Facial expressions and emotions that one experiences while.

[How to read a person

man's face can be compared to an open book.He passed all the emotions and feelings experienced at the time.Some people are able to control them, but most spontaneously expressed emotion in facial expressions and actions of the hands.

Everyone knows the saying, "out of the liar's expression," which became the title of best-selling book issued by the American psychologist Paul Ekman and Wallace Friesen.In accordance with the opinion of the authors the ability to read the emotions of the interlocutor is necessary for each of us.Especially those whose work is connected with the people.

fact except lie face can tell you about the experiences of negative emotions, mental anguish - all that man thinks.Let's find out?



1. What tells smile?
2. What is fraught with the eyes?
3. read the thoughts of expression
How to read a person's thoughts, video

What tells smile?

recognizes what a person thinks, he can smile.It displays not only the joy and love for life. Some types of smiles can tell you about not so pleasant motives.

example, excessive smiling - a signal fed man in the hope of approval by his words or actions;curvature of the lips with a smile suggests skepticism and nervousness under control.

  • raised eyebrows with a smile - manifestation of the desire to obey , and when lowered - a signal of superiority.If lower eyelids do not rise, then smile - sign of insincerity and distrust. threat poses smile with eyes wide open in their position.
  • slight smile with your mouth closed, raised lower eyelids tells his interlocutor about his distrust of his listener.A small yawn and the same type of smile confirms skukota.


What are fraught with the eyes?

vyrazhnie eyes

Human eyes can not lie.To lie, a person needs a lot of work.That it can be easy to recognize the hidden secrets and desires.

  • Eye contact is interrupted for a long time, the reluctance of states to maintain a conversation. talk about him and wandering eye.Interlocutor catches your eyes look, but rarely does it - wants to establish eye contact, arranged to communicate.
  • Aggressiveness confirmed by direct eye contact. look into the eyes - is unacceptable.It causes aggression, as it violates the personal space of the person.
  • Lead glance to the left and then to the right - a person remembers something. If to this is added the action of scratching the nose, chin and ears - in most cases, the source is trying to lie or hide something.
  • Excitation read as dilated pupils, constricted - a rage.However taper or they will expand and depending on the light.Increased blinking - another sign of excitement.


read the thoughts of expression


To create facial expressions, emotion under the influence of some factors can display on it and is:

  • Fear , and it can be controlled and the present.Not controlled emotion characterized by raised eyebrows straight shifted to the nose, intense lower eyelids and upper - raised, eyes wide.Controlled when involved only eyebrow.
  • reddening of the face, clenched teeth, his lips turning into a thin strip, frowning expression of the eyes - it anger .A look from the top down, raised his chin and eyebrows - contempt.
  • head down, closed eyelids sometimes red face, drooping corners of her mouth a few, and they are tightly compressed, his brows reduced, look, lowered or wandering from side to side - expression of sorrow or shame.
  • 's lips are slightly raised and laid back, calm eyes on the promise to experience happiness.If the eye is formed wrinkled mesh, it is a sign of joy .Advanced
  • eyes, raised eyebrows - interest or surprise .Last emotions are often accompanied by the appearance of horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. Intimate interest - look companion wanders at chest level, sometimes rising to his lips.

There are many different ways to recognize what the interlocutor thinks.The above are often manifested in the facial expression of emotion.They are a group of small and controlled feelings often involve other body parts.For example, about the same skukota would read not only the wandering eye, but marking time, expressed sorrow and drooping shoulders, joy - open.Top

How to read a person's thoughts