Draw a smooth and beautiful arrows in front of their own

arrows on the eyes

Women's eyes are very beautiful, which is why, to create beautiful images you need to focus on the eyes.Emphasize your eyes will help arrows.The main thing is to learn how to do them.



  1. arrows on the eye: create elegant image
  2. The draw arrows on the eyes
  3. secrets of creating beautiful arrows for each type of eye
  4. How to draw a beautiful arrow: turn-based scheme
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arrows on the eye: create elegant image


bright and expressive look always attracts attention. Unfortunately, not everyone has got playful by nature almond-shaped eyes, but do not despair, because this can be achieved with the help of make-up expertly made, in particular by means of fine arrows eye.

thin and thick, colorful and different shapes, arrows will help to make you a special and memorable sight.

So, how to learn to paint perfect arrows that will accentuate your appearance and hide small defects?


The draw arrows on the eyes

To begin, select the means by which you will draw arrows.A total of three:

  • Liner;
  • Pencil;
  • Shadows.

Beginners should start with a pencil because the line drawn with the help of easy to fix, unlike the arrows on the eyes eyeliner , which has a bright and saturated color, dries quickly and has a tendency to spread when mismanagement and intermittent use.


should buy a pencil marked "Kaya": These pencils have a greasy consistency and does not injure the delicate skin of the eyelids.Choose one that contains nutrients for the skin, because, you may have to paint with it and the inner contour of the century for a nice and neat makeup.

So if you draw an arrow with a pencil, then put a little in the beginning of the point in those places where it will take place the arrow so you will only gradually connect all the dots to get a flat arrow.

make the look more wide open to help "kayaly" light shades: sufficient to white pencil line along the inner edge of the lower eyelid, and hold another arrow on top of the dark on the upper eyelid, carefully shaded it, as your eyes become more expressive.

Another important condition for drawing arrows: do this only with the eyes fully open, otherwise, the needle will uneven and intermittent, and will be either too mowed down or altogether will look a stick sticking out of the outer corner of the eye.Stretch your skin on the eyelid that draw an arrow to arrow was as close to the ciliary contour.

Take the issue and eyebrows , because his eyes framed by arrows, require a clear and perfect eyebrows: pull out all the excess hair under the eyebrow and paint them in a tone suitable for tsvetotipu.

those who prefer clear and graphically outlines of makeup, you should use connector.Liquid eyeliner is of two types - a liner and diplayner.The first is a tube of color pigments and a thin brush of synthetic material.

Diplayner - an accessory of professional make-up artists, where the paint is a necessary small portions with twisting as in lipsticks.The arrows drawn eyeliner, different saturation and resistance and in perfect harmony with the light shadows and bright lips.


secrets of creating beautiful arrows for each type of eye

  • Secret 1. Small eyes can visually increase spending arrow just above the lash line starting from the middle of the century;
  • Secret 2. To create unbuttoned and a fresh look, use a pencil or eyeliner gray, peach or olive green;
  • Secret 3. If you want to look deeper and to enhance the brightness of natural eye color, then spend the arrow color, echoing the color of your eyes;
  • Secret 4. for widely-spaced eyes arrow need to draw broad, ranging from the inner corner of the eye, gradually narrowing to the outside;
  • Secret 5. close-set eyes, you can visually arrange with the arrows, thickens at the external corners of the eyes.
  • Secret 6. to create so-called "cat" look, add an additional layer of mascara on the outer corners of the eyes.

right arrows on the eyes can be drawn in several ways.It is best to draw the arrow in two steps from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eye and, further, from the middle to the end, just when the need for lifting and conclusions of the external angle.

If you draw an arrow, starting from the inner corner, try to make the line as thin as possible and as much as possible close to the ciliary margin.If your eyes do not need to be adjusted, it is possible to restrict the arrows drawn from the middle of the eye.


How to draw a beautiful arrow: turn-based scheme


So, let's draw the arrow in front of the classic, which are suitable for women with any type of physical appearance and add the image of sophistication and elegance.

  • 1. Apply a lighter tone on the basis of the entire surface of the movable century;
  • 2. Then apply a neutral shade of color on the eyelid, such as beige, cream or pale silver and carefully blend them to the eyebrows;
  • 3. Then select the contour of the eye shadows more saturated color, shading them in the direction of the temples, in the place where he will be the future direction;
  • 4. After that, under the eyebrow should be applied bright pearlescent shade to highlight and emphasize the curve of the eyebrows;
  • 5. Now from the middle of the eye spend very thin, barely visible arrow, and then perform the same draw from the inner corner to the middle;
  • 6. Now thicken the arrow to the desired size, however, remember that the end of the needle should be sharp;
  • 7. And the finishing touch: a lower eyelid never make out arrows - just lightly outline the contrasting shadows.

If you still difficult given drawing arrows, then type in any Internet search engine query "arrows in front of the video" and carefully review a few times.

Train, try different textures and colors, and enjoy the results!