What is algae mask for the face, how to use it , how to wait for the effect , where to buy .Alginate mask at home

Alginate mask

Alginate mask works wonders with skin and mood!Each beauty who once experienced it in action - agree that this mask is really miraculous.But the results raise mood and self-esteem.

Alginate mask reviews left more than just positive - a delight and admiration that will make the mask test, even staunch skeptic and Nordic calm to cosmetics, man.



1. What is algae mask
2. What impact alginate mask
3. What are the alginate mask and prescription
4. Benefits alginate face masks
5. Alginate mask at home
6. Application Procedure alginate mask
Alginate mask.Master-class video

What is algae mask

Alginate mask - a product that is based on alginic acid. product is a powder, which should be diluted before application with water or activator.

Activator - a special cosmetic product, enriched with nutrients, which greatly enhances the action of the powder.

There alginate mask in the form of gel .This product is ready for use.However, it rarely occurs and usually only in the cabin.

As for the basics of this wonderful creation - alginic acid - is an extract from salt algae growing in the waters near Japan, China, India and Norway. also suitable for the production of alginates from brown algae of the Barents Sea.

first time this wonderful component was obtained by «pumping" of the iodine plant. alginic acid - a by-product of this process, which was magical.The date of the opening of this world value is 1981 year.Since then, alginate masks have become a real breakthrough in cosmetology and quickly popularized worldwide.

addition algal alginates have alginates obtained from the red caviar.This is a true wealth for aging skin.

Today, algae mask - the most popular product in the beauty salon, as well as in home care.


What impact alginate mask

Alginate mask for persons and - absolutely natural product multilateral influence on the skin.
Any mask salt of alginic acid is capable of:

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• Freshen your skin and remove the feeling of heat, burning sensation;
• Lighten the skin, making it radiant;
• Provide lifting effect, improve the contour of the face;
• Smooth all the wrinkles;
• Improve skin elasticity due to collagen;
• Lighten pigmentation of different origin;
• Improve oily skin, get rid of stagnation;
• Settle the sebaceous glands get rid of greasy;
• Moisten dry and dehydrated skin;
• Remove the irritation and inflammation;
• Strengthen the action of cosmetic products.

And this is not an exhaustive list of what can algae mask that is properly selected and applied.

On this basis, no less inspiring reading list "use" of this miracle mask.And most importantly, it is used not only in the course of anti-aging treatments.


What are the alginate mask and prescription

In cosmetology algae mask called AM and they are different depending on the components that complement alginate.

Alginate mask with collagen. These masks are designed for anti-aging treatments, lifting sessions to improve the contour of the face.

Alginate mask with vitamin C - Course designed for bleaching procedures.They are effective in combating any pigmentation including pigment post-acne spots, stagnant.Age restrictions for the use of the mask - not, as this problem may be facing, and young girls.

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Alginate mask with chitosan - masks, the use of which is particularly beneficial for dehydrated and dry skin.And all thanks to the ability of chitosan to bind huge water molecules and retain the moisture in the skin.

Recall, chitosan - a product derived from the shells of crustaceans .Incidentally, this valuable component capable of absorbing harmful substances deposited on the skin, and outputs them.Therefore, this mask is also indicated for detox treatment.

Alginate mask with ginger - the product is rich in vitamin to improve skin tone, metabolism in it.This mask acts as an "Energy."After the mask is significantly improved color, increased its protective function.It provides an easy anti-aging effect.

Alginate mask facial whitening .Unlike masks enriched with vitamin C, the product is shown to fight a protracted pigmentation, the cause of which is the hormone in the body and the stoppage age-related changes.

Each of these masks can be applied not only in professional conditions, but also at home.This is one advantage of the alginate masks.


Benefits alginate face masks

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have no contraindications. Unlike masks and wraps themselves from algae, alginates are well tolerated by the skin and show everyone.

only reason for which the use of the mask may not be possible - it idiosyncrasy alginic acid.

• Has visible effect after the first procedure.

• Alginate mask can be bought at any drugstore or specialty store for home use.

• Masks with alginic acid are excellent conductors .They enhance the effect of the cream, serum, tonic and other funds deposited in front applique.So you should carefully select the means which will be preceded by a mask.

thus immediately clear why alginate facials leave only positive feedback.


Alginate mask at home

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Alginate mask can be used at home. It is not difficult, not less effective than the saloon and is absolutely safe.In addition, significantly save the budget.

Recall that buy alginate face mask can be a chemist or a specialty store of professional cosmetics.Depending on the grade, the mask may be accompanied by an activator.But you can do with water.

Each package powder mask equipped with measuring utensils and spatula to apply.It is very convenient.

very important point - the finished mask into a "rubber" in seven minutes , so it needs to be prepared quickly, as applied.It requires a certain fitness, so for the first procedure is to attach the assistant.


Application Procedure alginate mask

1. Clear skin usual way, and then use the scrub.This opens the pores and all use the following steps - intensify.

2. Apply skin cream or serum that is necessary for a particular purpose.For example, to remove the post-acne spots must be applied absorbable cream or detoxifying cream or bleaching.

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3. Once absorbed cream, inflict a gel-like mass skin with a spatula.Apply need from the chin - his forehead on the massage lines.Layer masks - a generous, hard.

4. Once the mask covered the face, try put it on the eyes and lips .Of course, this step is best implemented with the assistant.Before applying the mask, eyebrows should lubricate fat cream.

However, many manufacturers guarantee that the mask does not adhere to the hair.And do not be afraid that the mask gets into your eyes - it instantly freezes!

5. Rest for half an hour, after which contract the mask from the face neat movements from the bottom - up.

6. End session applying a soothing cream and enjoy pleasant sensations, and the radiance of the skin.

Like the saloon, algae mask is used in the home course of 10 sessions .The week is permissible from one to four sessions.Frequency of courses depends on the depth of the problem - it can be monthly rate, and maybe less.

Thus, we can conclude that alginantnye mask - is a simple and affordable way to taking care of their beauty.Select "his" mask and the results obtained.


Alginate mask.Master-class video