Hairstyles and haircuts for long face, photo examples, tips for styling hair

Hairstyles and haircuts for long face

Hairstyles for long face well, just have to make a person attractive.The fact - that hairstyle can work wonders!Sometimes enough to make the right parting, to accentuate your face.And you can build something, and "kill" the image at all.

For elongated facial characteristic wide upper part of the face and a relatively narrow lower part.High forehead and narrow chin can be balanced properly chosen hairstyle and haircut of different lengths.



1. Haircuts for long face
2. What to avoid when choosing hairstyles for long face
3. worthy hairstyles for long face
Hairstyles for long face, video

Haircuts for long face

Haircuts for long face - is the amount in the first place.Also good smooth, heavy thick hair clippers.

The main task of such a hairstyle balanced face shape , make it less rigorous, softness features.This task handle such haircuts for long face, like Page, "ladder" cascade.

Page of - haircut with long thick bangs. Hair length - just below the chin - it is the perfect length to emphasize the dignity of an elongated face and long neck.A long thick bangs hide a high forehead and give the "softness" of a narrow chin and cheeks.This haircut is suitable for thick hair.

«Ladder" - haircut hair along the length from the middle of the shoulder and below. feature of this hairstyle for long face in her ability to beautifully rounded face.Important - do not direct the selection and pulling hair.In addition, it is important that tapering was highly.

And, right hair cut in the art will readily fit.Therefore, you only have to work a little mousse and a hairdryer.

Cascade - Grooming number 1 for thin hair. This haircut is not only beneficial to adjust the shape of the face, but also visually hide the lack of hair density.

Haircuts for long face, made this technique may be of different lengths.After all, every good length elongated face.

On the basis of this hairstyle can do a variety of hairstyles for long face.At the same time - no hassle!

Hairdryer any styling products that has no silicon in its composition and weighting other components.Do not doubt that this volume - your "horse."

All these haircuts for long face, a photo of which is in every fashion glossy, easily and accurately done by a professional hair stylist.


What to avoid when choosing hairstyles for long face

short hair photos

creating the right hairstyle for long face, forget about:

1. Too short haircuts , which emphasize the elongation of the face and disproportionately

2. Hairstyles with open ears. They also stress the excessive thinness chin against a broad forehead

3. Long "slicked" hairstyles. They will make your face even longer

4. updo, also lengthen the face. exception is "Babette", because of its bulk.And if this hairstyle with bangs is, you can safely do it.

5. Direct and zig-zag parting


worthy hairstyles for long face

1. If your hair is long, do root volume .To do this, blow dry wet hair with a special tool to create basal volume.

hairstyle for long face photo

2. curls, curls and ringlets - all this is perfect for long face.

The longer the hair, the smaller curls you can afford.With such a long face hair definitely wins.

To do this, use curlers of different diameters, styler, curling, do perm in the salon.These feminine hairstyles - for you.

3. Bang. Cut the bangs - thick and long.This trendy "detail" hairstyle will make your image is incredibly feminine, delicate and stylish.

addition to hairstyles and haircuts, a grand effect gives correct staining .To correct the shape of the face is well suited 3d staining, the graded multilayer and other types of hair coloring.After this painting, creating the effect of chic thick hair.

Any hairstyles for long face will fully perform its corrective function, but only if your hair is well-groomed.

Watch out for their cleanliness and health. Use the tools to add volume and shine.

also will come in handy nutritious and "sealed" means for ends.


Hairstyles for long face, video