in a dream, -
And now - have become louder sounds,
does not stop me...

There is not one memory,
life here spoke again, -
And the same in us charm,
And the Well in my soul love! ..


short poems about love Tsvetaeva

Knight angelic

Knight angelic -
long!- Heavenly hour!
white monument gravestone
live on my chest.

Behind me winged
grow sacristan,
nightly spy,
every morning bell ringer.

passion, and youth, and pride
All surrendered without rebellion,
Because you're a slave
first said: - Lady!

And look - like in the first times ...


And look - like in the first times
without looking.
gulped black eyes look.
raised her eyelashes and stand
- What - Light? -

not say that drunk down.
every drop swallowed pupil
and stand.
and flows in your soul my.

without turning and without return ...

without turning and without return,
hour and age.It accompanies
sister brother
in the dark river.

Without peredyhu and without mercy
This sister oskolznulas look
In his alive hand.


short poems about love Alexander Blok

one you

one to you, you alone,
love and happiness to the queen,
you beautiful, young
All life best pages!

two rings

No loyal friend or brother or mother
not know each other, brother, son,
One only can you understand
Soul vague sorrow.

you, you alone, O my passion,
My love, my queen!
In the darkness of night thy soul
shines like a distant summer lightning.

catching moments of gloomy sadness

catching moments of gloomy sadness,
We were uneven, slippery path.
moments of happiness, joy, waiting for us,
despised them, we have rejected you.

we parted.Our free life,
we forgot the old days,
And I think, from a full, bright happiness bowls
We drink until seeing the bottom.

Someday, with the last drop of sweet,
Fate again face stubbornly us,
again merge into one love a mystery,
And we go, catching grief hour.