Kefir mask for strengthening hair and skin health, methods of preparation


Kefir - a very valuable and versatile product.Everyone knows its beneficial properties and beneficial effects on the digestive system.It turns out, yogurt can be taken not only inside.But how?- You ask and get an answer - as masks.Yes, you do not have heard!Kefir - a really effective and, importantly, affordable cosmetic.Simply Recipes masks prepared on the basis of dairy products, can provide "emergency assistance" to your hair and skin.Want to know how?Then our article - just for you!



1. Kefir Mask: use and more!
2. Hair mask of yogurt
3. face mask of yogurt
Nourishing Hair Mask with yogurt, video

Kefir Mask: use and more!

Kefir mask, cooked and picked up all the rules, can indeed play an invaluable role in our beauty.This is not surprising!After yogurt - a storehouse of vitamins, mineral elements and a variety of "live" bacteria.

no secret that there is alcohol in kefir.So, it it has antiseptic effect on our skin, prevents the development of inflammation. Use of lactic acid, which is also present in sufficient quantity in kefir, can easily achieve a whitening effect.Amino acids - a source of food and moisture, dairy fats soften skin.Full Full in yogurt and vitamins - E, F, B - they refresh, rejuvenate, regenerate skin and improve its color, restoring the acid-alkaline balance at the cellular level.Proteins strengthen hair and help them grow.
way, doubtless "plus" yogurt is its ability to be combined with other additives, which are no less beneficial for the skin and hair.

Let's see, what action has kefir mask on hair and our skin.


Hair mask of yogurt

kefir hair mask Photo

Kefir hair mask received only positive reviews.And for good reason.After all, redstva based kefir make hair thicker, "live" and shiny .With regular use of hair mask from yogurt strengthens them, heals and promotes faster growth.Your hair will be proud to present, giving softness and shelkovitosti curls.

Many are wary of such means as kefir hair mask, believing that specific sour smell left after application.But from it it is very easy to get rid of, enough to mask add a few drops of ether, or wash your hair with water and lemon juice.

Kefir Mask for hair density. This recipe - one of the easiest.To use it, slightly warm yogurt and apply it on your hair, especially at the roots.But it is not simply a means to leave the hair, we must also hold a light massage.This is done for a better absorption of funds and to establish circulation.After the massage, do not rush to wash off the mask, wrap the head with a plastic bag and a towel.Leave the yogurt on the hair for 40 minutes and then - wash off using shampoo. Do not be lazy to carry out this procedure at least a couple times a week, and soon your hair will be much more beautiful and lush.

hair to grow better. For this recipe you will need yeast, they are great to stimulate hair growth.So, 20 grams of yeast dissolve in half a cup of yogurt.Add a bit of honey, egg yolk.If desired, can also interfere with the mask on ampulki aloe extract and B vitamins

By the way, this mask will help to quickly and easily cope with dandruff and strengthen your hair.


face mask of yogurt

kefir face mask Photo

Just how useful kefir mask for the face, you already know.I would like to add to what was said a few words. face mask of yogurt helps to rejuvenate the skin and has absolutely no contraindications.

kefir Rejuvenating Mask. To turn back the clock and restore skin lost youth, just use kefir, strawberry mask.The effects will be amazing!

invigorate mask. If your house has white honey, you definitely lucky!Thoroughly mix the yogurt with honey, clean the face and make a mask.Believe me, the results will surprise you.

to the skin was healthy .Protein mix with yogurt (2 tablespoons), add a few drops of lemon juice and use as a mask.This will help you to deeply cleanse pores, "close" them, tone and moisturize the skin.

Stay beautiful!


Nourishing Hair Mask with yogurt