Increased sweating: Causes, medical methods of disposal and treatment of folk remedies

Increased sweating

Afraid of being branded "frog" for sticky and wet handshake?Is no stranger to the persistent smell footcloths, "pouring" from expensive boutique shoes?Sweat face, behind the ears sweat, armpit sweat, sweat constantly feet, palms moist and the omnipresent bad smell you just pursue?Yes, excessive sweating can turn into hell the life of any person, and destroying personal relationships, and career aspirations.But whether or not to allow this to happen to you?After all, there are lots of ways to get rid of the wet, smelly problem.


1. Increased sweating armpits and hands
2. Increased sweating - causes depression
3. «Election" hyperhidrosis "sweat heavily at night»
4. What is this rash?
5. What is excessive sweating?
6. Increased sweating: sweating causes the body
7. The dangerous excessive sweating?
8. Treatment of hyperhidrosis sympathectomy
10. underarm sweating, and local surgery
11. The treatment of hyperhidrosis Botox
12. Laser and sweating
13. Phytotherapy
14. Increased sweating: traditional medicine
15. Increased sweating: Traditional medicineagainst sweating feet
16. Increased sweating of the feet and the smell of powder against
17. How to treat sweating feet baths?
18. Broth to combat hyperhidrosis
19. Medical treatment methods when feet sweat a lot
20. Massage against sweating feet
21. Gymnastics to combat hyperhidrosis




Increased sweating armpits and hands

Heavily falls students taking the exam, which underarm sweating with excitement, or the Secretary, who works with important papers and continually spoil their appearance with wet hands.Yes, there is, but what surgeons, musicians, jewelers?Or, for example, an electrician who sweating armpits and hands may have "invaluable" and the last service?

problem "much sweat" is familiar to many.It requires constant strictly observe hygiene, constantly seek out and use all kinds of drugs to reduce perspiration and prevent unpleasant consequences.


Increased sweating - causes depression


Increased sweating - a pathological condition called hyperhidrosis in medical. intense sweating able to start even with a little excitement, or just the thought of his hands.A person suffering from excessive sweating, you only think about the impending shake hands, and his hands instantly became wet.

Increased sweating provokes fear that can, in turn, causes more sweating.Sometimes sweaty armpits is so much excitement that even deodorants can not save.A man stops to hug their loved ones because of fear to see the expression of disgust on their faces.Increased sweating of the feet, makes a man a pariah among his friends, because he hesitates to go to visit, because there will have to take off your shoes.According to physiologists, sweating is a pathological vicious circle to break that self is not everyone's strength.And then this would seem banal and simple as sweating problem turns into neurosis and depression, dragging with it a different set of problems - failure at work, failure in his personal life, the constant dissatisfaction with life.

But that's not all the problems have to face a person suffering from sweating armpits, feet and palms.When plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the feet), even cold sweat feet and bacterial decomposition of sweat provides a very unpleasant odor.Constantly sweaty armpits, render useless clothes, claiming to maintain the status wardrobe extraordinary waste of money and lots of time.

In Ukraine, most doctors still years trying to cure excessive sweating using formalin drugs, anti-anxiety medication, and even hypnosis.Although about 50 years already exists a technique of radical removal of excessive sweating, including forever.Not only in the United States in this disease costs for therapy and surgery for a long time covered by health insurance.In Ukraine, the Ministry of Health still has not matured before having to admit that the excessive sweating underarms, hands and feet - disabling condition, hyperhidrosis - the disease is completely eliminated the participation of sick people in a variety of trades and professions.


«Election" hyperhidrosis "sweat heavily at night»

night sweats, sweating especially in children is quite common complaint at the doctor.Complaint: "I sweat heavily at night" is not limited to children but also many adults.Increased sweating at night has nothing to do with hyperactivity, increased activity of the autonomic nervous system.And, unfortunately, excessive sweating during sleep surgery can not be.

presence of night sweats - a serious cause of the alert to the patient and to seek the hidden reasons for doctor.Increased sweating causes can have serious and be a side effect of the disease.Night sweats can also be part of an overall, or as they say doctors, generalized sweating.


What is this rash?

Increased sweating - sweating is intense, often due to hormonal disruptions caused by various reasons.Increased separation of sweat gives a lot of discomfort.Numerous studies show that excessive sweating armpits, hands and feet - a kind of indicator of stress.Simply put, the sweat glands is the data problem areas react to the allocation of adrenaline by the body with wet hands, wet feet and armpits.

But all the same in the most unpleasant sweating body that he serves the cause of severe stress, which triggers a new round of excessive sweating.A vicious circle, and the person in it - like a hunted wolf!


How to get rid of sweating of the feet and the stench of body odor?Why do I get the smell of the feet?

What is excessive sweating?

hyperhidrosis doctors distinguish the general and localized:

increased sweating
  • 1. Total sweating - seen with exposure to high ambient temperatures, emotional and physical stress, as well as in a number of different diseases, such as: the defeat of the nervoussystem tuberculosis, a sharp decline in serum glucose.
  • 2. localized sweating - this form of hyperhidrosis is the most common.And it is divided into: excessive sweating armpits, excessive sweating feet and excessive sweating in the whole body.Quite often, these forms of hyperhidrosis is one of the manifestations of vascular dystonia, flat feet, the result of poor hygiene, the use of rubber, tight shoes, clothing made from synthetic fabrics and so on.

Local hyperhidrosis - very unpleasant aesthetic, economic and social problem.After all, it is not limited to the "humid" and the nasty smell of sweat.People suffering from hyperhidrosis more than others prone to colds and various empyesis addition, wet hands and wet feet - a resort paradise for all kinds of fungal infections.


Increased sweating: sweating causes the body

So these are the causes of this scourge, why a person sweats, sweaty armpits why, why sweat hand, why feet sweat a lot?Under normal conditions, the healthy people causes sweating are protective reaction of the organism against overheating in high ambient temperatures, or during exercise.

However, deviations in the health of the body excessive sweating is a symptom of certain diseases.At the same time flushes sweating feet, strong sweating of palms, and axillary hyperhidrosis - it is a distinct disease, unrelated to internal disease.Said: "I very strongly sweat" can about 0.05% people in the world, and in the cities, this figure reaches 3%!And for the most part - it is women who suffer.


are exposed to excessive sweating?

hyperhidrosis creates favorable conditions for the development of fungal flora and pyogenic environment as a result of maceration, to put it simply, softening and swelling of the skin in areas prone to excessive sweating and changes in the acidity of the skin.Excessive sweating, as a rule, is always accompanied by an unpleasant fetid odor, sweat itself often has coloring properties "toxic," as it sometimes called, is not simply delivers patient discomfort, "corroding" the skin, causing itching, etc.but just spoils the clothes.


treatment of hyperhidrosis

Treatment of sweating

In general, all treatments are problems with sweating can be divided into two groups: surgical and conservative.There are these treatments about two dozen.Some of them have only historical value.But other than that collected a great many more, and the methods of traditional medicine.

Over the long history of the disease of different ways to treat excessive sweating accumulated enough.The most common ones are:

  • 1. Botox treatment of excessive sweating. In this case, the treatment of hyperhidrosis is carried out with the help of local injections, injections of botulinum toxin type A in the problem areas.These drugs block the nerve impulses coming from the sweat glands on the nerve.As a result of this blocking sweat gland just ceases to decrease and as a result, perspiration occurs more.
  • 2. Treatment of excessive sweating of the laser.
  • 3. endoscopic sympathectomy.
  • 4. And of course has underarm sweating treatment of folk remedies , which, by the way, is the cheapest and often quite effective.

try to explain a little more about each of the methods that you can really be helpful in the fight against excessive sweating.


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Really effective method capable of completely and permanently get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of sweating of palms, is an endoscopic sympathectomy - the so-called minor surgery, which is done through a tiny hole in the skin.Surgical interventions in the treatment of hyperhidrosis can also be divided into two groups - "local" and "remote".

Group "local" methods involves "work" the surgeon specifically "wet spot".The second group, "remote" methods requires surgery on a certain "distance" from the problem area.Such operations, just carry sympathectomy.Currently, there are several options for such operations.So, we characterize these options in order of importance.

endoscopic sympathectomy

To date, the operation is considered to be the optimal intervention in the work of the body for hyperhidrosis, yes, in fact, a number of other conditions that are associated with the "wrong" the functioning of the sympathetic nervous system.

makes a small puncture in the skin and through the inside of the chest introduce a thin tube with a tiny video camera.Displaying images on a large screen.In a similar punctures introduced and special tools.Next, the surgeon for several minutes under visual control reaches required concentration zone problems and this portion paravertebral ganglia imposes a metal clip, or the special tool intersects the sympathetic trunk.This method uses the main advantages of VATS operations.

Generally, endoscopic sympathectomy is performed with sweating palms.At work armpits it affects to a lesser extent.Sympathectomy is not applicable for the treatment of Athlete's Foot.In addition, to carry out a lumbar sympathectomy men is not recommended - it causes impotence.

Traditional sympathectomy

traditional or open sympathectomy is performed through an incision in the skin and tissue on the back surface of a human chest.In fact, it produces standard thoracotomy: the surgeon pushes the ribs and cuts through tissue, finding thus paravertebrally, trunk and then simply bandaging required node.

In this method, there is a very significant disadvantages.Firstly, after the operation you will have to spend a few days in a hospital bed, and then for a few weeks to restrict their own activities.Secondly, in the place of surgical intervention are scars that could be of "outstanding", especially on the beach, do not look aesthetically pleasing.These drawbacks led surgeons to look for other ways to solve the problems with excessive sweating.Percutaneous sympathectomy

Such operations are carried out with the help of fine needles, led away to the paravertebral sympathetic trunk.Ganglia, provoking increased sweating, destroy the introduction of specialty chemicals or by using current, resulting in the same effect as an open sympathectomy.

Less of this method lies in the fact that with such interventions are frequent "mistakes."After all, take the needle out of control to the desired point of view is not so easy.


underarm sweating, and local surgery


topical or local interventions have been applied in the treatment of problems with isolated axillary hyperhidrosis.When is extremely excessive sweating armpits.

Liposuction armpit

When such operations produce axillary tissue removal using a small tube introduced through pinholes.The destruction of the sympathetic nerves that pass into the axillary tissue, in this case leads to disruption of flows to the sweat glands of nerve impulses.To a large extent, this method shows a full people.

Ultrasonic liposuction

Many patients are attracted because the title of ultrasonic liposuction.This method is widely used in plastic surgery, ultrasound procedure allows more fully, and simultaneously with less injuries.However, in the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis, ultrasound liposuction is completely unsuitable.

curettage armpit

This method is used most often.From liposuction, this procedure differs in that instead of a surgeon removing fat carries "scraping" of the inner zone, which houses the sweat glands.As a result, the operation occurs as sweat gland damage and destruction of small nerves.

Perfection curettage considered videoassistentsiya that allows you to see, and, consequently, reduces the likelihood of multiple hematomas and accumulation of fluid in areas of intervention after surgery.


treatment of hyperhidrosis Botox

Botox injections directly into the problem areas allow you to remove excessive sweating armpits, cure hyperhidrosis of the palms, feet sweating overcome by spending just a few minutes procedure.

effect of Botox treatment appears gradually.Much less sweat treated areas begin just after 1-2 days.But after two weeks they stop sweating completely, of course, provided that the procedure was carried out successfully and correctly.
such treatment will not save you from sweating problem forever, but lasting effect of the treatment will remain an average of 5-8 months, although there are cases where it lasts for up to two years.