Aerobics face of Carole Maggio, simple ways to restore the beauty and prolong youth.

Gymnastics for the person

prevent the appearance of wrinkles hated much easier than to deal with them later.But even if you've noticed near the corners of their eyes a scattering of first wrinkles, do not despair!The situation is quite easy to fix.In this matter, come to the aid aerobics face - an ancient way of rejuvenation.

However, actively apply these sets of exercises began only a few decades ago, even though they knew about it long before that.Just a long period of time, the ancient exercise equipment were not adapted.But once contemporary authors of the latest techniques of rejuvenation developed an interest in ancient knowledge.

They were able not only to adapt the exercises, but in simple terms outlined the essence of technology and all the benefits of it for the fair half.As a result, today aerobics face has become very popular, try to learn it more and more women and mastered now can independently maintain its beauty and prolong youthfulness.Based on the ancient knowledge of the latest technologies were developed.Today aerobics face has a lot of areas and types of .Let us briefly look at each of them.



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practical advice for persons from Carol Maggio, video

Aerobics Face Kremlin

developer of this methodology assures that the facial aerobics enjoyed broad success with the elite, so was classified.However, there is at this technique, both supporters and opponents, consider some of the exercises is not entirely safe.Therefore, selecting Kremlin aerobics face, many experts advise to be careful and accurate , especially with exercises aimed at lips.


Aerobics face Carole Maggio

simple exercises Photo

most effective and most popular is the complex aerobics Carole Maggio.Carrying out exercises, you can manually adjust and reduce to "no" many cosmetic flaws of your face, and the results become visible to others after a few weeks of training.There are unique risks.For example, if a face is performed aerobics wrong, it is possible that the results are justified, and will be opposite the expected.That is why, before you start to exercise, you should carefully review all of the recommendations carefully read the description of all exercises and follow them.


Rejuvenating Face aerobics by Juliette Kando

This aerobics face and its exercise are unparalleled.As the author says, and insists techniques to perform certain exercises are not enough.To achieve maximum results, you should observe a number of recommendations.By following them, you certainly prevent the appearance of wrinkles, improve the status of not only the skin, but in general the whole body .



This aerobics face was designed Benite Kantieni. Central to this procedure took less exercise, how much energy moods.How many assured, this technique is very complex, not everyone because of its development.But still the most positive results exceed expectations.


Aerobics face: practical advice

Exercises for the face photo

Exercises, which will be discussed below, should be performed more than once a day.If you are not lazy and postpone classes, very soon the results will amaze you.

nasolabial folds. Before you begin the exercise, rub the palm of your hand.Then somknite fingers: index and middle, ring and little finger.The compactness of the brush attached to his face - index and middle fingers - on the upper lip, with a pinky ring - under the lower lip.22 times perform his hands toward the earlobes, though slowly and gently draw a smile.

chin and neck .Sit up straight, straight.Look up at the ceiling, fix the position.Lift the jaw, covering the upper Hood bottom.

eyes .Sit straight, relax your face.Attach the middle finger in the center of eyebrows, index - to the outer corners of the eyebrows, nameless - the inner corners.Fix the situation and try to squint, resisting his fingers.No less useful will be circular rotation around the eyes: it can relax, close your eyes and rotate the apples first 8 times in one direction, then - the same number to another.

Superciliary muscles and forehead.Attach your index fingers on the eyebrows, try to raise an eyebrow, not paying attention to the resistance of the fingers.Do this five times.

Cheeks .Inflate cheeks and rolled the air in your mouth from one side to the other.

positive and lasting results for persons aerobics can bring only if the exercise is performed in a complex, rather than individually, and do them on a regular basis - that is, every day, without interruption.How to assure many experienced the exercise data, combined aerobics and other facial rejuvenation practices bring a startling results, which can not be compared even expensive, fashionable beauty treatments.Stay young and beautiful!


Aerobics face of Carol Maggio, video