Cocktail - the definition and characteristics of the meal


Cocktail - a way of organizing a feast, involving self.For the first time since begun to organize the feast in France.And in French - «La fourchette» literally means - "plug."

Actually, during the lunch meal is consumed, usually with the help of a fork.And it's not the only feature of this way of organizing collective meal.



  1. Features
  2. Where appropriate prefer buffet banquet
  3. Subtleties organization
  4. What submit
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  • lack of chairs around the table. As a rule, in a room where a buffet served can be a sofa and / or armchairs.Are some sofas and chairs at a distance from the table.Strictly painted seats are not available, since the appointment of a buffet table - communication, rather than generous common meal.
  • absence of a serving bowl. According to the standards of serving refreshments, plates and cutlery pile up on the edge of the table (if the table is large, with a stack of plates put both ends).Similar concerns glasses that may, like plates disposed at the edges of the section, or be in the middle section.
  • lack of a la carte dishes. Dishes for buffet - a variety of miniature snacks laid out on the large communal dishes.Each guest chooses his own snack to taste, "collecting" plate.As part of the buffet, tables can be covered only with sweets and fruit, which are also served on the common dishes in the form of miniature pastries, desserts and fruit slicing.
  • Drinks are not spilled into glasses. like meals, drinks and selected guests poured themselves independently.Depending on the beverage, each of them is introduced either in a jar or in a bottle.For example, juice, fruit drinks, water and the like drinks bottled in jars which are placed at the edge of the table, or in the middle.Alcohol, often put in bottles.
  • Regulation buffet. As a rule, reception is regulated activity and its duration should not exceed 2:00.
  • Service. Dinner can be organized with the waiters and without them.As a rule, if the reception is part of a major business event, invited by waiters that maintain the order of the table and monitor the presence of snacks, drinks, dishes on the table.Also can offer glasses of wine or champagne to the guests.The number of waiters at the reception is determined on the basis of - 1 waiter for 18 - 20 guests.The frequency of maintenance section - not more than 5 times, provided that reception lasts 2 hours.
  • guests. Unlike the banquet, the number of guests at the reception is significantly greater at equal scale and area of ​​the premises allocated for reception.


Where appropriate prefer buffet banquet

Cocktail organized when a small area for the event, and the planned number of guests - great.

buffet also appropriate when the purpose of the event is to communicate, not the collective meal.Therefore, most reception takes place at various training events, business forums and so on.

Cocktail is appropriate in any event regulated and when the organizers of the meeting are limited in time.


Subtleties organization

Since reception occurs when the purpose of the meeting communication, great importance is the organization of this event.

  1. for parties put a large rectangular table , slightly above the standard, stepping away from the wall of 1.5 meters.That's enough to each guest was comfortable access to the table with all its sides.
  2. travel along the tablecloth on the table , the length of which should cover the feet.At the same time, the distance between the cloth and the floor is at least 5 cm. Tablecloth should should choose white.In some cases, it can have a pastel shade under the design concept for the buffet table.It is also permissible short tablecloth and standing buffet "skirt".
  3. mandatory attribute correctly lay the table for the buffet table is a floral arrangement that is set in the middle of the table or close to one of the edges of the table.
  4. Beverages.Drinks table put in bottles or jars, depending on the beverage.If you drink (wine, aperitifs and the like) are placed in bottles, they decided to put a label to the edge of the table.Beverages such as juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, water - put in jars on the plates.
  5. dishes. All meals put in the middle of the table in the following order: first, put the dishes that do not lose their long external and taste.Next, put those stored less.Ends alignment dishes to those made using mayonnaise, oils and the like ingredients.Also in the least put caviar and caviar dishes.
  6. Ware. As mentioned above, a stack of dishes placed on the edge of the table.Plates for appetizers are placed in stacks of 6 - 10 pieces.If the provided oval or square dishes, they put 45-degree angle.Next, put the stack of napkins.Next to the plate put appliances, and a little farther on a tray put the glasses.
  7. table used utensils.If reception without waiters usually in the corner of the room, near the table but put another small table, on which guests put the used dishes.This table is also veiled cloth, but without the "skirt".


What submit


the banquet should be served tiny snacks in the shape of tapas, skates, rolls, sandwiches, tartlets.

also served sliced ​​(meat, fish, cheese, fruit, bread), salads in small saucers or tartlets.

Depending on the event, served a la carte various sweets - mini-muffins, cupcakes, and so on.

number of appetizers for buffet is prepared at the rate of 500 grams per person.

In some cases, such as the opening, the organizers can offer "introductory" a glass of champagne.In this case, waiters glasses filled with champagne, offering each guest.If no buffet waiters, guests take their glasses themselves, and the organizer uncorks champagne and pours his guests.