The mask for acne with honey , for different skin types .Cinnamon and honey for acne , how to apply honey masks ?

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Bee products are widely used in modern cosmetics and traditional medicine.Thanks to its components, they have wound healing, antibacterial, pulling and drying effect.One of their representatives is honey.It is a real treasure trove of vitamins and minerals.

Consisting of sulfur, iodine, chlorine, zinc, vitamin B and E, C and A. The most prized product bright flower varieties - Lime, Acacia.However, rich in trace elements are considered dark varieties - buckwheat, mustard.Any of these varieties may be used to treat acne, acne subcutaneous in combination with various other components.



1. What and how to cook honey acne
- Masks of honey for acne for oily skin
- Masks with honey from acne to dry skin
- Maskshoney acne for normal skin
2. How to apply a mask with honey for acne?
Honey mask scrub acne, video

What and how to cook honey acne

Of course, you can use the product, causing it to point-damaged areas.But this often leads to the development of allergic reactions.Therefore it is better if it is mixed with other active substances.It may be dairy products, essential oils, liquid vitamins, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables.All that is at hand.However mask for acne with honey must comply with and the type of skin.

Masks of honey for acne for oily skin

mask with honey and egg acne
  • bee products is mixed in equal parts with lemon juice.The mixture was applied to the face and washed off after 20 minutes.Additional properties of the mixture - a narrowing of the long drying and whitening pigmentation.
  • main ingredient is mixed with dilute decoction of herbs with white clay.To prepare the broth you can use mint, calendula and Melis.The correct consistency resembles thick cream.Exposure time - 15 minutes.
  • Stir component cucumber juice in equal parts.The mixture can add a little rice flour to keep it from flowing, and was viscous.Instead of rice, potato starch can be used in case of emergency or wheat flour.


Masks with honey from acne to dry skin

mask with honey and sour cream for acne
  • natural product is mixed in equal parts of olive oil.Instead, you can use avocado oil.The mixture should drive one egg yolk and mix thoroughly.Apply the mask in the form of application to the damaged areas.
  • Mix equal parts of aloe juice and a major component.The mixture can be added steamed oatmeal.In this case, the mask will acquire cleansing properties.
  • natural product in an amount of 1 tablespoon mixed with 5 drops of tea tree oil.The mask must be added a teaspoon of bran and oil.Consistency - creamy.


Masks of honey for acne for normal skin

mask with cinnamon and honey for acne
  • Boiled potatoes should be knead with a little milk and honey.Make the mask whitening effect can be when added to her teaspoon of baking soda.
  • necessary to chop baked apple, add a little honey.Time of exposure - no more than 10 minutes.Do not use in the presence of wounds, scratches and abrasions.
  • will be useful cinnamon and honey for acne, more stain upon them.For the preparation of the components must be mixed in equal parts and apply a dot.Exposure time - 10 minutes.But do not forget that cinnamon, like honey, is considered a strong allergen.


How to apply a mask with honey for acne?

Honey and Oatmeal Mask

Firstly, mask is applied only on a clean face .Second, wash the mixture with honey is quite difficult.But the skin to rub in any case impossible. for flushing can be used decoctions of herbs mint, chamomile and sage .Good choose calendula, has anti-inflammatory effect. After the mask is always necessary to apply moisturizing skin food .

If the exposure mask on your skin, you feel a burning sensation, there was redness, pimples, is an urgent need to complete the process.This indicates the presence of allergies or other medical components.Therefore know if you have an allergy to a particular vehicle, it is necessary in advance.To do this, should just put it on your wrist and follow the reaction of the skin over 24 hours.If the place is not flushed, in most cases there is no allergy.Top

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