Cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, metrogil gel for the face, review all of their features

Gel for Face

Very often women are faced with the problem of the proper selection of tools for facial care at home.Today we tell you about such a simple product like a gel for the face.What they are and how they can be used to clean the skin, moisturize it, and get rid of acne?And most importantly - on which of the gels to choose.After all, the wrong decision can appear far the best and the expected results.



1. Cleansing Gel Face
2. Peeling Gel Facial
3. Moisturizing gel for face
4. Metrogil gel for the face
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Cleansing Gel Face

Throughout the day on the skin affects a lot of different factors, such as dust, dirt, makeup, sun, wind and others.Therefore, one of the most important stages of the daily ritual of skin care is just cleaning it.There are many different tools for cleansing, shops, and cooked at home.But in spite of the fact whether you are a fan of folk remedies, or prefer to purchase cosmetics, success will always be properly fitted cleansers according to the skin type.

One of the most simple and yet effective means to remove impurities from the skin is cleansing gel for the face. Depending on skin type, for which it is designed, the gels are very different in their composition.

Usually, to cleanse oily and combination skin it is recommended to use gels, since they are composed of active cleansing ingredients that help remove sweat and sebum that clog pores.

gels for dry skin contain emollients, that prevent dryness and skin tightening.

therefore chosen the wrong tool can not only bring the desired result but much harm.For example, the use of agents for oily skin prone to dryness can cause severe irritation, scaling up to the appearance of red spots (this side effect is not required, since everything depends also on the individual response to a particular agent).


Peeling Gel Facial

Gel-peeling for face photo

In a nutshell, peeling - a deep cleaning .If more detail, - a process of exfoliating dead skin cells.Why do it?If you do not remove the dead cells, they can clog pores, thereby disrupting cellular metabolism and accelerate the aging process of the skin.

Many believe that this procedure should be done only in specialized salons.I do not think so, because there are so many different tools that will help us in the home to make this ritual.

quite successful peels can be prepared at home, do just that adherents of natural resources.For the rest, I refer them to the category of lazy, pharmacy or store shelves are a wide range of anything you want.And here again, the main thing to choose the right!

most running is considered peeling gel for the face .As in all skrabah in its composition contains abrasive particles, which not only carry out the deep cleaning of the face, but also massage the skin.

Peeling gel for the face is very easy to use. as granules are often used natural materials (extracted from the stem of bamboo and poppy), which gently cleanses the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, tightens and improves skin texture.

conduct peeling desirable no more than twice a week , in order to avoid injury to living cells.If there is a rash on the skin, acne, sores, vascular mesh or she strongly dry and flaky, you should avoid this procedure to correct the problem.


Moisturizing Gel Face

moisturizing gel for the face photo

Humidification - a very important final stage of skin care, especially dry.Often people of any reason not suitable moisturizers.One of the ways out of this situation, there is a moisturizing gel for the face. High moisturizing properties it owns by forming a film on the skin.It does not contain fat supplements.It includes have geleobrazovatelnye substances, which influence the degree of hydration.

as gelling agents often act:

  • cellulose derivatives (metiltselyuloza, etiltselyuloza);
  • some components of algae (alginates, carragenate);
  • carbopol;
  • pectin derivatives;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • chitosan.

gels which contain a gelling №1 is not very convenient to use as often on the face can form a thick film, which rolls, which greatly complicates the application of makeup.Moreover, along with humidity and wetting fall properties of such gels.

gels with components under №2, 3 or 4 is more convenient to use.

But the best option is considered a means which include components №5 and №6.Their moisturizing property is not dependent on humidity.

Well, if in the gels are allantoin, urea, lactic acid.This also increases the wetting properties.


Metrogil gel for the face

metrogil gel Face Photo

If the skin belongs to the category of problem (oily, prone to acne or too dry) in the medicine cabinet or in a purse should always be a place for such a drug as gel metrogilfor face.

When applied topically, it has antimicrobial and antiprotozoal effect.
Reduces inflammation. get rid of acne, including teenage as well as rosacea.

not cause discomfort during use, it can be applied under makeup.As a rule, the effect is noticeable after a couple of weeks.But to achieve the final result of its use usually 1-3 months.
In any case, for more detailed instructions and recommendations before using the product should be consulted with a specialist.

characteristic feature tools such as gel for the face is that in the winter have very dry skin, they can cause a feeling of tightness.Some, however, believe that gels are always tightening the skin.I think that probably is not the problem of gels, but just exactly this means is not appropriate person or improperly chosen what can happen to absolutely everyone preparations.

And to you, dear readers, we wish good luck!And be careful when choosing any means to care for skin!


What are gels for washing, video