How much are you shy?

test shyness

Every man and woman in particular should be a little shy.Normal degree of shyness makes us more pleasant and correct communication, gives a charm that simply is not the "people without complexes."And you're shy, and how?

Excessive shyness also harms communication, it makes people suffer from complexes, to communicate with such a person is difficult and a little nice.Therefore, shyness, too, should be in moderation, as well as any other qualities in a man.How much are you shy?Go through the psychological test shyness and learn your shyness in the normal range, or you would not hurt to adjust its interaction with the outside world?


1. Test shyness: User
2. Psychological test shyness: test - questions
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psychological test shyness contains two sets of issues that will help to reveal the characteristics of your character and find out how you are shy.Answer the test - questions "yes" or "no."Count the number of positive answers given by you to the test - questions of block A, and the number of negative responses to the test - questions block B. Be honest and frank, do not try to guess the correct answer, and then the psychological test shyness will help you understand your true feelings,and it tells you what your character can be improved.

test shyness


• Psychological tests shy TO TEST - QUESTIONS


1. I would be very unpleasant if someone wants to read my personal diary or my personal correspondence.

2. If a party my outfit is very different from how others are dressed, I'll feel uncomfortable.

3. I find it difficult to decide to invite for dinner liked person, as I am afraid of rejection.

4. If I suddenly received an invitation to participate in some kind of strange to me the game, I refuse, most likely.

5. During a speech before an audience, I find it hard to look away from the prepared text, even when perfectly know the subject of the report and the words by heart.

6. At the disco or in the gym, I often stand humbly at the wall, I was confused by its own clumsiness.

7. If I'm late for a meeting, it is hardly dare to enter the same in the room, because all those present rushed to my eyes.

8. I try not to tell jokes or funny stories.I'm beginning to be embarrassed and lose the thread of the narrative, when everyone is looking at me and listen carefully.

  • Block B

test shyness

9. I usually with pleasure take part in any competitions or contests, regardless of how prepared.

10. It is a pleasure to appear in public, when I have a new fashionable clothes.

11. When I am mad at someone, I always give people to understand that.

12. If, after a lecture I still have questions, I misunderstood something, I ask the teacher to explain again.

13. At the pool or on the beach, I am clothed and in a bathing suit without the slightest embarrassment.

14. I am happy to listen to other people's comments about my work.

15. When in a sports club or dance lessons coach chooses a partner for the rest of the exercise demonstration, I always hope that he will choose me.

16. If I suddenly become the object of jokes, then no problems will laugh at the situation with the others, not at all offended.



• TEST shy shyness: RESULTS

Count the number of positive answers given by you to the test - A block of questions, and the number of negative responses to the test - questions block B. Summarize the points obtained - itand is an indicator of your shyness, transcript which you will find below in the appropriate sections of your answers to the test shyness.And so, as you are shy?


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