The square shape of the face: hairstyles, haircuts for square type face photo.

Square face

Every woman has an excellent individual beauty.And if you have a square face shape, only underlines your zest and originality.However, it should be taken into account when choosing a building face haircuts and hairstyles.What exactly is only suitable for you?And how to decorate a square face and its shortcomings?Let's talk about all the nuances and learn how to choose the right hairstyle for your face type.



1. square face and its features
2. Hairstyles for square face
3. Haircuts for square face
selection of hairstyles.Hairstyles for a square (rectangular) face vidio

square face and its features

square face shape implies that you have clearly highlighted cheekbones, a low forehead and a heavy lower jaw and chin, as if a little cut, but expressed good.People with this type of construction catchy and sharp facial features.The main pride - the big eyes with almond shape.All physiognomists, people who study the structure of the face and its influence on the character, saying that the square shape of the face is in strong leaders with a creative twist.

Many girls, with a square face, worried because they think that it is a rough and unfeminine.In fact, everything depends on the hairstyle or haircut.The square shape of the face involves a minor correction. It is necessary to visually "draw" the face and smooth out the sharp lines, then you will be perfect .

Bright holders square face of the actress Milla Jovovich, Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon.I agree that they do not accuse of being too "masculine" face.


Hairstyles for square face

Haircuts for square face photo

square face shape allows women to wear her hair any length , and do a variety of hairstyles.The main thing to know some of the nuances that allow visually hide minor flaws.Hairstyles for a square type of person should be free.This means that it is necessary to opt out of the horse's tail, and gulek high and low, the options a la Malvinka.Such variations are suitable for women with perfectly right person.And most importantly - give up parted.They do face a massive and hard.

Hairstyles for square face is to do with the asymmetry.Let it be your hair combed to one side and the elegant fixed or nacheshite top, and the bottom hair up in a bundle, you get something on the similarity of "Babette".Your main task is to see to it that the hair is not framed a face on all sides.The square shape of the face "does not like" underscores, it should be light and airy.Good will look large ringlets, by the way, they are particularly relevant today.They are easy to do with curling.Hairstyles for square face type is best not to varnish.This is weighing the hair and not to play into the hands.If your hair is unruly, use foam before doing hairstyle.

It is worth to talk about bang.The square shape of the face is very well adjusted bangs.But it should only be oblique and accurately shaped to "not push" on the face.Torn or graded bangs create volume on the head and visually elongated face.

square face shape will look good with a wave, but only in the form of large curls that will curl near temples.Small "sheep" are not suitable for all girls, and experiment with them is not worth it.


Haircuts for square face

hairstyle for square face photo

Many girls think that the square shape of the face does not allow them to experiment with hairstyles and create incredible superfashionable designs on his head. They are profoundly mistaken: Haircuts for square face can be very different, the main rule - asymmetrical layering .The most successful are recognized:

  • haircut in the style of "waiter." Do not be alarmed, but it is a short haircut, but this option is not we associate with femininity.But the truth is that short hair is incredibly sexy, if properly laid.You just need to make the volume at the roots or just to wind hair and a square face shape smooth transitions found in the cheeks and chin softened.Pruning in this style implies a bang, do it on one side, and a little "tear" ends.
  • bob-bob. The square shape of the face will look great if you make yourself a bob-bob.This hairstyle involves multiple layers that accentuate the face and neck.Hairstyle is very easy to install.You can just tweak the ends of negligence or make - take a little foam and "fluff" the hair.Haircuts for square face, including the need to bang.Bob-bob bangs best complement to be above the eyebrows.
  • haircut with asymmetry. Haircuts for square face with asymmetric variants fine adjusting the angularity of the face.They can be executed on the hair of different lengths, but most advantageous to look at the medium and long.A little secret - do parting - it narrows the face.Excellent will look elongated strands and a square face shape .Their length can be up to his chin.Such variations can be hairstyles and fringe, of course, also asymmetrical.

Haircuts for square face photo can be viewed on the Internet, and then you can decide.Not afraid to experiment!


selection of hairstyles.Hairstyles for a square (rectangular) face vidio