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Free test structure of intelligence

What do you more?The ability to reason, common sense, a sense of reality, independence, autonomy, mobility and flexibility of thinking?What is your mind?Abstract, Humanities, Mathematics and maybe?Do you want to carry out a study of your way of thinking, make a diagnosis of intelligence?Then go to a free test on the structure of intelligence and learn how has your intelligence potential.

• Diagnosis of intelligence - what is it?

intelligence testing

test structure of intelligence will allow you to figure out your mind and the potential of your brain.Do you have a developed sense of language and logical thinking, the ability to accurately perceive or generalization.Free test for intelligence will show in what degree you the abstract thought, understanding of the relationship, the exact definition of concepts.

Psychologists believe that the features of human thought are determined by the cerebral hemispheres, which is leading him.If more developed right hemisphere dominated by the emotional sphere, figurative, abstract thinking.In this case, the place is a humanitarian mentality.If a more developed left brain, then it is an analytical mind, a person, a so-called mathematical thinking.

After a free test for intelligence, you will learn how educated you are, how well are able to express their thoughts and how much you know about the world.This is not a school or a high school "exam" does not.Although a bit "poreshat" simple tasks on intelligence school you still have.However, this is not the test for IQ, a test of intelligence structure that tests your theoretical and practical thinking, be able to assess the ability to quickly orient themselves in a situation of information and the ability to apply ready-made algorithms for solving life's problems.

This diagnostic intelligence is not just reveal your math or humanitarian capacity, and determine your desire for order or chaos, the ability to think logically and abstractly.The test on the structure of intelligence will take you to an understanding of the tempo and rhythm peculiar to you personally, will help you understand what is more valuable to your intellect: scientific, theoretical knowledge, or your best teacher - a life experience.

• Research the type of thinking: the instruction to test the structure of the intelligence

mind and the structure of intelligence

Offer job intelligence test designed to identify those aspects of your thinking, which are the most and least developed.General Diagnostic intelligence consists of several sections, but rather out of six.This approach greatly simplifies the further interpretation of the results.

To pass the test on the structure of intelligence Take a sheet of paper and a pen and write down their answers.We did not offer an interactive, "automatic" version of the passage, so that you can compare their own answers with the right after the test.We did not "catch fog," arrange "a psychological mystery," and represent an open test, open version of the results, not to put you in front of a fact without explanation.Test for intelligence is free, but because you will be able to correctly interpret the results, and not wonder why your mindset and mentality appreciated so.You will be able to go back to the questions and find out why this or that is true answer, and find out what direction you would do well to become skilled, if it is necessary for life.

In general, take a pen and paper and write down the answers with the number of the question, for example: №1-g, №23-a, №68 - the germ, etc.This type of self-test research thinking, and therefore transit time is not limited, however, the rate is set.In the future you will be able to assess the level of its own intelligence, given the time that is spent on taking a test on the structure of intelligence.The faster you give the correct answers, the better.

And so, free test for intelligence.



Each task of this section - this is an incomplete sentence, each of which lacks one, often the last word.You need to select from the list below one answer for a letter in which the word is most likely suitable for the completion of the proposal.

test for intelligence 1
test for intelligence 2
test for intelligence 3
test for intelligence 4
test for intelligence 5


Each task of this section studies the mindset offers five words, four of which can be combined into a single semantic group, and one of them - too much.This extra word, and you need to find - it would be the best answer to the question.

intelligence structure 1
intelligence structure 2
intelligence structure 3
intelligence structure 4
intelligence structure 5


Each task of this section of the test on the structure of intelligence first couple of words consists of two concepts interrelated.You need to select a word from a list of options to create a second pair of similar within the meaning of the first pair of words.

mind 1
mind 2
mind 3
mind 4
mindset 5

• Section Four

Each task in this section contains two words.You need to find a word or phrase that combines data within the meaning of the word.

Diagnosis of intelligence


This section provides a few simple tasks.However, their decision to recommend to be careful.If you are confused and can not decide, do not waste time in vain, leave the task to then return to it when you have finished passing all sections.

test for intelligence structure 1
test for intelligence structure 2
test for intelligence structure 3
test for intelligence structure 4


necessary to continue the series of numbers proposed in the task in accordance with the same regularity that exists between the numbers in this series.

test mind 1
test mind 2



And a little more about the diagnosis of intelligence: