How to create kiwi purse, its advantages and nuances

create kiwi purse

Create kiwi purse is so simple that even a child will cope with this task!Just three easy steps, and you have a purse in one of the most popular payment system you'll ever need.And the most important thing is that after a simple registration, you will have access to all the benefits of kiwi purse.



  1. Benefits kiwi purse
  2. Stages of kiwi purse
  3. How to use kiwi purse
  4. Video

Benefits kiwi purse

  • Quick and easy registration
  • friendly interface and responsive support
  • lack of "verification" of time.Work with a purse can be immediately after the registration
  • Free registration and use of purse
  • No need to fill up a purse to activate
  • not need to specify the personal data during registration
  • No need to ask for a certificate or other proof of identity
  • wide range of available payments(today QIWI-free money take almost all popular shops, as well as utilities, and so on)
  • no age limit for those wishing to create kiwi purse in system

So, to take advantage of the kiwi-purse, it must first becreate.


Stages of kiwi purse

  1. go on the main page of the payment system QIWI.
  2. At the top left of the page click on the tab "Create a wallet."
  3. Fill out the form, typing in their mobile phone number and entering captcha.Press the button "Register".
  4. Enter your password in the appropriate field, which in a matter of seconds after you submit the form comes in SMS.
  5. Confirm registration and start enjoying purse.


How to use kiwi purse


After kiwi purse created, you can start to use it.To do this, you need to go to the home page and click on the tab "Login".To enter you need to enter the phone number, it is the number of your purse kiwi and password that was previously sent to you.

Now, before you open your personal page purse.

At the top of the page displays the number of your purse kiwi near the current balance.Near a digital indicator balance has little active arrow.If you click, you can select an account in the right currency - the dollar, euro and other.Default currency wallet - the Russian ruble.

Under line number and the current balance of the purse is a purse panel, but rather a list of basic operations that can be performed in the system, namely pay, transfer, fill up a purse, bank cards to withdraw.

To use the wallet, you just need to click the appropriate tab and implement the proposed further action.

Helpful Hint: after registration to enhance the security, change the password.To do this, go to your profile, enter your old password, then a new one, after which the new duplicate in the box below and click "Change password."

After the password is changed, you need to log in again using the new password.A new password has a shelf life - 1 year.