Determine the nature of the human person.

[Character facial features]

's expression can determine what a person thinks, but on the line - what character he has.Over time, they may be variable: some have become more blurred, the other - clear.He engaged in a detailed study of the nature of man by relating it to a specific facial features, a special science - physiognomy.

detailed study of physiognomy must be people working in management positions.Have the skills for solving a character facial features should not only managers, but also the recruiters.The skills will be useful in determining the nature of the business and the business sector.This will allow people to choose for themselves the appropriate character, to be aware of their possible behavior and even habits.



1. How do you know a person's character by facial features?
- mouth and lips
- eyes
- Nose
- Ears
- eyebrows and forehead
- form
face shape of the face - the mirror of human nature, video

How to learnthe nature of human facial features?

below the line meant everything: his lips and mouth, eyes, eyebrows, forehead, nose and ears directly face shape. The shape of eyebrows can also learn a lot about a person.However, they often have a modified form, especially in women.Lips can also be changeable, but you can determine the character not only in their entirety.Top

mouth and lips

stubbornness and self-centeredness manifested in people with lower lip larger than the top. protruding upper lip talk about the indecision and sometimes vanity.May deceive people who have one higher than the other corner of the lips.If the corners slightly raised - they are sensitive, tapered down - stubborn. loosely compressed thin lips confirm stiffness and thick - a methodical mind and sensitivity.

We learn the character

Big mouth with parted lips will tell about human carelessness and a certain indecision. with closed lips - the propensity of women to build a career, rather than engage in a family coziness.With red and shiny lips - on the responsibility and inclination to lead.Lips at the opening resemble a square?Man a very good-natured.

small face and a mouth - in front of you a born leader of , and on the big face - a man obsessed with only their own affairs.If your mouth a little, before you interlocutor with a weak character.The same mouth, but with tightly closed lips - a man so shy and loves to postpone indefinitely all.Top


We know the nature of the shape of eyes

Determining the nature of the face, studying one eye does not always give an accurate result.Expression - controlled process.However, much can tell their shape.

A eople with small eyes are prone to jealousy, with great - very sensitive. If the edges are beveled eyes down, people are also subject to surging emotions.However, they are attentive and optimistic.The edges of the eyes lifted up?Brave and good-natured.The outer corner of the eye slanted down, a person is obedient, and if up - greedy and reckless.

large eyes half-closed eyelid can tell about a person authoritative and domineering. manage a large group of people can with big eyes and the folds of the eyelids.Hard character of the people with round eyes.If the eyes are small and have a double lower eyelids, the man is not constant. narrow eyes show the hidden nature, and deep-set - treacherous.


We know the nature of the shape of the nose

length of the nose can tell about a person a lot more than the mouth.The expression of the mouth are often uncontrollable.Therefore, recognizing the nature of man in the face with a nose is recommended.

Stubbornness can be recognized, if the nose is subtle with a slight bend or hump .Talk about some conservatism may snook.If it is thus wide, before you calm, balanced person. naughty and penchant for intellectual work will confirm extra-long nose.

very small nose on the face of the woman she was very jealous and petty. Boney nose says about poor concentration.And a large flat nasal bridge is proportional to the wings, will talk about the cold, calculating nature.Nose with a round tip, the man takes everything from life that he wants.The tip droops?Interlocutor - sverhseksualny.Snub nose - the inability to keep a secret. Vengeance is characteristic for people with the tip of his nose like an eagle. draw out the tip of the nose - the betrayal, big and bulbous tip - willingness to sacrifice.Top


We know the nature of the ears

well-developed intuition for people with ears, which the upper part is at eye level. discontent and stubbornness will be given to the upper part of the ears, is located along the line of the eyebrows. It will be difficult to argue with a man whose ears are - one above the other. Such people are often guided by emotions, disabling logic.

If the width of the ears more than their height, the man has a strong character. contrary?The man has a surface mind and weak character.Also, it can be read as protruding ears.However, they suggest an increased human sexuality.Nearby ears back signal about conscientious person inclined to monotonous work.

mind and generosity peculiar to people with a wide aisle in the ears. large lobes tell about the successful person, and if they are short - has the complex.Loves often argue.The ability to achieve its goal of people with characteristic rectangular ears. are talented people with their ears to the convex outer circle , if round, it speaks about the vigor, tendency to leadership.Top

eyebrows and forehead

eyebrows and forehead

stubborn and do not wish to make concessions to people with thick eyebrows and rigid.If outer end thin eyebrows - the nobility, snub-up - a tendency to rigidity enterprise.The hairs grow eyebrows down - shyness, "against growth" - stubbornness.Conjoined middle brow - determination, broken - treachery.

invisible eyebrows - a man cunning if they are short and thick - an independent, quick-tempered. Short and thin eyebrows say about the person confined, if the rough - a tendency to frequent changes of mood and performance.Eyebrows long eye - intellect, not as long, but elegant - conservatism.

wide forehead and narrow below the top of the tell inquisitive person, prone to learning. active character is confirmed pronounced eyebrows.If the forehead extended top people - talented, but is closed in itself and does not want to take someone else's opinion. high and wide forehead states of nature undisciplined , sleek and downhill - an active person with a practical turn of mind.Good observation, people with sunken temples.Top

Face shape

face shape

Intelligent, sensitive and balance characteristic to people with a rectangular face shape.They congenital organizers know very well how to manage and achieve their goals.Enough considerate and delicate, I know when to be silent and when to express their opinion.

complex and contradictory nature of some people with a triangular face shape. they tend to trick the desire to be a loner.However, they have high sensitivity and talent.Most people with this type of person paying attention to the spiritual realm.

peacefulness and softness expressed in a round face shape. Such people are open to dialogue, all new cognition.They are good, but, above all appreciate the comfort and consistency.Therefore, they tend to be open to leaders.Chubby people often betray the value of property.

optimism, cheerfulness and sensitivity - such features are characterized by people with trapezoidal face. They radiate happiness and peace of mind are.Good employees, but not executives.The high office they will feel uncomfortable, as they have a gentle nature.Top

form face - the mirror of human nature