Haircuts and hairstyles for chubby girls.Haircuts for short, long , medium-length hair .Makeup and jewelry for a round face shape correction

[Round face]

«I have a round face, like a hairstyle fit?" - Are often asked many women from their girlfriends and experienced craftsmen.It would seem that the circle - an ideal figure, however, because of the smooth outlines the face of this type has some bulk and even looks innocent.However, that is no reason to be sad, because it is easier to turn the circle in the desired oval.To do this, there are some little tricks, starting with the selection of hairstyles and her styling, finishing applying makeup and selection of accessories.



1. How to Fix a round face?
- options hairstyles for short hair
- options hairstyles for medium length hair
- options hairstyles for long hair
2. round face shape and styling
3. Makeup for a round face shape
4. Jewellery and accessories round face
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How to Fix a round face?

round face shape

Haircut chosen not only according to the type of entity.It takes account of the structure of the hair - they wavy or straight, thick or sparse. important factor is the length of the neck, as if it is short, the person visually gets even rounder.It is much easier if the standard neck length and a little more difficult if it is too long.Leave

long or medium length hair is recommended for women with a "swan" neck.If it is short, you should pay attention to the shortened version of haircuts, bangs complementing their average length.In normal neck can not afford any of the offered types of haircuts.See which ones are suitable for a round face, a photo can tell without the participation of the master.


options hairstyles for short hair

If your hair is prone to forming cute curls, it is desirable to avoid ultra-short haircuts."Pixie" with elongated temples fit for women with straight hair and even thinning hair.Possible options for owners of different structures of hair is a bob with long side-locks.Ends with locks have slightly below the jawline.With short hair should always be top volume.Moreover, it is desirable to create a volume from the temples up.


options hairstyles for medium length hair

short hairstyles for round face shapes

can experiment with the classic bob and cascade. In a first embodiment the presence of undesirable bangs.If the hair - curling or the lush, preferably to perform calibration method.This will remove a little volume, which interferes with the elongation of the face.With this task well handle stage.Length of hair at a hairstyle should reach the shoulder line.At the same time it opens the beauty of curly hair and give ease of direct and lush hair.


options hairstyles for long hair

Trendy hairstyles for round face, long hair leaving it - layered and asymmetrical.They are performed by a cascade of technology, but it left a cherished hair length.However, straight hair with border triangle - not the worst option.Complement a simple haircut can be a ladder to the side strands framing the face.Well, if she would take the start of the line of the top of the ears.

However, the question of the bang is quite acute, some do not like it, while others simply have not found a good master.The fact that the long bangs, laid on its side, allows you to visually narrow face.Variants oblique bangs.But it should not be thick and perfectly straight.


round face shape and styling

medium length hairstyles for round faces odds

Ways to put your hair - a lot.However, not all of them suitable for a round face shape.For example, Mr. eudachnymi options are: parted in the middle, taking away all the hair from the face, the absence of a minimum volume at the roots.Not fit to face curling curls , but some rastrepannost contrary refocus.Not very becoming to be spherical packing and adjoining perfectly straight strands.

If you wish to remove hair back, you should leave a few strands of a person. Remove and only if you have bangs.Lay it must be easy, without weighing paints and foams.It should be natural, not a straight curtain.A good option would be to hair styling to the side, creating a zig-zag partings.Do not forget about the extent of the part to be lush crown.Thus, the person can visually lengthen.


Makeup for a round face shape

With a few strokes of lipstick, eyebrow pencil and eye, blush and expertly applied tonal framework, round face is able to instantly turn into a perfect creation.There are a few general rules applying makeup, but the choice of colors of cosmetics should be chosen taking into account the color of eyes, hair and other elements.

General rules Safety makeup

Makeup for a round face

Every woman should be two types of beautician foundation.This is a hint, not only for chubby.One of them must be lighter and the other - on the darker tone. Dark cream should be applied on the oval face, at the sides of the nose, touching the wings.Light is applied to the tip of the nose and chin.

eyes without reason called the mirror of the soul.With the small arrows to the ends wrapped up they can be slightly corrected.Sami arrow round do not, and vice versa expand too long face.Eyebrows round shape is also unacceptable.And make them too narrow is impossible, as it would have led to the expansion of the face, and thick make it even less.

blush to round face applied from the bottom of the cheekbone (with the corners of the mouth) to the top, diagonally. It is desirable that they were pastel shades.Precautions should be taken to a bright and rosy blush.The desired range of - from beige to brown.Lip gloss is preferable to use lipstick or pale natural tones.Allocate lip pencil is not necessary.


Jewellery and accessories round face

decorations for round face

P Selecting earrings should abandon studs and rings perfectly round. For women with a round face fit earrings as droplets ovals chains.Also fit triangular-shaped ornaments.Moreover, the triangle can be classic and inverted.Good complement the image of earrings in the form of squares.

Necklace in the form of "a-la-collar" should be set aside. Especially if there is a short neck.It is advisable to pay attention to the chain of medium length and concise suspension.But the back is not a round shape.From massive necklaces should be abandoned, preferring jewelry medium thickness.But the V-shaped in addition to the same cut on the clothes will be very helpful.

choosing sunglasses, a good option would be "cat" frames.They visually pull the face.You can pay attention to the points of a square, rectangular shape.No exception will be sharp and sharp corners on the rim.The very frame should be commensurate with the face, and even a little bit wider.However, it is recommended to choose dark colors, as bright rim on the contrary give the volume of waste.The arms on the glasses should be broad.They will look much more harmonious than the narrow options.


Choose decorations for the type of person