Cream for acne on the face, what you can buy in the store and how to cook a cream at home

Ointment Acne

cream for acne on the face can be a very effective tool in the fight against rash.Use the cream every day, you can take care of the problem skin.And this is a definite plus!After all, the same mask used a couple of times a week, and gels, which are crowded store shelves, often dry skin.

Cream against acne can be bought off the shelf, but you can prepare yourself.The effectiveness of the cream influenced by several factors: the skin (pimples, too, are different - purulent, inflamed lungs), the active ingredient cream (soft or aggressive components), regularity of use, causes rashes.That is why the cream of acne on the face is selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the skin lesions and the character.



1. That offer manufacturers of cosmetics for the treatment of acne
2. Natural recipes
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That offer manufacturers of cosmetics for the treatment of acne

Aven .French cream for acne, main active ingredient of which is glycolic acid.It has a cleansing action Judging by the reviews, with this cream can get rid of acne in just a few applications.A significant drawback means that there is a rapid habituation of the skin to him, so after a couple of months, the effects are greatly reduced or even disappear altogether.

Azelik .Manufacturer - Russia.It is based on azelaic ksloty, it improves the skin for several hours after the first application.However, it has disadvantages - much desiccate the skin.

Faberlik .The French agent, reduce inflammation and fighting with black dots.However, they say the reviews, the results can only be achieved if applied this line of cosmetics.

Garnier .Fights inflammation, but dry out the skin.It developed on the basis of the salicylic acid.

Floresan .Russian product at a very affordable price.Founded cream against acne on propylene glycol.It's easy, but quite effective.

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Klerasil .Produced in Great Britain.The facility, which in a short time has gained a lot of popularity among consumers.Suitable for owners of oily and combination skin, as it is based on salicylic acid, which dries bladaet abilities.With continued use, the skin quickly becomes accustomed to the tool.Moreover, there is an allergic reaction to the components of the cream.

Zinerit .Produced in the Netherlands, great cleans the skin, fights inflammation and rashes.It is used even as a preventive measure.As part of this cream against acne is antibiotics - erythromycin.

Klindovit .Well not only fighting with acne, but with spots after them, can cure the most complex lesions, including purulent.Action due to clindamycin.But for permanent use this cream for acne on the face does not fit - the skin gets used to it quickly.Among the side effects - allergic reactions.

Kuriozin .Produces this cream against acne Hungary.If you have problem skin and you can not even clean it, Kuriozin will cope with this.A cream based on zinc hyaluronate.However, there are no guarantees that after using the disease begins to recur.


Natural recipes to combat acne

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If you have tried a variety of means of official medicine, but none of them has not approached Van, or you do not trust the producers, you can try making your own acne cream.We picked up a few unpretentious recipes.

  • Melt olive oil (three big spoons), shea butter (one teaspoon) and beeswax (two small spoons).Mix all ingredients and add two kapsulki vitamin E, lecithin (literally on the tip of a knife).Separately, mix a tablespoon of rose water and aloe gel.Then pour into the prepared mixture of oils.It kept the cream for acne month.
  • Mix 200 g sour cream, two large spoons of lemon juice, three - cucumber, two raw egg yolks.The mixture pour 100 grams of alcohol and cologne.Then send in the refrigerator and use no more than six months.
  • in a couple drops of iodine are adding a large spoonful of honey, a little - Vaseline, and most - castor oil.Store no more than a month.
  • egg yolk rub with a tablespoon of honey, 100 g of cream, a teaspoon of lemon juice and two small - brandy.Use within two weeks.
  • Press fresh strawberry juice to give 4 tablespoons, add a teaspoon of glycerin, mix thoroughly for leave to infuse for 10 minutes.Then sprinkle in a mixture of a small spoonful of oatmeal.Store can be no longer than five days.
  • three large spoons of chamomile pour a glass of boiling water and leave under cover for two hours.Then strain.Melt in a water bath 50 g margarine, add to a large spoon of olive oil and chamomile (infusion of one-third cup).After one day spent in the refrigerator, may be used.

To find the most suitable your skin cream for acne, you should try out a few recipes, and the results have to choose what you need.Good luck!


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