Burst capillaries on the face, how to remove the remove the capillaries.

Vascular grid on the face

capillaries on the face - a cosmetic problem, in which the capillaries are dilated and begin to appear on the surface of the skin.The reason for this is a violation of the blood supply and the loss of the ability of blood vessels to expand or contraction during exposure to temperature.

dilated capillaries on the face have a medical name - rosacea.When the face appears vascular net, it looks very unaesthetic.Not surprisingly, the people who are the capillaries on the face, trying all sorts of ways to get rid of them.On the current methods which allow to do it as quickly as possible, without pain and efficiently, and will be discussed in this article.



1. reasons on which appear the capillaries on the face
2. Removal of capillaries on the face inside the
3. How to remove the capillaries on the face at home
and Treatmentprevention of rosacea, video

reasons on which appear the capillaries on the face

rosacea have a lot of reasons.Among the main ones include:

  • gestation period
  • Overweight
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Wrong lifestyle
  • hypersensitivity skin
  • disorders in hormone levels
  • Stressful situations
  • Diseases of the respiratory and digestive
  • long exposure to sunlight

If burst capillaries on the face, do not let the issue slide.A opnuvshie capillaries on the face may be the first warning sign of serious diseases , which require immediate treatment.


Removal of capillaries on the face inside the

removal of vascular networks salon Photo

Today there are many techniques and procedures that can be quickly and effectively deal with an issue like the capillaries on the face.The most popular and accessible of them - laser. It allows you to safely remove the deficiencies and vascular mesh , that sometimes appear quite suddenly.But apart from the laser, there are several effective methods.

First of all, when burst capillaries on the face should consult without delay to the beautician - he deals with this problem.

How to remove the capillaries on the face of the laser .This method aims to selectively destroy the capillaries.This tissue injury around the capillary network is not happening. To capillaries on the face disappeared under the influence of laser, it will take some time, because after the procedure does not change the elasticity of blood vessels.And guarantee that vascular grid appears again, no one gives - the disease can recur after some time.

rejuvenation procedure. This method promises a few procedures to save people from vascular network. principle of operation is to use a beam of ordinary light .After completing the procedure, you will feel much more supple and elastic your skin will become.

Ozone .This procedure is too advanced cases, and if the first two methods of treatment do not bring the desired result.Then beauticians offer his patient to remove the capillaries on the face ozonokislorodom. It is injected directly into the vessels with a special microneedles. This treatment leaves no scars and permanently removes the person from the visible cosmetic defects.

Choice salon rosacea removal method depends on the expert - only he is able to assess the extent of the disease and to choose the right way to treat it.The specialists take into account many factors - the state of health of the patient, the image of his life, age, and, of course, neglect the disease.


How to remove the capillaries on the face at home

treatment of rosacea home photo

If burst capillaries on the face, but the salon treatments you do not trust, and treat them with caution, you can try to get rid of rosacea on their own.Of course, getting rid of the capillaries - a method of long-term, but a secure and time-tested.

compress mug .Squeeze the juice of burdock, fried them cheesecloth and apply to broken capillaries on the quarter hour.

Mask bodyagi .Buy at the pharmacy bag of powder, dilute it with hot water and apply on problem areas.

mask from the pulp of green tomatoes. Separate the flesh from the skin and apply it for 15 minutes on the face.

Exercises .There are a set of exercises that help remove the vascular mesh.Fulfilling them regularly, you will get rid of their problems with the skin becomes elastic and beautiful.

  • Push hands to her cheeks and quick massage them, alternately raising and lowering.
  • Type in your mouth the air, hold it, and then start to roll from one cheek to the other.
  • lift the chin, while cycling muscles of the neck and face.
  • somknite his lips and pull them repeat the exercise several times.

How would you not treated - in salon or at home - remember that some procedures or exercise is not enough to get rid of the capillaries.Along with the treatment must adhere to healthy lifestyle, eat right and use vitamins.Good luck and good health!


Treatment and prevention of rosacea, video