Test happiness

Test happiness

According to experts, half happiness depends on our personality and temperament, to 40% of the building tactics of his life, and only 10% of the impact of external factors: society, welfare improvement.But sometimes, to understand exactly what spoils our life and assess whether it is not so simple.Who or what is to blame: unrequited love or a small salary, your own perception of the world or close to indifference?To understand the reasons, you will be easier to rectify the situation, to understand how to be happy.And to help in this "test of happiness", which will assess the current level of happiness in your life from the potentially possible.

Test happiness

Test happiness

1. To pass the test for good luck, you need to analyze every area of ​​their lives and to estimate at ± 5-point scale.Then fill in the column of the table titled "Evaluation" following points:

  • - 5 points: this sphere of life corrupts all life, poisoning and making it unbearable;
  • - 4 points: source of constant problems, everything is bad in this area;
  • - 3 points: sphere is problematic enough, but tolerable;
  • - 2 points: are in trouble, but not particularly disturbing;
  • - 1 point: mild discomfort, evaluation of the category of "so-so";
  • 0 points: absence of this sphere in your life (or "I do not know what it is");
  • + 1 point: this area makes life a little bit positive;
  • + 2 points: basically all right, without any complaints;
  • + 3 points: in this area is pretty good;
  • + 4 points: this area brings a lot of positive emotions;
  • + 5 points: this sphere - is an inexhaustible source of joy and pleasure (even when just think about it).

Test happiness Table

2. scoring multiply by a factor in the corresponding line question and enter the result in the column 'Odds.x Ball »

3. Now add all the values ​​obtained in the last column, and evaluate the results of the test to be happy.

4. Make the right conclusions and take action - be happier!


If the result of the test and the addition points you get a figure with a" minus ", to call you a happy unlikely.Either you love suffer large or powerful enough, to build their own happiness.It's time you think about your life, to understand and to set targets.You are the mistress of his fate and, like the others, and maybe more worthy of happiness for all 115 points.

When calculating the test of happiness, you were "in the black" - congratulations, you may consider yourself a happy person, at least for the time being.But do not relax, your goal - to 115 points and then multiply your sources of joy.Keep in mind that nothing in this life can not make you happy forever.

What happiness "weighs in grams":

And now let's look at the detailed results that you get, get tested for happiness:

And a little more about happiness: