Allergy to cosmetics.

allergies to cosmetics

Unfortunately, some cosmetics can cause allergies, and the most sensitive skin is not always the cause of its occurrence.To provoke an allergic reaction may be: mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, creams, nail polish and hair dye, shampoo, soaps, perfumes, deodorants, nail polish - in general a source of allergies to cosmetics can be any cosmetic.But the reason for such a reaction is to avoid allergies, how to deal with its symptoms and cure allergies from cosmetics at home?

• Allergy to cosmetics

Despite popular belief that allergy to cosmetics is peculiar only to people who suffer from hypersensitivity of the skin, in fact, become the victim of an allergic reaction to cosmetics can any of us.This does not mean that you need from cosmetics to opt out.You just need to follow certain rules and knowledge that will help you choose the Safe Cosmetics and take appropriate action if you do make a mistake with the choice, that is to neutralize the allergic reaction, from cosmetics to cure allergies.

  • Allergy to cosmetics: the symptoms and signs

First of all, you should understand what the symptoms of a contact dermatitis, which is the most common type of skin allergies to cosmetics.Symptoms of allergies to cosmetics are manifested in the appearance of typhus reactions, redness and flaking of the skin, especially in areas of direct contact with cosmetics, sometimes there may be varying degrees of swelling.

symptoms of contact dermatitis from cosmetics appear immediately after skin contact with an allergen.When similar allergy symptoms occur during subsequent use of cosmetics, that is, not on first use, then, most likely, we are talking about the development of allergic contact-dermatitis.

Another common type of allergy is photosensitivity - the reaction is activated by exposure to solar radiation.In this case, allergies to cosmetics has the same features as dermatitis (i.e., rash, redness, scaling, edema) but can be seen that they are manifested mainly in the exposed areas, and those covered by clothing absent.


Allergy to cosmetics, photo allergy lips:
allergies to cosmetics on her lips

Allergy to cosmetics, photo allergic to mascara:
allergic to mascara

Allergy to cosmetics, photo allergy to the eyes:
dermatitis on the eyes

• Allergy to cosmetics: Reasons Why

these allergic reactions occur, what causes allergies to cosmetics?Allergies often cause a very very safe, natural ingredients of cosmetic products, despite the fact that they themselves are not allergens.Causes Allergies are rooted in the individual characteristics of the human body: often occurs in individuals intolerant to any other people for harmless substances.Often provoke a similar reaction substances that are part of the masks and creams for face and body.These events may occur in respect of some aromatic constituents of perfumes.That is why, if the perfume or cosmetics of a popular brand called you an allergic reaction, it would be better to give up entirely on the use of any products of the cosmetic line, as commonly used in these fragrances are the same.

Another frequent cause of allergy is sensitive skin.Holders of such a delicate skin must be very thoroughly and thoughtfully choose cosmetics in principle.They are advised to buy only special hypoallergenic means which are designed precisely to increase the sensitivity of the skin.Understand and another law, the choice of means of care and make-up: the better the cosmetics, the risk of developing allergies less.This pattern is due to the fact that reputable manufacturers, mainly produced cosmetics and perfumes from natural ingredients and raw materials, which passed a special cleaning - can afford.Actually so well branded goods have a higher value.

is the main reason, but not all.Therefore, experts recommend do not buy cosmetics without prior sample in reputable stores such is self-evident.By choosing any product, put some money in the crook of the elbow, or use for other purposes (for example, mascara, eye shadow, blush, etc.) and go home.If the allergy is not appeared on the day after the application, this means that the cosmetics for you.

• What is an allergic reaction to cosmetics?Ingredients and components of vehicles.

allergies to cosmetics people who suffer from allergies it is essential to study the contents of cosmetics before you use it.Here is a list of substances that are leaders to provoke allergies.

Preservatives .They prolong the shelf life of cosmetics, but are at the same high content, so the title of "chemistry" that aggressive influence on skin.Therefore, to avoid cosmetic products that have a very long shelf life.It is better to give preference cosmetics containing natural preservatives such as lingonberries, cranberries or essential oils.However, remember that they themselves are capable of provoking allergic hypersensitivity to essential oils.Therefore, anyway, cosmetics better first try.

Improper storage .Furthermore, the allergic reaction may occur as a result of improper storage means.Air humidity, light - all of which can adversely affect.It therefore should not buy cosmetics from windows or use funds that were long forgotten in your own dressing table, it also can easily cause allergies.

Fragrances, flavors .These substances give a pleasant aroma cosmetics, but also easily able to cause harm.Moreover, such a reaction may occur as natural flavorings (essential oils), and the synthetic.Therefore, to give preference should still manufacturers of quality products or use your proven experience in the cosmetics.

dyes.They also pose a risk.The most potent allergens are metal salts of aniline dyes, but they are widely used in a variety of cosmetic means.Buying care products, keep in mind that the resistance and color cosmetic products are directly related to the amount of dyes contained therein.

• How to avoid allergic to cosmetics?

Before using a new cream or hair dye, it is necessary to put them slightly on a small area of ​​skin, preferably the inner bend of the elbow or immediately behind the ear, and check to see if an hour redness.If you have a burning sensation, irritation, can take an antihistamine tablet (for example, «Tavegil" "Claritin", "Suprastin» or others), and eventually seek the advice of an allergist to find out what it is you reactionand how to fight it.

If you are allergic to cosmetics, need to learn how to read labels carefully to all sorts of beautiful small bottles and tubes.No matter how famous and loud nor was the name of the company, which stands on the packaging - it is absolutely not a guarantee, the lack of allergy using.Even the indication of "hypoallergenic" should not lull your vigilance.

a tendency to allergy is preferable to choose care products that do not contain any general natural aromatic substances, as many of them, for example, cinnamic aldehyde, clove, can provoke allergic reactions.As a rule, we are talking about creams, masks, shower gels, shampoos, etc.However flavors can often cause allergies mascara, lipstick.Allergy to cosmetics on the eyes may appear when using the "fat" shadows.

If you suffer from this disease, hay fever, it is best to abandon any cosmetics that contain herbal supplements, herbal extracts and other natural ingredients.

Very well, if your creams contain vitamins A, F and E - they impact positively on any skin and can help prevent or reduce allergic reactions.

allergy may appear on the lips of a lipstick containing various flavors, as well as some types of dyes for which there is an individual intolerance.It is desirable that lipstick and lip gloss had no smell.

especially should be careful with masks, as they are applied a thick layer on the face and neck, and remain there for 10-20 minutes, that is there is prolonged skin contact with the allergen.It's a shame, wash the mask in place to detect smooth, radiant skin health, inflammation, red spots and swelling!

allergy to the eyes allergy mascara is often women who respond poorly to honey as a component of the carcass is often beeswax.So look carefully package!Allergic to mascara could provoke and other substances which are included in the formulation.In this case, unfortunately, have to act by, so called, of trial and error.It is worth paying attention to ink specifically for sensitive eyes - those produced by many firms.

In the case of a food allergy to fish is quite expected reaction to cosmetics, which contains pearl, that is allergic to makeup on the eyes when using pearlescent eye shadow, for example, or an allergy to cosmetics on her lips when using a lipstick with mother of pearl, and even allergieson nail polish.The answer lies in the fact that they produce nacre from fish scales.

sufficient phenomenon appears allergic to hairspray.Just sprinkle is as rampant begins tearing, sneezing, breathing becomes difficult (sometimes the same reaction is observed in others).These symptoms can be and pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis when mucous membranes are inflamed and react violently to absolutely any pungent smell.

Many people suffer from headaches, they should inhale the scent of roses.Actually a variety of odors, usually sharp and strong, able to induce a migraine in humans.Seizures it in this case are regarded as equivalent to allergy.And if the label creams you can still find something, you look at the answer to the mystery flakonchike smell - it is useless.Eau de toilette or perfume can exude a refined aroma, wearing a fashionable and big name companies, very expensive, but it does not mean that they have to communicate with you or the people you will not have an allergic reaction.

• Treatment of allergies to cosmetics, and how to cure allergies from cosmetics at home?

If you still apparent allergic to cosmetics, what to do?How to treat and remove the disturbing symptoms?Of course, you should consult an allergist or dermatologist.Salesman must find the true cause of allergy in order to eliminate it, proper treatment of allergy or assign a tool that helps you to comfortably coexist with allergens.

But the recommendations that can take the most, and how to cure allergies from cosmetics at home:

  • 1. Hardly noticing an allergic reaction, immediately remove all cosmetics from your skin, wash it off with plenty of water.In the case of allergies to cosmetics for eyes sure to wash them - or chamomile tea.And try at least a couple days to opt out of the use of any cosmetics, and contact with external allergens, such as the strong pungent smell, detergents, pollen, fertilizer and so on.
  • 2. In your first aid kit should always be antihistamines , or purse when away from home.This basic protection from any allergies, including "cosmetic."The allergy often manifests itself by changing climate, ie when traveling.The most versatile drugs to treat allergies to cosmetics - «Tavegil" or "Suprastin» .
  • 3. If there is no cure, you can try to treat folk remedy - decoction of nettles.Prepare it and drink a day for half a liter, it suppresses allergic reaction.

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