Test: Make-up and character.

Test: Make-up and character

We ourselves often do not suspect, a report of information about themselves to others, not to mention in this single word.Tell a lot about its owner can not only reticulation shadows or a tube of lipstick, but preferred her make-up.

What will tell about you and your character is your makeup?Learn about it, having a free test "Make-up and character."

course, women tend to try on different images, change the make-up depending on the mood, in different periods of life.And if you suddenly stopped painting, or vice versa steel to do it with a vengeance, or simply carried away by the campaigns to the makeup artist and buying new cosmetics, all this says about the changes that occur in your life, changes that alter your character.

TEST "makeup and character": INSTRUCTIONS

To pass the test, "Make-up and character," click on the image, which make up as much as possible similar to the one that you usually do, not from time to time or from time to time.

not pay your attention to the shades of colors in the image test makeup and character, they may be different from what you normally use.Illustration is given only for clarity of forms and accents.The main thing - is on what you do or do not do the accent, putting make-up!

MINIMUM MAKEUP Make-up with emphasis on the eyes

Makeup with emphasis on lip Very bright, sometimes even extravagant make-up

And a little more about the makeup and character: