Kiwi Purse - ways and stages of registration

Kiwi purse registration

Kiwi (QIWI) - a virtual payment system of Russia and some CIS countries.This is a popular service that allows you to receive payments, and to produce a variety of financial transactions without leaving your home.

To start using the system you have to register.You can do this in two ways, each of which is very simple and fast.



  1. Method one: Computer
  2. Method two: Terminal
  3. Video

Method one: Computer

connect your computer to the Internet, a browser window, type the address of the payment system - and you'll get the main page.

stage of registration of the purse:

  1. At the top of the page, click on the tab "Register".Or immediately go to, without going to the main page.

    Before you open the login window, which will set out the conditions of the offer (terms and conditions of use of the service), the window for entering a phone number, a window to enter the CAPTCHA, for a tick box, your consent to the terms of the offer and the button 'register".

  2. Read the terms of the offer, then enter your mobile phone number, starting with "7" - for residents of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation and "38" - for the residents of Ukraine in the appropriate box.Then check the box agreeing to the terms of the offer, and then click "create."After this, your mobile phone number will receive password.With
  3. received in the SMS password, enter your Kiwi-room, going back to the main page.
  4. to start using the system.

Helpful Hint: password that you will receive in response to your request, generated for you.It in no case should not be disclosed to third parties, including members of the payment system.Remember that none of the employees of the system may not require from you your password.


Method two: Terminal

Register kiwi purse possible by means of self-service terminal.It is also easy as the computer.And the terminals are located in almost every supermarket, shopping centers, railway stations and so on.

stage of registration of the purse:

  1. Approaching the terminal of samoobsluzhiva, select the forum «QIWI-purse."Click, and you'll get a page with a registration window.
  2. the right side of the screen you will see a window to enter the phone number, and keyboard.Just enter your mobile phone number, starting with "7" for the people of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation and "38" - for the citizens of Ukraine.Then the system will redirect you to the main page.If the entered number does not identify the system, you are prompted to create an account.Click "Yes."
  3. Now you need to familiarize yourself with the offer, agree to its terms by clicking "Next".After that, the number you entered will receive an SMS message with a password (pin-code).
  4. Using the received password sign in and start its use.
  5. Regardless of the method of registration kiwi purse, login to your account, you need to open the main page, select the tab "Login" enter your mobile phone number and password that was previously sent to you in SMS.

Helpful Hint: to log in to use your real information, including telephone number.Otherwise, financial transactions through QIWI is difficult.