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bonpriks Russia

«jacket or skirt?Handbag or clutch? "- Often stand in front of a choice when you want to, and will not interfere, and both?So you are not yet familiar with bonpriks Russia, although probably heard this name.



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  2. What offers Bonpriks
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What Bonpriks

Bonpriks (Bon Prix) - House mail-order trade, whichIt is part of the world famous association OTTO, founded in 1986.The very first sales of clothing from catalogs is carried out on behalf of OTTO.We think everyone remembers the huge heavy catalogs with fashionable clothes that are simple store was lacking.

Today, despite the fact that "get" can be almost everything in the near shopping center, mail-order sales of revolutions is not slowed down, remaining clear competitor boutiques and shops.It Bonpriks is the leading operator in the Russian market since 2007 - the year of occurrence of the first directory in Russia.


What offers Bonpriks


Bonpriks catalog offers fashionable clothing for men, women and children.Also a large selection of clothing for actual teenagers.By

catalog you can buy underwear, clothes for home and leisure, business clothes, sportswear and casual clothes for every season.Large selection of shoes, accessories and jewelry will delight even the most sophisticated.

In addition to clothing, the catalog has products for the house: bed linen, textile, decoration, plumbing, lighting, and even furniture.And for those who live in their own home or cottage has, in the catalog is a collection of accessories and decor for the garden.


Benefits shopping catalog Bonpriks

  1. high quality. All products in this catalog is of high quality.Otshivka of all things produced in various European companies under the supervision of technologists.
  2. relevance. catalog is constantly updated, offering buyers trends.Moreover, you can buy these trends before these will appear in stores, because the catalog you get to the next fashion season.
  3. price. Flexible pricing allows you to dress fashionable and high quality without the high cost.Therefore, you can not deny yourself out in that jacket, that match your jeans.
  4. Easy choice.Thanks dimensional grid to choose the right size clothes were not working.And if in doubt, you can always consult with the operator on the site.
  5. Fast delivery. long gone are the days when ordering clothing catalog, you had to wait a month.Now, the order is carried out in a couple of weeks.Because of this, the season you'll be fashionably dressed.
  6. exchange and refund. If so happened that the acquired item is not reached or did not like the company is ready to replace it or refund on goods.

Bonpriks constantly develops and improves its service, offering quality catalogs and website usability.Therefore, with each new catalog to buy clothes is becoming easier and more fun.And the result is only motivated to repeat this process.

Moreover, in fairness, we note that Bonpriks Russia today has gone beyond the mail-order trade.And in the big cities you can find designer shops seller or departments in shopping malls.