The test for liver health.

The test for liver health

If you are concerned about the health of your liver and her condition before making any premature conclusions sad, pass a test that will check the health of the liver and found that it actually happens, whether it copes with its functions.

to determine liver health check is necessary to take the test, answering all the questions and choosing one of the options proposed in the test for liver health.


1. Test: check your liver
2. How to determine the health of the liver: the instruction to test the health of the liver
3. The test results on the health of the liver




  • 1. Have you ever suffered from hepatitis (jaundice)?

• a) never;
• b) Yes, it was;
• c) sick (a), the doctor said that the state and now I have a bad liver.

  • 2. What happens if you have or had previously nausea from fried or fatty foods?

• a) No, I do not remember this;
• b) Yes, very often;
• c) yes, it happened before, but now everything is normal.

  • 3. Do you have any digestive problems, cramps happen if beaten in the abdomen or gases?

• a) these problems I have are constantly;
• b) sometimes, but rarely;
• c) No, everything is fine.

  • 4. Do you often feel tired, you need to rest and apathy?

• a) there is quite rare;
• b) yes, and very often;
• c) Yes, almost always.

  • 5. Does it bother you when a pain in the gall bladder or any other irregularities in this area?

test for liver health

• a) for the last couple of years have been a few times;
• b) it was a few years ago;
• c) never was.

  • 6. How often do you drink alcohol?

• a) most often do not;
• b) almost every day, but not more than 2-3 glasses of beer, wine or 1-2 glasses of vodka;
• c) daily, and in a larger amount than in the previous embodiment response.

  • 7. How often do you get sick with influenza, a cold?

• a) No, not often, no more than 1 time per year;
• b) often, but usually not serious;
• c) I have frequent colds, strong and lasting.

  • 8. How often do you take any medication?

• a) is not regular, but often enough;
• b) on a daily basis, as I feel, or have a need for it;
• c) very rarely, mostly pain relievers as needed.

  • 9. Are there more than the rate of your weight more than 10 kg (plus / minus 1.2 kg)?

• a) exceeds, and much more;
• b) No;
• c) is slightly more than the norm.

  • 10. What is the content of cholesterol in your blood, increased or not?(To test the reliability of the health of the liver is very important, so if you do not know the answer to this question, but feel that there are problems with the liver, then turn in a complete blood count to check cholesterol.)

• and) think that it is not raised, but I have not surveyed / surveyed;
• b) increased, I know.

  • 11. How often do you have a bad happens, aggressive or depressed mood?

• a) not often, except for some bad days;
• b) happen, and sometimes all day long;
• c) yes, all the time.

  • 12. Do you feel at work overload, or at home, or in your personal life?

• a) I feel I have such periods occur frequently;
• b) No, quite rare;
• c) I always feel such stress.



• How to determine the health of the liver:
instruction to test the health of the liver

Verify your answers with tabular values ​​and add up the scores to learn the test results on the health of the liver.

liver health test


• results of tests on liver health


And a little more about how to determine the health of the liver: