How to do makeup for round and oval face, video.


And although we women of impeccable nature, cosmetics and make-up we just vital.Cleverly highlight their common features and hide small flaws can each of us with makeup.This kind of art, you need to know the basics.So, how to do make-up person at the same time improved the round and oval faces, we are talking about today.



1. Facials and makeup.What you need to know each
2. face makeup.The main rules
3. makeup for round faces
4. makeup for oval faces
8 Makeup Secrets: How to make the face thinner vidio

Facials and makeup.What you need to know everyone?

Facials and makeup - is inseparable concepts.No cosmetic product can not completely hide the flaws Skin rash, redness, or wrinkles.Before make-up person, take care of your skin. Make it very simple, you need to know three pillars that help in taking care :

  • cleansing and toning. Before you do make-up, your skin should be cleaned and filled with force.For this purpose various types of suitable gels, but without abrasive particles so as not to cause redness, lotion without alcohol for washing and foam with active particles.These procedures will be removed from the stratum corneum of the skin cells and dirt particles.
  • moisture. Without it, you will not be able to do if you want your skin to shine and had a nice view.Moisturizing makeup helps protect the skin from drying out.

If you do make-up, and began to peel off the skin or on top of the powder foundation, you know - it is not enough water.Compensate for moisture balance will moisturizers, serums and gels.Necessarily apply them in a sufficient amount to the skin for 10-15 minutes, before the make-up of the face.

now face makeup you can do in minutes, and it will not roll down and crumble.


face makeup.The main rules

Rules makeup photos

before make-up makeup person should gather to hand had everything we needed. In this makeshift makeup we put in all the necessary minimum :

  • concealer - this is a very good tool, but to be honest, very few people use it, but in vain.Concealer masks and smoothes fine bumps on the skin, but also creates a foundation.It does not dry the skin and does not clog pores.And, incidentally, it is a means of "excellent" hide circles and puffiness under the eyes.
  • Base makeup .It can be used not on all face, and, let's say, for ever under the shade on the cheeks, if you decide to use blush or lip, especially for liquid lipstick or gloss.The base does not give a decorative means to crumble and take lumps.Oriflame makeup for the face is always created based on a database.If you want to achieve this effect, use the means necessary.
  • Cosmetics .There are no restrictions and all choose at its discretion.You think how to do make-up person unsurpassed, then do not do without a master: black eyeliner, mascara (preferably black or brown), lipstick or gloss with neutral hues and transparent powder with matte effect.
  • Spray for fixing make-up .This tool is very useful.Spray it on your face, you fix the makeup.This is necessary if you are going the whole day at the talks, and you will not have time to correct makeup, or are you going to a nightclub, where not want to tint the lips constantly.Spray does not create the effect of a film or a mask on his face.

Makeup Face video there in large numbers on the Internet, look at it and you will be able to decide on the application of technology tools and their manner.


makeup for round faces

beautiful makeup Photo

your face is round, if the visual length and width are about the same, broad and massive cheekbones, and even missing or poorly defined chin.Owners round face look like dolls, however, is many do not like the comparison.Owners of this form is very important to know how to do make-up person.

Makeup for a round face shape and involves adjusting the alignment of the right accents .To visually narrow face it was necessary to darken the cheekbones and the side of the ear to ear.Make it worth using dark corrector or blush.The strokes should go from the top to the bottom, up to the chin.Such means should be put on the wings of the nose and sides.Light tones of powder do not focus tip of the nose and in the center of the chin.

play of dark and light, creates a contrast to the face and make it narrower.

makeup for round faces involves an emphasis on the eyes.Use black or brown eyeliner and mascara.Bring eye pencil on the lash line, carefully prokrashivaya.After that use ink, paint over top lashes - this "will open" the eyes.If you have a round face shape, you can not do the arrows.This is the main rule - the arrow of any length, "rounded" round face even more.Keep this in mind before you make a face makeup.

If you have a round face, but do not use a lip pencil to draw the outline of .Clean lines are not good to play on the face, making it wider.Makeup for a round face is to use a lipstick.The color is chosen on the basis of skin color.

Makeup for round face photo is on the Internet.It clearly shows how to lengthen the face and highlight key points.


makeup for oval faces

think how to do make-up person, if its shape is oval?It's very simple: there freedom of choice, because the oval shape - perfect and needs no correction of decorative cosmetics.

Emphasize its advantages.Let's say you have beautiful eyes - put the emphasis on them with the arrow keys, which are so fashionable now two seasons in a row, have full lips - they draw a shape with a pencil and apply lipstick.But remember, the face stands out one thing - or lips or eyes.As you can see, makeup for oval faces is simple, the main thing is your imagination.

Now you know how to do make-up person, with an oval or circular.The main thing - to emphasize their dignity.


8 Makeup Secrets: How to make the face thinner vidio