How to align the complexion salon and home methods .The perfect face tone and effective masks at home

[Smooth complexion]

Many women tend to have an even skin tone, as well as the desire to get rid of comedones, dilated pores, fine lines and freckles.All these imperfections they obscure Correction and conduct a number of cosmetic procedures.

attractive person looks perfect tone when natural as makeup only emphasizes it.Of course, make-up can help hide the shortcomings of the face, but after his removal, the dermis becomes natural tone.



1. alignment salon skin: modern methods and features
2. even tone the face: how to achieve efficiency in the home?
perfect tone of the face with a mask, a video recipe

alignment salon skin: modern methods and features

Today, there are different ways to align the tone:

  • Laser correction

Lets get rid of scars left after dermatological diseases, as well as burns and chickenpox.The operating principle is simple: a thin beam is directed on problem areas and "burns" cells at the site of the scar. procedure is completely safe and painless, but in the process the patient may feel a tingling.As a result, the skin begins to actively recover and produce collagen.

  • Oxygen

even skin tone

This procedure works by filling derma cosmetic gas. happens as injections: oxygen (refined) under pressure accelerates the regeneration of damaged cells, and accelerates the resorption of older scars. Also effective and painless procedure has another advantage - the active struggle with acne and their complete elimination.Skin, thanks to such a procedure, it becomes elastic.

  • Cryotherapy

Many ask cosmetologist how to align your face?Think for a minute that this could help ordinary course of massage. It lasts only ten minutes: a doctor with a cotton disc (soaked in liquid nitrogen) and performs a pair of tweezers. Processing takes place in several stages, as the evaporation of the substance.After the massage on the face may appear swelling and redness - do not worry, they soon disappear. Cryotherapy will narrow pores and remove any traces of sebum, inflammation and other processes.Visit cosmetologist for ten days and you will be pleased with the result.
  • Microdermabrasion

effectiveness of this method is proved.You do not know how to align the tone of a person using a complicated mechanical peeling?It's very simple: cosmetologist first prepare and cleanse the skin, and then cause cream with exfoliating particles distributing hand massaged his face. If you need to get rid of blackheads - the doctor visits require two to three, and to remove scars - more than a dozen visits.


even tone the face: how to achieve efficiency in the home?

perfect complexion

How to align the complexion yourself?Optionally, to pay for the procedure a lot of money in beauty salons, because it can carry out at home (in compliance with all guidelines and rules).

To start, pick up cosmetics for the procedure, and then perform a test for sensitivity to avoid allergic reactions.It is better to use foam or gel , which stimulate and renew cells.A similar problem coping modern cosmetic preparations (tonics, lotions, etc.), which include salicylic acid or fruit acids.

Many emulsions have regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as help to purchase an even skin tone. manufacturer provides more delicate tools that are based on gentle formulas are designed for sensitive dermis.

Today Estheticians depart from the chemical composition and the prerogative find natural mask. If you prefer an emulsion based on natural ingredients, you can use herbal teas, fruits and pulp:

Watermelon mask helps make smooth skin tone

  • Take the flesh of watermelon, baking soda, nourishing cream, olive oil,soft towel.Then do the following:
  • Wipe face with a cotton swab that is moistened in olive oil
  • Cover waffle face with a towel soaked in a solution of soda
  • possle this cause watermelon flesh
  • Leave on your face for a maximum of fifteen minutes
  • wash with warm water
  • Apply a cream that will nourish the skin

Kefir mask

This structure also helps smooth skin tone and make the skin more supple.Calibration is done so:

  • Clear face
  • Wipe with a cotton swab that is moistened in kefir
  • your composition until dry
  • Repeat the procedure to 7 times
  • Once dry, wash or apply cream

These recipes and tips can helpyou restore the elasticity of the dermis and even out tone.Choose the suitable means and do not forget to consult with a beautician.

perfect tone of the face with a mask, a video recipe