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About NATO hear everything!And we will not be mistaken if we say that the views and attitudes towards the organization's most controversial among other military organizations.And still useful to know exactly how it stands.



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What is NATO


In English, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (The Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty).It is a military-political bloc, created to protect member states from external attack.

The Russian language acronym for the accepted English transliteration, so abbreviated written "NATO", and not "OSSD".

Also, there is still a French equivalent, which is as follows: OTAN, which stands for Organisation du traite de l'Antlatique Nord.




Initially the Association of European and North American countries formed 4 April 1949 in Washington to protect Europe and the North Atlantic from the perceived threat of Soviet aggression.

At the time the agreement was signed between the US, Canada, UK, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Norway and Iceland.

In 1952, filled with new NATO member countries: Greece and Turkey.

In 1955, West Germany joined NATO.And in 1982 - Spain.

After joining, some countries emerged from the unit in this chronology: 1966 - France, in 1974 - Greece (in 1980, was back in the unit), and Spain, which is still not a member of a military organization.

In 1997, for the first time at a meeting of the participating countries discussed the issue of expanding the partnership by joining the former Soviet Union.

In 1999, NATO has joined the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Already by 2005, the alliance composed of 26 countries, including several Eastern European countries.

purpose of NATO today is to protect member countries.Today the headquarters of NATO in Brussels, Belgium.