How old Alla Pugacheva Borisovna really?

How old Pugacheva

It was always interesting to know how many years of public people, especially the most popular, with a controversial reputation.One of these is the incomparable star Alla Pugacheva.



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When and where was born Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva was born April 15, 1949 in Moscow.This is credible information, which is not a secret for a wide range of users, because the diva does not hide his age.for some time now she is convinced that age is not important!


Actually, in her life - she held people in different walks of life:

demanded singer, actress, organizer of the concert, the owner of his own shoe brand, a beautiful woman, a mom and a wonderful person.

Besides music, also tried her hand at a movie, which became a successful experience and brought her movies unprecedented popularity.Still, at a time when to reveal "secret life" mega singer was not available.And then the movie about her life!

Now everyone who wants easy to know how many years and how Pugacheva develops her life, not only creative, business, and personal as well.

remind that Alla is not only an Honored Artist of the USSR and the Russian Federation, and successful business woman.At the time she took the shoe design.

Also, it is known for its superior organizational skills and energy.Why are only its Christmas meeting, which gathered the "people" near the blue screens.And such creative "pa" she did not find it.

And even today, in its 65 years, not Pugacheva throws momentum.Moreover, among other things, she is a young mother.