Summary of the novel The Scarlet Sails

Summary of the novel The Scarlet Sails

Story Scarlet Sails - one of the most famous and epic tales of Alexander Green, written in 1925.It tells of miracles in which you have to believe!



  1. Beginning
  2. main part
  3. End
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  5. Beginning

    old sailor Longren, unsociable and reclusive man, for some time, he lived in that model is madeships and sailboats.In addition, he educated and raised a wonderful daughter - Assol, who was 8 years old.

    ship with scarlet sails

    Hermit old Longren began after a single case, which is turned away from his people.A case was as follows.Once, during a storm in the open sea claimed innkeeper Menners what the witness was Longren.He saw and heard the innkeeper's invocation for help, but did not help him.And just standing on the shore, drowning shouted the innkeeper, and he is now just no one to help, like when he did not help his wife.

    Through time the ship and picked up the drowning Menners being near death, told the sailors that Longren helped him.Here I am just forgot to tell it how many years, due to his fault his wife died Longren, Mary, who in her arms Baby asked to borrow money because it does not know when her husband returns from a voyage.Deliveries were heavy, and all the savings go to treatment.In response Menners only be posgovorchivee offered her, and then he will not give up the money.

    woman then decided to go to the city to lay his ring.But the storm caught her in a way because of what Mary caught a cold and died of pneumonia.So Longren was a widower with a baby in her arms and could no longer walk into the sea.


    main part

    But despite this, the public Kaperny town was struck by inaction Longren.The storm of indignation exceeded, even if he just drowned innkeeper.Over time, the environment was to feel hatred for Longrenu, which is also reflected in his daughter's gonna.So the girl grew by itself, and friends she had.

    gonna live in the circle of his fantasies.The dreams filled her so that she seemed to be, and did not need to communicate peers.Communication and the care received by the girl's father, who had been for her and dad, and my mom and brother.In turn, the father and the daughter replied care of him and tried to help him in his work and at home.

    Assol red sails

    Once Longren gonna sent to the city to sell their crafts.On the way to the city, the girl liked ship with scarlet sails.She did not resist and pulled the toy on the water.Stream took a boat to the mouth, where she saw a stranger, who held the toy in his hands.This stranger was a collector of fairy tales and legends by the name of Aigle.Returning toy girl, old man told her that one day on the same ship with scarlet silk sails sail for her prince and take her to distant lands.

    returning home, gonna told his father about this prediction.And then a witness to this conversation has become a beggar, who was passing by.He then "smashed" the tale throughout the neighborhood.Since gonna pass for a madman.When she go out, as in this she heard another "Hey, viselnitsa!Red Sails sail! »

    Arthur Gray, sole heir to a noble and wealthy family.He grew up not in the cabin, and at the family mansion in the atmosphere every predetermination of today and the future steps.However, the boy was a very lively mind, ready to fulfill its own mission in life.He was resolute and courageous.

    once their guardian cellar Poldishok told the boy that are stored in the same place two barrels of Alicante times of Cromwell and his dark cherry color and thick, it is a good cream.Barrels are made of black wood, framed on both sides of the double copper hoops, on which is written: "I will drink Gray, when the paradise."This wine until now no one has tried and will try.And then the guy cried, "I'll drink it, - said Gray, stamping his foot, and squeezed his hand into a fist - Paradise?He is here! .. »

    Despite his stubbornness, Gray was a sympathetic and compassionate.He always has a real and immediate assistance to those in need, those who are in trouble.

    the whole man was "not of this world."One day, going to the library of the mansion, he was stopped by the famous painting seascape.She helped him to understand himself and to make a choice.The following morning, Gray secretly left home and joined the Navy schooner "Anselm."So he met with Captain Gopom.

    Hop was a good man, but he was a sailor severe.Seeing the mind, perseverance, hard work and love of the sea "newcomer" Hope decided to "do" from his captain.So, he introduced a young sailor with navigation, maritime law, accounting.

    In 20 years, the young Captain Gray buys three-masted galliot named "Secret" and sail, which lasted 4 years.As fate sent him Liss, a town which is an hour's walk from Kaperny.

    Once it got dark, the captain with his sailor Letikoy took the rod and went in search of a place set aside for fishing.Berths to one of these places, the sailors moored the boat under the cliff for Kapernoy and settled on the coast, spreading fire.Gray was a rest by the fire all night, and his sailor Letika went fishing.

    In the morning, the young captain decided to take a walk, look around.Without wandering in the bush he saw a wonderful sleeping girl.It was gonna.Her beauty was so struck by it that walking away, Gray had put on her old ring finger.

    Later, Gray with Letikoy went into the restaurant, which once ran the Menners.Now he has become the master of the young Hin Menners.He then told the sailors that gonna - crazy girl who dreams and believes in the prince on a ship with scarlet sails.Neither he omitted the fact that her father - the perpetrator of the death of a senior Menners and generally terrible person.



    just heard Gray questioned.A story of an old collier only intensified these doubts when he said that the landlord is lying.However, Gray already had time to understand what a wonderful girl lives within their experience, making their discoveries and dreams that will never understand the people Kaperny.In short, it is like the captain himself a little out of this world.


    Resolute captain did not hesitate and went in search of red silk in Liss.On the way he met a wandering musician Zimmer and told him to come with his orchestra on board.
    How were surprised and enthusiastic sailors, when they saw the silk scarlet sails "secret."No less astonishing for them was an order to move towards Kaperny.

    Even more surprisingly befell young Assol, which saw a ship with scarlet sails, swim to the shores of the port.She, without hesitation, rushed to the sea, where there were a lot of people.And seeing gonna, people parted and fell silent, watching the ship by boat, swim himself Captain Gray.

    By the evening was gonna ship cabin.And that evening was opened a century of wine barrel.

    next morning, "The Secret" could be seen only from a distance, carrying the sleeping crew defeated centuries-old wine.Not only slept Zimmer musician playing his instrument and reflecting on happiness.