Do you see your own child?

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What parents hear the words of your child directly affect their relationships with their children.How to conceive a child?When he says, "Mom, my head hurts something ..." that means - it really hurts the head, or he simply does not want to go to school today?Psychological tests for parents to help understand this complex issue.

Understand your child is not really so simple.In addition, today's children are often smart and energetic own parents.Even when they are plotting another mischief, children may look unusually sincere and naive.How to understand the child, he says the truth, or disingenuous?What always believe?On the other hand, otherwise?Suspicion of parents able to discern malice child, even from scratch, hurt their child, to lose his confidence ...

Understand correctly perceive the words of your child's psychological tests to help parents to understand.

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But do not accept the result, which will give an understanding of the psychological test for parents literally.To understand even the most basic situations, and requires knowledge of your own child, and a willingness to always listen to him, and life experience.We hope this test will help you understand how to adequately understand your perception and attitude to what your child says.To understand whether you are able to understand their child and understand him correctly?


  • 1. When a child says, "Do not wake me, please, on Sunday.I want to sleep, "what do you think:

a) Of course, he was tired, my sun - he is now a busy schedule at school, lessons ask much more than before, let him rest a little longer.
b) If he really wanted to sleep before midnight would not be sitting on the Internet!Needless to encourage ...
) Tomorrow child wants to sleep late.

  • 2. You call the child with you to take a walk together, he replied: "I will not go, I do not want.Go without me "- Your reaction:

a) It is good that an independent child grows and chooses his own class.
b) He is from us, it seems remote.It is a pity that other exercises it more interesting than the communication with parents.
c) I can see that he wants to stay at home.

  • 3. Your son / daughter flies home with the words: "Bear / Masha - a fool!" - Your thoughts:

a) The child wants to be heard and possibly sympathize.
b) well he / she has paid / noticed himself / herself sometimes leads.Maybe it does not in the Misha / Masha.
c) Probably, Michael / Maria is not very clever entered / received.

  • 4. You ask a child to wash his own shoes, and hear in response: "I can not, I asked a whole bunch of lessons!»

a) Well, it is necessary to train, to learn what responsibility!This serious attitude to their main responsibilities just need to be encouraged in children.
b) That a quitter!These tales did not hold.Surely a blind textbooks imposed, but would not do anything around the house.
c) Today, he was asked so much homework that he had no time to wash the shoes.

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  • 5. The child eats little dinner, and when asked what was the matter, said: "I do not want to."

a) Well, she does not eat more than is required of her body, and she feels her norm.There will be no problems with weight.
b) is clear: ice cream, candy and a variety of snacks throughout the day - no wonder that there would not be desirable.
c) She just does not want to eat now.

  • 6. «I do not love you!" - Screams hysterically your baby while you are trying to get him to the playground home - your thoughts:

a) Wow, how is fighting for their own independence!It's great ability to defend their personal interests in his life he was very handy.
b) Yes, the authority I had obviously not use.He is the pope did not dare to shout, scream at all would not dare.
c) The child does not want to go home - well, it happens.

  • 7. A child pushes away school notebook in mathematics, for example: "I do not understand!" - What do you think:

a) In this form, the child gives me to understand that my needhelp.
b) Again, lazy, does not want to even think about.Or maybe I missed a material?
c) Mathematics - a difficult subject for her.

  • 8. The daughter / son is going to walk on the street, romping in the hallway, one by one cabinet door slams, shakes out something, some things back pushes, throws that were neatly folded.

a) "Hurry up, afraid to miss," - you think.Better her / him now not to touch, not to interfere.
b) "What is this for negligence - a monstrous disrespect for other people's work.I try navozhu cleanliness, order, comfort care about!And she / it is more important to his friends to catch rather than help me to maintain order in the house! »
c) What did she / he rasshumelsya - I can hear perfectly.But what he thinks - I have no idea.She / he thought just flashed the speed of light, just try to understand ...



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