Rating deodorants / antiperspirants.

Rating deodorants / antiperspirants

Sweating - a scourge in modern society, regardless of the season.During cold weather, the problem is undoubtedly disturbed somewhat smaller, but need protection from sweat winter as well as summer.Therefore, the relevance of the issues, "which means better protection against sweating", "which is better, a deodorant or antiperspirant," "and what actually is different from antiperspirant deodorant" excite many.To help you make the right choice, which means sweat better, we publish ratings and deodorants / antiperspirants.



1. How to choose the best deodorant / antiperspirant sweat?
2. What is sweating: sweating causes
3. deodorant, antiperspirant: the difference
4. What is the best deodorant or antiperspirant?
5. Rating deodorants / antipespirantov
6. How to test?



• Up to choose the best deodorant / antiperspirant sweat?

the best defense against sweat: Rating

Shelves modern shops filled to overflowing by a variety of means underarm sweating.How did all of this variety to choose the best antiperspirant deodorant or better sweat?How to evaluate the most objective means of protection, and on what parameters to evaluate?We take you and give you all the way to find out.

To this end, leading in the field tests carried out by independent experts, which formed the basis for assessment of consumers, that is with you our comments.Evaluated and tested in the first place the following quality indicators: Packaging, informative, deodorizing effect, resistance flavoring, ease of use, marks on clothes, subjective sensation, skin reaction to the tool, cost deodorants / antiperspirants.The results of these tests, and we will offer.

And considering that "the taste and color," as they say, everyone has their own preferences and requirements so specific product, as a remedy for underarm sweating, you will appreciate these results, as you can easily compose and own rating of deodorants / antiperspirants,suits you personally.

But before we announce the list of test tools to talk about testing methods and results, let us remember the origin of the peculiar smell of sweat, why there is excessive sweating armpits, how to deal with an unpleasant odor and sweating, it differs from antiperspirant deodorant, and thatactually underlies these remedies antiperspirant and how they operate.


• WHAT sweating: Causes Sweating Sweating

, in fact, and sweating armpits, including - a natural process of the body that protects us from overheating protection mechanism.In our body there are about 3 million sweat glands!When heat during exercise, hard physical work, through the sweat glands secrete moisture close to 2 liters.Furthermore, increased or excessive sweating occur when a person is nervous or ill, when the body is broken metabolism, as well as many other reasons.

reasons for sweating

How is sweating?The armpits and elsewhere sweating (in the chest, belly button, genital, etc.) among others are arranged also eccrine sweat glands secreted moisture.Furthermore there eccrine and apocrine sweat glands, secreted hormones, together with the moisture, proteins, lipids, and volatile fatty acids.That is what we'll call then has a very mixed composition.

But all these isolation by themselves do not have, nor any odor.In damp, warm, poorly ventilated environment, the contents of this gland becomes a magnificent platform for the reproduction and development of bacteria, and that's actually the waste products of these bacteria and have the nastiest peculiar smell that can unbalance the most unflappable man, not what his entourage.By the way, have you noticed the extraordinary stability of the smell of sweat?The explanation is that in addition to lipids, proteins and other components in the apocrine sweat glands, there is also isovaleric acid.Actually, it's the smell of sweat provides increased resistance.

In general, all human odors can be divided into male and female.Women smell - sour.Its appearance is due to saprophytes relating to cocci.Male odor description lends itself with difficulty - a special torture!But men, frankly, are not to blame.The fault lies in the lipophilic diphtheroids, but do you remember or reprimand those clever words when breath catches, his eyes watering?When faced with this smell in public transport, in the second-class carriage, or you feel all "fiber" men's socks, instead of lipophilic diphtheroids come to mind quite different words, but rather the expression!

to life in such moments were smaller and more comfortable, tireless minds, since ancient times, and come up with ways and means of improving combat sweating and neutralizing the nasty smell of sweat.During this time I have been invented a lot all different, but caught the most effective and affordable.Today is: deodorants, antiperspirants, powders, gels, creams.Absolute leaders of the list are deodorants and antiperspirants.Of course, most of us knows the difference between an antiperspirant deodorant on, what the difference between them, but we all recall.


• deodorants, antiperspirants: the difference

antiperspirant deodorant difference

So the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant from what deodorant-antiperspirant?

DEODORANT - a tool that removes odors.Translated from the French word prefix - des, means removal and odor from the Latin root meaning smell.Deodorant prevents the growth of bacteria absorbs natural odors of the human body and haunting smell of sweat.Ideally, the best deodorant sweat in addition to flavor, contains antibacterial and disinfecting components, which destroy microorganisms living in a humid environment, and to prevent odor.Best deodorant sweat luxury brands often contain several sets of essential oils that have bactericidal action.

Deodorants latest generation of additives that inhibit the activity of bacterial enzymes, whose participation leads to the formation of malodorous components of sweat.Basically, the process of sweating deodorants have no effect, and the smell of sweat simply replaced the perfume.Virtually all existing leading brands in the perfume composition of their commercial lines are deodorants, bactericides containing no additives, and therefore, are not self-sufficient.Simply put, before clubbing like deodorant should be used only after the application of a more robust and radical means.For example, an antiperspirant.

antiperspirant .We have knowingly used the word antiperspirant characteristic of radicalism.These funds are short term completely block the activity of sweat glands apocrine.That those who "produce" the most pungent smell.Antiperspirants significantly reduce sweating (translated antiperspiration (Eng.) - "Against sweat").

Almost always all antiperspirants contain the salt of zinc or aluminum (aluminum chlorohydrate), - they are tanned, seal skin, narrowing the ducts of sweat glands.Good antiperspirant actually reduces underarm sweating up to 40%.Fortunately, the microflora these funds do not affect in any way, except for funds, which include those imeesya triclosan or farnesol.These components are typically used for the production of means of combining multiple properties, or simply put deodorant-antiperspirant.Issued antiperspirants in the form of aerosols, roller, sticks, creams, pastes.There are deodorants with fragrances and generally odorless.

Use antiperspirants, in some cases severely undesirable!The most important rules are:

  • 1. Do not use deodorant during severe exercise and sports activities as well.It is not necessary to interfere with the body when it is released from the slag using sweating.Breaking this excessive sweating, you will cause damage to the body, damage to their health!
  • 2. Do not use antiperspirant daily long-acting, but more so in several times a day!So you are completely disrupt the body's natural defenses, will make an imbalance in metabolism, and just poison themselves with their own sweat, strange as it may sound.
  • 3. never give in to the temptation to put the tool on the forehead, chest, back or foot!For each of the parts of the body, there his own means.In this case, the manufacturer is not trying to "roll you" for additional spending, it is not the case.It's just that each of these areas has its flora, its acidity, and this "peculiarity" requires self-care products.Therefore, the use of antiperspirant will at best simply ineffective, useless, and at worst - harmful and dangerous to health.

Simply put, a difference of antiperspirant deodorant in that the first largely odor masks, and the second prevent its occurrence.That's actually important, the difference between antiperspirant deodorant on.

Thus, the best deodorant sweat the one that is able to "adequate time" to prevent the reproduction of bacteria and unobtrusively overshadow the smell of sweat.That is, the rating depends directly on deodorant disinfectant properties and durability of their odors.Best deodorant sweat, one that actually disinfects by destroying bacteria and preventing their reproduction.


• WHAT BETTER deodorant or antiperspirant?

the best defense against sweat: Rating

If we compare the first and second means of sweating, that is, to determine what is best deodorant or antiperspirant, everything depends on your needs at the moment.However, if you take the question literally, sweat best antiperspirant, actually he only defends itself FROM sweat.

Well, "a snack", as they say, a little bit of statistics.In European countries, according to the independent research company 66% of men and 81% of women use antiperspirants and deodorants.The palm is from the British.Slightly inferior to them by the Germans.When choosing what is best deodorant, most Europeans are paying attention to functionality means.And only the French preference is given to odors often, choosing perfumed form.

Regarding the consumer forms the 55% of women prefer aerosol antiperspirants, 20% - choose solid forms, 15% - ball, and only 5% preferred deodorant creams.The men mostly prefer a deodorant spray, as they turned out to be associated in men with morning freshness and purity.

most interesting and popular in recent years, anti-perspirants, deodorants from sweating armpits have the form of stick or gel.Therefore, also undergo testing semisolid and solid forms, and they are also present in the published rating deodorants / antiperspirants.



Given that you only use antiperspirants is not always justified, or even safe, many prefer the odor of sweat forms of protection, and the answer to the question, what is better deodorant or antiperspirant depends on the specific conditionsuse, we decided to split test results into groups: the rating of deodorants, antiperspirants the rating and rating of deodorants / antiperspirants.Took part in the tests the following 12 products "antipotovoy" protection:


• TIMOTEI Lux (deodorant);
• FLORENA (deodorant);
• DRY (deodorant);
• FA (deo-gel);
• VICHY (Deodorant Cream 7 days).

  • antiperspirants:

• PERFORMANCE ADIDAS (antiperspirant);
• REXONA (antiperspirant).

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  • deodorant ANTIPERSPERATY:

• ORIFLAME (antiperspirant deodorant);
• SECRET (antiperspirant deodorant);
• EMANSI (biodezodorant antiperspirant);
• LADY SPEED STICK (antiperspirant deodorant);

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• How to test?

Testing antiperspirant deodorants

During testing, tested and evaluated deodorants, antiperspirants according to the following criteria: packaging, informative, deodorizing effect, perfumes resistance, ease of use, marks on clothes, skin reaction and the sensation of the funds and its economy.

For practical tests have been invited to women and young girls who, during the week to use means, and recorded his observations in a special form, simultaneously giving an explanation and justification of negative and positive assessments of Use.At the end of the study profiles processed, brought an average rating for each of the indicators and the estimated total number of points obtained in the practical tests.What came of it - read on.

• Rating deodorants & gt; & gt;

• Rating antiperspirants & gt; & gt;

• Rating deodorant / antiperspirant & gt; & gt;


And a little more about what is better, a deodorant or antiperspirant, videos: