True tests for girls about love with the results of the responses

Tests for girls about love

Love - this is the most wonderful feeling that everyone is capable of experiencing.True Love inspires, makes us good, capable of great feats.When we feel it in relation to another person, it seems to us that the happier the world no one else.

Love comes to each of us, regardless of age.Here are just a teenager, she is considered the most pure, innocent and unencumbered lifestyle.To learn about it, there are specific tests for girls about love.Thanks to them, you can understand their feelings and to understand whether it is love, really?



  1. Test 1: Can you love?
  2. Q2: How does he treat you?
  3. Test 3: What lies ahead?
  4. Test 4: How do you know that he likes you?
  5. Test 5: Do you see each other?
  6. Test 6: Love or love?
  7. Video

Test 1: Can you love?

With this test, you can learn about the ability to love.To be able to love is necessary because without it any relationship is doomed to failure.Especially if other than love toward another person having negative feelings such as property, jealousy.

To begin the test:

  1. What you think of the shortcomings of the most innocent?

    a) scattering (1 point).
    b) Jealousy (4 points).
    c) propensity to overeating (2 points).
    g) extravagance (3 points).

  2. your young man was late for a date, but has presented a bouquet of roses.What do you think?

    a) "Well done, remove" (2 points).
    b) "I love it!" (3 points).
    c) "What's wrong with him?" (1 point).
    g) "Maybe it has something to hide from me ?!" (4 points).

  3. What word do you think, is he next to the word "love"?

    a) Power (3 points).
    b) Recollection (2 points).
    in) adventure (4 points).
    g) Reflection (1 point).

  4. Do you allow your boyfriend to hug you at all?

    a) Always (3 points).
    b) No, I do not like it (2 points).
    c) Why not (1 point).
    d) Yes (4 points).

  5. 5. What do you feel after the kiss?

    a) I am full of energy (1 point).
    b) I set romantic (2 points).
    c) My love for him is even greater (3 points).
    g) I believe in themselves and their power over them (4 points).

  6. your associations with the word "money»:

    a) be (3 points).
    b) create (2 points).
    c) Share (1 point).
    r) has (4 points).

  7. What do you love?

    a) This is when I realize (2 points).
    b) This is where I want to constantly be with your loved (4 points).
    c) This is when I trust him as myself (1 point).
    g) This is where I find it hard to breathe, if it is not there (3 points).

  8. Which thing could become your partner?

    a) Trampoline (4 points).
    b) Computer (2 points).
    c) Sofa (1 point).
    g) Fashionable bandana (3 points).

Possible answers:

  • less than 13 points. you satisfied with the fact that your relationship is dominated by friendship.You do not like the fact that love brings sorrow, because you want to permanently retain its vitality.Concerns and problems your guy you do not touch.The future of your relationship depends on you.
  • From 14 to 19 points. You are almost attached to the boy with all my heart and think that it also applies to you.Most of all you appreciate his tenderness.You are happy when confident in the strength of your relationship.You worry if your plans for the future, he connects with you.So you are saving your relationship, you do not tell him about her troubles.You are able to present, deep feelings.
  • 20 to 26 points. For your love there are no barriers.You feel confident only if your boyfriend ever hugs you and seeks to kiss.You do not get involved in other children.Learn to appreciate the elect.
  • From 27 to 32 points.You demanding in love and very jealous.You belong to the elect imperiously and want him to fully obey you and meet your excessive demands.Jealousy for you - an indicator of the strength of your love.You wrongly suspected and accused of the elect.Try to be more restrained, learn differently to show their love, and then you can be happy.


Q2: How does he treat you?

There are tests for girls about love, allowing them to know the ratio of male to which they are together.This test - one.With it you can learn what to expect from the relationship in general and how to treat you elect.

To begin the test:

  1. During discos you notice an unfamiliar gaze boy who smiles at you.What do you think?

    a) "Maybe I look good today!»
    b) "Look, look, but do not come to me!»
    c) "Somehow I do not care what he looks!»
    g) "What it lookscan I have that wrong ?! »

  2. Who do you love to play in early childhood?

    a) with the boys.
    b) girls.
    B) both.
    d) One.

  3. familiar boy from next door suddenly told you that you're beautiful.What do you think?

    a) "Finally, he spotted me!»
    b) "I wonder what he wants from me ?!»
    c) "It's nice to hear!»
    g) "It can not be that he fell in love!»

  4. Referred to the movies a guy you like likes you.But at the last moment, he called and canceled the date.What do you do?

    a) I can not understand how important the matter could interfere with our meeting.
    b) I'll let him know that I do it is very unpleasant.
    c) I do not get angry and go to the movies with a friend.
    d) I am upset and try to understand what my hopes were not realized his feelings.

  5. your guy talking about his ex-girlfriend, talking about her horrible things.What do you think at the same time?

    a) "He is angry that she left him."
    b) "I hate to listen to him, he'll tell you about it."
    c) "What if he then would talk about me like that."
    g) "Well, he told me this, I know he does not like girls in and be smarter."

  6. you find out that your guy friends told some details about your relationship.What do you think?

    a) "Well, we're even, I am just telling a friend about it."
    b) "I realized that he could not be trusted."
    c) "Be sure to say that I do not like it, and see how he will then act on."
    g) "Although I hate, I will not say anything to him: he suddenly offended ?!»

  7. Very soon the day of your birth.How do you feel?

    a) I have no doubt that I was in for a surprise from the beloved.
    b) I look forward to the present.
    c) I hope he will understand exactly what I want to get a gift.
    g) was worried that my boyfriend, perhaps already forgotten when my birthday.

  8. your close friend is sure that your guy does not have this feeling to you and tell you about it.What do you think?

    a) "What it brings ?!Yes, she just wants us to quarrel! »
    b)" I wonder on what basis she claims?We ought to ask her more! »
    c)" I'll be able to understand without his feelings!What she climbs to us ?! »
    g)" We have to be more attentive, maybe it is more visible from the side !? »

Possible results:

  • prevail answers" A ". you do not doubt your attractiveness.Even if you have heard unflattering reviews about your guy, you do not believe them, because you think that you, he will never parted.Of course, good to be confident, but objectively you can not hurt.
  • prevail answers "B". Under the influence of emotion you can easily believe in good and in bad.Analyzing the situation in the heat of the moment, you often make mistakes from which you suffer yourself.Therefore, as you would have liked to throw out their emotions, first calm down, count to 15 and try to look at the situation from the outside.
  • prevail answers "B". you trust only their opinion and their own logic.Any conflicts you are trying to settle peacefully, but never compromising on its interests.You will always be able to properly evaluate how you are young people.
  • prevail answers "D". you do not believe in yourself and do not think of yourself as attractive, so you live in constant anxiety, fear of losing a loved one.You think you do not deserve his love, so expect that he'll give up.So you are trying to adjust to it, reconciled with his flaws and sacrifice their feelings.You will not regret if you sweat about it ?!


Test 3: What lies ahead?

many girls certainly interested in the question of what to expect from relationships with boys, with whom they are together.On questions of this test is necessary to answer each half.Its results may be the most unexpected!

For information: for each positive answer should be awarded 5 points, and for negative - 0 points.After passing the test, compare your results.

To begin the test:

  1. in your family has always reigned supreme rule of love and peace and harmony?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  2. Can you easily meet with a guy (girl)?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  3. You can not imagine my life without parties and discos?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  4. Do you think love is decorated with life?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  5. true that between loving people can not be a secret?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  6. Do you allow yourself to chat with friends of the opposite sex in the presence and absence of your guy (girl)?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  7. Do you always try to solve conflicts peacefully?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  8. you courage to admit their mistakes and errors?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  9. How long will you calm down after an argument with your friends?

    c) Yes.
    g) No.

  10. Do you know the guy (his girlfriend) and his friends?

    d) Yes.
    e) No.

  11. you do not go to the cinema with a guy (girl) if (s) he will offer you to watch a movie at home alone?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  12. Do you believe in the existence of eternal love?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  13. Do you admit that they love each other should be as often as possible?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

Possible results:

  • difference of less than 20 points. views on life have many similarities.You have a lot in common in hobbies and passions.Perhaps you have two halves that have found each other.
  • difference of 25 to 40 points. conflicts in your relationship is inevitable, because you have a completely different outlook on life.If you still want to be together, you should learn how to give to each other and to find a compromise on controversial issues.
  • difference of more than 45 points. you - quite the opposite.For you to create harmony in love - hard work.Patience and again patience!


Test 4: How do you know that he likes you?

Learn about the attitude of the elect, I want every girl in love.This will set out the test below.Responding to questions, for each positive answer should be awarded 1 point.

To begin the test:

  1. Before you met your guy already had several hobbies?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  2. he ever tell you about all the negative aspects of his ex-girlfriends?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  3. He asks to tell you about your former fans?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  4. jealous if he you because of a simple conversation with another guy?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  5. major decisions, your guy is always advisable to contact you?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  6. Often he is late for dates or forgets his promises?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  7. do not hesitate if he hug and kiss you in public?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  8. there be so much that he goes to a disco and party with your friends, and you did not invite?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  9. In response to your accusations he immediately remembers your mistakes?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  10. If you want to find out how it applies to you, he jokes, trying to avoid a conversation?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  11. He often forgot to congratulate you on various holidays, and even on his birthday?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  12. If you have not seen for several days, if he asks you about your business?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  13. compromise in the dispute more often you have to go?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  14. Can he in jest or in earnest when you flirt with other girls?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  15. Introduced he have with friends and parents, imagining how his girlfriend?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  16. Does himself with disrespect talk about your and your parents?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

  17. Condemns whether it aloud your clothing style and music that you like?

    a) Yes.
    b) No.

Possible results:

  • 10 to 13 points. young man does not take seriously your relationship.Be careful and do not let yourself fall in love much, otherwise you are waiting for disappointment and resentment.
  • From 6 to 9 points. your guy a great extent selfish and often not considered with your opinion.He treats you as his property.Try to tell him everything that you do not like in your relationship.Maybe he's afraid that it will lose John, and change their behavior.
  • Less than 5 points. your man appreciates you and cares for your relationship.If you are confused by anything that happens between you, do not hesitate to tell him, and everything will work out.Take care of your love.


Test 5: Do you see each other?

In a relationship it is important to not only love each other, but also to understand.If there is no understanding of at least one partner, then the relationship can not be called strong.This test will tell not about love, about how to understand each other.After all, it is an important part of a great and sincere love.

To begin the test:

  1. you feel that you need to have a serious talk about your relationship:

    a) yes - 1 point.
    b) No - 0 points.
    c) it is useless - 2 points.

  2. When you are talking, then, first of all, try to express your opinion:

    a) Required - 2 points.
    b) give the partner the opportunity to express all opinions - 0 points.
    c) think that both of you must express their position - 1 point.

  3. you often discuss their problems with friends than with the elect / -tsey:

    a) sometimes - 1 point.
    b) No, you discuss your problems with the elect / -tsey.
    in) friends better than you realize - 2 points.

  4. When you need to set the chosen one delicate question you:

    a) ask directly - 0 points.
    b) ask the appropriate moment - 1 point.
    c) do not discuss provocative questions - 2 points.

  5. you think that your partner does not discuss with you what worries him:

    a) yes - 1 point.
    b) do not have a clue - 1 point.
    c) you are aware of all of its problems - 0 points.

  6. When you talk with your partner, then think of something else:

    a) yes, it happens - 2 points.
    b) No, you listen carefully - 0 points.
    c) you are trying to listen to a partner - 1 point.

  7. Have you talked with your partner / chosen one about serious things:

    a) yes - 0 points.
    b) only in a supportive environment - 1 point.
    c) no - 2 points.

  8. Do you take decisions concerning you personally, without consulting with a partner:

    a) is - 2 points.
    b) you discuss the issue, but the decision to take their own - 1 point.
    c) you discuss the problem and together decide - 0 points.

  9. talking to each other, you watch what and how to say:

    a) yes, you ponder every word - 1 point.
    b) No, you say what you think - 2 points.
    c) express their opinions and listen to the partner / -shi - 0 points.Well done!