The value of cards in the deck divination by playing cards

the value of cards in the divination

Card divination - the most popular way to find out their fate.This skill can learn anyone.And for divination enough to have a deck of 36 playing cards and know their importance in the scenario.



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  6. Each card in a spread has its own value, which can be amplified or changes dramatically depending on the adjacent map or maps.This is important for the reliability of divination.Therefore, seeing in his divination prevalence of "black card", do not rush to conclusions cloudy.

    Recall that a deck of playing cards consists of 36 cards and four suits - spades, cross, diamonds, and hearts are a pair of black and a pair of red stripes, respectively.Each suit includes maps of advantages: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.Depending on the color, cards of the same value has a different value, also differs depending on the proximity of other cards.


    This suit of playing cards, identified black.Maps of the suit, usually warn about anything, enhance the effect of the adjacent cards.They do not always carry a negative meaning.

    Map "Six» - always means an evening street, road, sometimes loss.If a number of other cards of the same suit, meaning that the road will be successful.In combination with cross cards - failure along the way.Worms, then meeting and with tambourines - road, the purpose of which is to obtain money.

    Map «Seven» - not always to the good.Cheating, loss, tears, separation.If you roll a lady - promises pregnancy.With jack cross suit is an enemy, an evil intent.And if you fall out with six of diamonds, portends family problems.


    Map "Eight» - held a conversation.Also means depression and portends failure disease.In conjunction with the King of any suit says about the upcoming outdoor party.With the jack of hearts - the bad news is.Phillips nine - possible trouble.With the Seven cross - treason.

    Map «Nine» - means the loss of the road, a surprise.Paired with an ace of the same suit portends illness.With ace cross - harm.With the ace of hearts - intimacy.And with an ace of diamonds - portends fraud loved ones.If you roll with the Queen of Spades and the King of the same suit, signifies love.Together with other kinds king - desire.And with the ten of spades - is waiting for you unexpected gains.

    Map «Ten» promises disease, various issues.In conjunction with the ace of spades - the fate will bring unexpected money.If the result is the king or queen of spades - you interested influential people.With the king or queen of other kinds - beware of failure, not of miracles.With the ace of diamonds - bad news.Dropping another suit with the ace - false news.Together with Phillips Ten - the recovery, while a nine peak - Mount.With eight of spades - the deterioration of health.With a seven of diamonds - offer.

    Map «Jack» means aggression, unpleasant people, evil intentions of the powerful lord, illness of loved ones, the bad news.In conjunction with the Queen of Spades - can fight with the scandal.Together with eight peak - trouble in love.With any peaks - with interesting people.With the suit of clubs - a meeting with a liar and a gossip.With the cards of diamonds - news, meeting with a drunk man.And with a worm - each.

    Map «Lady» says about a woman with bad intentions may rival.Gossip, intrigue and obstacles foreshadows this card.At the same time, combined with the nine of hearts - predicts happiness in life.With tambourines - envy and harm the woman.With peak - a good woman of mature years.With clubs - an evil woman.Worms - support.

    Map «King» means enemy, the enemy, opponent, rival.Also influential is the person who wishes you harm.But when combined with a lady and a jack of any stripe - wait for help from influential persons.With eight peak - a black stripe in his life.Paired with any spade - a good omen.Phillips maps - hostility towards you.Worms - friendship.With tambourines - favor man.

    Map «Ace» has a value, as a nuisance, loss, night, shock, fear.In combination with a cross ace is fear.With peak ten - sudden money.Paired with a ten of diamonds - a quarrel over money.If the ace of spades is located next to the six of any suit, so there will be long journeys.



    Another color black, which is also referred to as "clubs".As a rule, it is talking about profits, money, holidays.

    Map "Six» - road, meeting.If you roll with nine cross - an unexpected trip, but with aces - date.Between the peaks - a celebration, party, change of residence or work.

    Map «Seven» - portends heritage, visit the news.Dropping in a pair with an ace of the same suit, portends victory in court.With the jack of hearts - the birth of a child.With eight of spades - faces treason.


    Map "Eight» - marks your society influential people.It may also herald the death of a loved one.If you roll an ace of the same suit - good luck.Phillips lady promises for assistance from the relative.Phillips Jack - the successful completion of the situation.With the jack of hearts - waiting for the loss.C Seven baptize or ace of hearts - good luck, inheritance, resolution of the problem.

    Map «Nine» denotes some doubt inheritance.Paired with tambourines - mean coming spending money, squandering.Worms - sympathy, love.With peak ten - trouble ahead.With nine of hearts and ten - waiting for happiness in love.Phillips eight, seven, or ten - is luck.A pair of hearts with the jack heralds the road.

    Map «Ten» - always change.If lies with peaks - material needs work.Worms - promises gain, earnings, easy money.Phillips ace - a good change.With the Ten of Hearts - mutual love.With the Ten of diamonds - for money.Phillips nine - entertainment, noisy company.With six cross - will be a trip.

    Map «Jack» symbolizes military friend, protection and support.When this card is laid between the ladies - facing treason and between jacks - restless life.Queen of Seven - the damage from enemies.With dozens of diamonds - the profit from lucrative business.

    Map «Lady» - an influential lady friend.It may also mean the illegitimate children.With lady peak portends problems in the family court.Together with eight cross - Help relative.

    Map «King» - expect problems in the family, betrayal, betrayal.It is also a symbol of a military man.Dropping a cross-suit, meaning joy.With ace cross - your wish will be granted.Phillips nine - human help.With six - the road.

    Map «Ace» - ahead of work, luck, evening event, illness.Together with the King - an affair, courtship.With King Phillips - the fulfillment of desires.With nine of spades - profit.With the Seven of the same suit - winning victory.With six of any suit - the road.



    map identified in red.Like all "red cards", usually talks about love affairs, fans and family feelings.

    Map "Six» - messenger of happiness and dreams.Paired with the ten of diamonds - for profit.With peak nine - bad news awaits.With peak ten - possible death of an acquaintance.If this card has fallen to a seven of diamonds - the possibility of trouble in the family.

    Map «Seven» refers to the case, chores, financial transactions, gift.If you go to any of hearts card - front chance, luck.With dozens of rush - an invitation.With dozens of diamonds indicates trouble with money.


    Map "Eight» means dreams, talk about money, hatred.Dropping the king or queen of spades - next goes deceiver.With dozens of diamonds - waiting for an unexpected profit.At the Group of Seven Diamonds - instability.

    Map «Nine» says that soon there will be important developments.If you dropped a suit of hearts - money, if any black suit - problems.

    Map «Ten» - can kick someone.Also refers to money, gifts, a date.In conjunction with the ace of spades portends a quarrel over money.With the jack of clubs - waiting for financial success.With tens or nines all kinds, in addition to the peak - promises a profit.With the Seven of Hearts - will inherit.With six of diamonds - your wish will be granted.

    Map «Jack» - a young man, a boy, good news, prosperity.Together with the King - a liar and a hypocrite.Phillips lady - can happen trouble.With nine of diamonds - aggression and hostility.With six cross - can be an unexpected trip.

    Map «Lady» - a young woman, girl, traitor.Going to the jack of the same suit as the peak ten, visit portends unpleasant guest.With the Ten of Hearts - theft portends.

    Map «King» - a young unmarried man, familiarity and stability.Dropping a card of hearts, heralds joy and parting with the past.With dozens of diamonds - help from outside.With six of diamonds - your wish will be granted.

    Map «Ace» portends a good day, a positive change, the good news.Phillips or spades - promises worries and problems.With tambourines - close profit.With a worm - a love letter.



    «Red Card" also speak about the feelings and desires of people.

    Map "Six» heralds the obstacles, difficulties, stagnation in the business, walk.Paired with a worm of any value other than the nine and ten - will be meeting with a dear person.With the Ten of Hearts - a road or informal conversation.With nine of hearts - success in love.

    Map «Seven» portends changes spree.Dropping just four kings - conversation.With peak ten - an invitation.With tens or nine of hearts - perhaps the meeting, a date.


    Map "Eight» represents pleasure, interesting conversation, the upcoming road.Paired with a jack of hearts - held a conversation.With the Ten of Hearts - intimacy.With nine of hearts - will be a meeting.

    Map «Nine» - ahead of the event, the news.Paired with a king or queen is love.With the Queen of Spades - will delight.With the Ten of Hearts - love and soon married.With eight or Seven of Hearts - ahead of a meeting.With six of any suit - can encounter.

    Map «Ten» - be a wedding!It means happiness, joy, city.Dropping the King of any suit - loyalty towards women.With lady - loyalty towards the man.With dozens of diamonds - will soon be a profit.With eight of hearts - held a meeting.And with nine cross - portends mutual feelings.

    Map «Jack» - you have good news, success in business, but also refers to a meeting with a simple fair-haired man.With any worms portends success.With the ace of hearts - you will find acceptance in feelings.With a king or queen - come guest.Phillips nine - the road ahead.

    Map «Lady» - represents a family, love, married woman.Paired with a ten of hearts - will be a meeting with a friend.With any worms - count on reciprocity.With other kinds - the goal is inevitable.

    Map «King» - refers to feelings of love towards you, the good news meeting.Paired with peaks - will trouble.With any worms - coming success.With tambourines - profit.Phillips cards - various chores.With Hearts queen - possible meeting with a married man.

    Map «Ace» - a wedding.Also refers to his father's house, the family home, spring, morning gift.Dropping from the Ace of Diamonds - you will find good news.With the jack of hearts - good news.Ten C peak - can be bad news.With nine of spades - a party with friends.