Polysorb of acne, the most effective use.


Polysorb acne can be recommended to you by someone from acquaintances or friends because of its low cost, but not only the price of this drug should be a decisive factor in its selection and use.Polysorb acne reviews about which you'll hear mostly only positive is the medical preparation that is based on natural silicon.For its acquisition does not even require a doctor's prescription, as Polysorb is completely harmless and does not cause any kind of allergy you like.



1. Polysorb acne: instructions for use
2. mask from acne drug Polysorb
3. Polysorb acne: Reviews and advice for effective treatment
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Polysorb acne: instructions for use

This drug may take both inside and use it for outdoor use.As you already know, one of the most common causes of acne and spread on the surface of your skin - intoxication, metabolic disorders of the stomach and bowel. Polysorb used to clean your body from the inside, and after its use will occur and external cleaning - acne rashes and skin inflammations.

In order to experience the full force of all the effectiveness of the drug, it is necessary to use about a half to two weeks .During this time period the body will be able to completely clean and refreshed.

Polysorb acne applied in such a way:

  1. drug should be consumed a half hour after the attempt, three times a day.
  2. Dosage should be no more than three grams.The powder is mixed with a small amount of boiling, but hot water.
  3. If you are prescribed any medicines or even vitamins they should be taking a few hours after eating POLYSORB, because in addition to toxic trace elements it may also rid the body and nutrients.
  4. After the full course of treatment with this drug is a week-long break, and the course, if necessary, repeated.


mask from acne drug Polysorb

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Because the drug is a powder form, then it is used in the external treatment by preparing masks Polysorb acne;reviews of her show that the most effective integrated approach - make a mask and in parallel take the drug internally.

Recipe mask polisorb acne:

  1. one bag or one teaspoon false powder diluted with warm water.Do not go too far in its amount to the mixture formed as a result was not liquid, and a thick, cream-like.
  2. Gently put the received mask with your fingertips to the affected areas.The layer of coating should be thin and should not apply to areas around the eyes.
  3. wait about ten minutes, as long as the mask will have time to dry.Then it will be necessary to rinse with warm water, being careful not to rub the skin.
  4. avoid drying and tightening of the skin, after washing, use a moisturizing cream for the face.
  5. Use a mask for a month every two days, until you observe the disappearance of the rash.


Polysorb acne: Reviews and advice for effective treatment

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  • «take a powder internally Polysorb week and has already appeared positive!We stopped popping pimples new and old kilned!And for the person doing the same masochku of POLYSORB, but above all this I keep still and diet (eat fat sweet, any harmful foods like chips and crackers), as well as medical fees and drink herbal tea ", Rita.
  • «For a long time there was here such problem: somewhere poltoragoda could not in any way to get rid of the hated acne on his forehead.Quite accidentally discovered Polysorb ... And then a miracle after all!He became really help!The emergence of new pryschikovy stopped, but only when I stopped drinking it resumed eruptions again.Maybe because I saw he was not two weeks, as expected, and a little less ... "Daria.
  • «I do not know how the others, but I have acne and I have registered Polysorb to be used both internally and externally.I have already spent a lot of money on it, and the result - zero, "Lana.

As you can see, the effectiveness POLYSORB in opposition to acne and blackheads depends on the personal characteristics of a person.For some, it becomes a priceless discovery, someone is not fit.Unless you suffer from ulcerative diseases of the intestine, do not be afraid to try this drug: you worse of him will not exactly, but a welcome escape from acne it can be.


mask for acne with Polysorb video