Ways to learn the region by phone number

to know the region by phone number

when it is necessary to establish, where I received a call from an unknown number - there are frequent and everyone.Especially today, when the phone receives calls from confidential numbers, uncertain numbers, and often against fraud, or simply by those subscribers, who does not want to talk.

therefore demanded all available methods to know the region by phone number and maybe even reach the caller.And there are a lot of ways.



  1. Method One: Online Resources
  2. Method Two: Free Directory
  3. Method three: Print phone calls
  4. Method Four: Personal dial
  5. Video

Method one: InternetResources

This is the easiest way to find the region the subscriber whose number you do not know.To use it, you do not need special permission and registration.All you need to do is enter the number with area code, or code only country / city / region in a special window, and then click "Search."


A few seconds will receive an SMS with a request to be answered.Message is paid, so it's worth carefully read the information on tariffs.And after the response is sent to the SMS - you become the owner of the treasured information.

take advantage of the Internet to search for resources in the region caller for his phone number, you can not leave home without the help of specialized services to gather the information you need.

This method is applicable to any country, region.Whether it is in the US or in the nearby area of ​​your country of residence.

Find a resource is not hard enough the search query "find the region by phone number" and the system will offer you a variety of resources, where you can choose the most suitable for their purposes.

Helpful Hint: in the search, and especially the use of the resource, make sure that not dealing with scammers.Do not buy any contact database and other relevant information.After all, it can turn your data theft.


Method Two: Free Directory


It is free!Online you can find free guides to cities, regions and countries, which will help you solve the problem of finding relevant information.

work with such a reference is very simple.You just need to set the number with area code, and enter the first digit (eg "0", "8" or "7") number in the search box is not necessary.Then, click on the "Search" button and if the directory contains the answer to your query in the space provided you will see the name of a region, a region which lies near to the desired.

This resource is absolutely free and provides accurate data.And he acts lawfully.

Besides electronic directory, you can use "hard" reference code and phone number.Buy this guide can be in any office supply store or at the bookstore, and even in the nearest post office.

A is available with a reference "in the mail" is absolutely free.But if the region is to find out the phone number you have not once, better to buy a book.

Unlike the search for the phone number of the region, working with paper guide a long and laborious.

Helpful Hint: choosing a paper directory, make sure that it contains the latest information about the codes and telephone numbers.Because these directories little demand, they may not be reprinted or published with no updated information.


Method three: Print phone calls


Each user of communication services of any operator, absolutely free of charge has the right to request an invoice for incoming and outgoing calls.Suffice it to the office of the service provider in person or over the phone and report your request.After some time, the printout of your calls will be issued to you on the hand or sent by e-mail.

Then you just need to carefully review the printout, select the same number marker.So you can quickly identify the most regular customers and regions where they live.If

information printouts will not be enough, you can request a detail calls.To get it you need to substantiate its request, as such information only to provide security services.

addition, identify the region of the desired subscriber, you can proceed with an investigation, gather all the information about the operators of the region, sellers SIM cards.If the card was purchased on the passport, the subscriber will find very easy.

Helpful Hint: using this method must show diligence and perseverance.Some of the information will have to find yourself turning to vendors of SIM cards, starter kits and so on.


Method Four: Personal dial


can do even easier.Just call the person back and find his region or clarify the purpose of your call subscriber you.

This method is suitable for those who are faced with persistent calls from the unknown man.

So how do you know the region by phone number - is understandable.And how do you know who to call or indefinite secret number?

This is done as follows:

  • Seeing Private number, do not answer, and turn off the phone.
  • back on the phone, and view incoming calls, and where you will find the secret number, it will be determined, and you can call the person back.