Gerard Summer - interesting facts from the life of a creative personality

Gerard summer

In the spirit of the musicians who have become actors, Gerard Summer - a famous person in the modern history of cinema.Although he has always been more than lead vocals, guitar and main songwriter of the American band 30 Seconds To Mars.Summer will forever be remembered as the actor held numerous challenging projects in which he participated.



  1. Childhood
  2. Student years
  3. Hollywood.Early career
  4. Hollywood.Success in movies and creating music group
  5. Video


Jared Leto was born in Bossier City, Louisiana.His parents - Constance ("Connie") and Anthony L. Bryant ("Tony").Last name "Summer" is the last name of his stepfather.His language "pedigree" includes English, French, and Irish, German, Scottish.

Jared and his family traveled throughout the United States.Throughout childhood, Jared lived in states such as Wyoming, Colorado and Virginia.In the future, this trend continued, Summer, when he devoted himself to studying painting at the University of Arts Philadelphia.


Student years


In 1992, Leto moved to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career, as well as the intention to take active roles in the party.The first performance on the screen Summer constitute participation in the TV show «Camp Wilder» (1992), «Almost Home» (1993) and «Rebel Highway» (1994).

While searching film roles, he starred in the TV series «My So-Called Life» (1994 - 1995).Jared played the role of Jordan Catalano - handsome slacker who was in love with the beautiful Angelina (played by Claire Danes).For this summer I created a series soundtrack, which marked the beginning of his musical career.After that he became known as a musician.


Hollywood.Early career


Jared Leto are increasingly began to play the role in the movie.The first film with its participation - "Quilt" (1995), based on the eponymous novel.Starring famous actresses Winona Ryder, Anne Bancroft, Ellen Burstyn, Gene Simmons and Alfre Woodard.This film was a modest success.Next film starring Summer - "The Last of the High Kings" (1996) was a disaster for him.But that did not stop the actor received his first starring role in «Prefontaine» (1997).

Then he took a supporting role in the thriller «Switchback» (1997), which starred Dennis Quaid.But this picture has been another failure in his career Summer.Career Summer in Hollywood developed slowly, but he continued to work to find acceptance in the movies.


Hollywood.Success in movies and creating music group


In 1998, things went for the better on all fronts.This was the year when the actor founded the group - 30 Seconds To Mars, along with his brother, Shannon Leto and Matt Wachter (who later left the band).And after the departure of the two guitarists joined Militsevich Tomo, who also sat at the keys.

When the band first became famous acting career took a new round of summer and this time more successful.

One of the most successful paintings, in which he played the title role, is a horror film - «Urban Legend», filmed in 1998. The film was a huge success commercially, although critics have not approved the film.In the same year, summer was a minor role in the film «Thin Red Line» (1998).This is the first movie famous director, who has had success over twenty years.The film was nominated for seven Oscars.Since then, the glory of the summer has just begun.

He actively appeared in such films as «Mangold's Girl» and «Interrupted» (1999), playing supporting roles.Then he starred in David Fincher's cult classic, «Fight Club» (1999).

While Edward Norton and Brad Pitt starred Jared Leto was a supporting actor, played bit parts.Examples of successful paintings with his participation as supporting actor can be called «Paul Allen», «American Psycho» (2000).

But in the sensational «Requiem for a Dream» directed by Darren Aronofsky, Summer starred.For this role, Jared had to try on the image of a drug addict.There is information that he even tried to take drugs to get into a better image.

2000s brought new opportunities for summer.He re-appeared in the films of David Fincher, one of which is «Panic Room» (2002) that brought him success.Then Summer starred in Oliver Stone's epic project «Alexander», which became the best-selling in the box.

New Success Summer brought filming «Lord of War» (2005), which also stars Nicolas Cage as an arms dealer.The film is very realistic gave "life" of the arms industry, but not the highest grossing.However, from a financial point of view, do not call it a success.

After a wave of success, Summer somehow suddenly dried up.During this period, he starred in such films as «Lonely Hearts» (2006), «Ray Fernandez».Also he played in one of the two notorious «Lonely Hearts Killers in the 1940s».The film turned financial collapse and received only mixed reviews.

Then, Summer got the part in the film «Chapter 27 (2007)", for which he had to significantly gain weight.In this movie he played the role of the infamous murderer of John Lennon, Mark Chapman.And despite the fact that Jared organically merged with the character, he gave his whole essence, the picture was not a success.During this period, summer is increasingly began to pay attention to their group, rejected the offer to star in two films directed by Clint Eastwood - «World War 2 film» and «Flags of Our Fathers» (2006).

However, in 2009 Summer returned to her acting career and has played a role in an ambitious film «Mr.Nobody »(2009).After filming «Nemo Nobody», Jared reviewed his life to make sure he was not left in the image.This picture was funded mainly by the Belgian and French financiers.Therefore, the film was released in some countries.

History Jared Leto is an example of hard road to glory, the implementation of talent as an actor and musician.

Through its work and belief in his dream, now Summer one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.And his band 30 Seconds To Mars has long been a cult for fans from around the world.