How to remove bags under the eyes quickly and safely?

eye bags

bags under the eyes - a drama, a disturbing large numbers of women, especially after the holiday feasts.It is not surprising at all that everyone wants to get rid of this scourge, because the bags under the eyes make women look tired and aging, and at any age.Why do they appear?What is their cause?And how to remove bags under the eyes quickly and permanently?



1. The bags under his eyes: what is the reason?
2. How to remove bags under the eyes?
3. Bags under the eyes: how to get rid of using cosmetics?
4. How to remove bags salon treatment?
5. How to remove bags under the eyes with the help of blepharoplasty?
6. How to get rid with the help of massage?
7. How to remove bags under the eyes with special exercises?
8. How to get rid of bags folk remedies?

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bags under the eyes: what is the reason?

Generally, if there are bags under the eyes, the reason of their occurrence owner knows for sure.It may be fatigue, general health or banal lack of sleep.They also appear due to abuse, because of the excessive amount of alcohol consumed eve alcohol or smoking.I think you are aware that the eyes - a reflection not only of the soul, but also our health.They can read the beginnings of many diseases or "riot": problems with the kidneys, heart, liver, and some "negorazdy" for gynecological part - it can manifest itself in the form of bags or even bruises.

eye bags What generally is the bags under the eyes, that they represent?In fact, it is nothing like the fluid accumulated under the thin skin around the eyes.This accumulation occurs due to attenuation and sagging adjacent tissues.It's no wonder bags - basically, the problem of women in the age.From this nasty young girls suffer less frequently.

addition another reason for their appearance is the subcutaneous fat.Our face is able to gain weight in the same way as any other part of the body.When the fat in this region becomes too much good hold weak muscles can no longer, then there are bags.

It happens so that bags under the eyes - not that other, as a curiosity offensive nature - anatomical feature of the individual.And in this case, unfortunately, you are unlikely to be able to fully assist any cosmetic tweaks, or folk remedies.And if you just such bags under his eyes, how to get rid of them knows only the plastic surgeon.Since, remove bags under the eyes can only blepharoplasty procedure.



bags under the eyes: how to remove?

Now you know what is and what is the cause of bags under the eyes.However, the main question still is: how to remove bags under the eyes?And this question is not so simple, because the methods as well as the reasons are many, to the same and they depend directly on these very reasons.But let's understand in order.

If bags are the primary cause of heart disease, a disease of other organs, you must be aware that any, even the most publicized, modern and expensive serums and creams will not help you.The first thing you need to do - is to find out the true cause and deal with health problems.As soon as you do this - bags themselves disappear.


bags under the eyes: how to get rid of using cosmetics?

eye cream get rid of bags help tools to improve the outflow of fluid from the eye area, firming the skin and makes it supple.

chooses Eye Cream, which contains the following active ingredients: collagen, elastin, coffee, hyaluronic acid, extracts of horsetail, sage and parsley.

indifferent to aromatherapy?Awesome!Then use this oil problem area coffee, hazelnut and ginger.

The question, how to remove bags under the eyes quickly proved itself remarkably include homemade cosmetic product, namely, ice cubes rubbing the skin around the eyes.Such wiping really gives a quick effect, but only if you do it right, once awake.The ice has a stimulating effect on blood circulation, it's great tones the skin and improves the flow of liquid.Significantly increase the effectiveness of this technique helps the ice is not made of plain water, and concoctions made from a variety of useful herbs, well on the "worst" - from sparkling mineral water.

not want to "bother" and tinker with ice and broths?All right.You can go lighter, but no less effective way.Get a special eye for their ice mask fills gel.Using it is very easy: just keep the mask in the refrigerator and wear when needed.The special value of money - an effect that manifests itself in just a few minutes.

extremely important point is that you have the good cream for the skin around the eyes.Firstly, for a more healthy appearance of skin tone and high, and accordingly, the lack of bags under the eyes, be sure to everyday quality moisturizing the area.Secondly, this will prevent humidification wrinkles or slow down their formation (depending on the age and skin type).


bags under the eyes: how to remove salon treatment?

getting rid of bags under the eyes of modern methods Modern beauty salons in the struggle for the beauty of the eyes can offer three effective methods of how to remove bags under the eyes quickly: electrical stimulation, mesotherapy and lymphatic drainage.

Electrical. This method of getting rid of bags under the eyes means the impact low-frequency currents to the skin.Muscles as a result of the procedures become more toned, strong, a common skin condition greatly improved.

Mesotherapy .This tool provides an introduction to the special mixture of substances under the skin, which are the consequence of releasing gradually provide the necessary impact on the bags under the eyes.

Lymph .This procedure is designed to stimulate the outflow of fluid from the eye limfososudov.This naturally reduces the outflow of bags.There are two types of lymphatic drainage, namely, hardware and manual.Often, during this procedure, the area around the eyes are not limited, it is made entirely on his face.As a rule, firmer skin and a common person is enough freshness 7-10 procedures.


How to remove bags under the eyes with the help of blepharoplasty?

blepharoplasty can also be partly attributed to the salon treatment.This operation is used in applications requiring a radical solution to the problem with bags.During this operation, as you probably already guessed, it is surgically get rid of skin tissue droops and subcutaneous fat.Usually, scars after surgery are virtually invisible, or are "hidden" in the conjunctiva of the lower eyelid, masking under the lashes.After completing this operation under the eyes for a few more weeks saved bruises.When deciding on a radical method of getting rid of the bags, you need to understand the danger of procedures and complications that can arise after the operation, especially if it is a lack of qualifications of the surgeon.

  • • Never agree to blepharoplasty, if you do not believe that it will hold an experienced surgeon in this sphere of activity!

There is, so to speak, a lightweight version of the operation - laser blepharoplasty.Note that this procedure is not so dangerous and much more convenient as compared with the usual operation, and scars after it - is the exception rather than the rule.

Also try to remove bags under the eyes can be with the help of laser skin resurfacing on the lower eyelid.This option has a small trauma, and the results often gives remarkable: wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is tightened considerably lower eyelids.


bags under the eyes: how to get rid of with the help of massage?

Massage lines on face internally If you are not ready for the procedures that offer salons and plastic surgery, or have a personal objection, contraindications, you can try to remove bags under the eyes of their own, with the help of massage century.Massage - this is a great tool that can help at home to cope with this problem.Daily massage the eye problem can effectively replace salon lymphatic drainage.Try to make a habit of this process - and the bags will be lost, pardon the tautology, right before our eyes.

It is important to do this massage correctly.After all, the skin around the eyes is very delicate and subtle, it is very easy to hurt, so regular massage is not exactly suitable.

procedure should begin with the application of a special cream on the eyelid skin, a cream specifically for this area of ​​the face.Naturally, it should be moisturizing, but not quickly absorbed.Do you need only massage pads nameless fingers.At the same time the pressure on the skin is the weakest, and, consequently, the massage - a very gentle, not traumatic.

Start with the upper eyelid from the inner corner of Legenkiy tapping on century fingertips, moving gradually to the outer corner of the eye.Then you can switch to it on the lower eyelid, the same light tapping massage movements.However, this move should be in reverse order, from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.It is important!Actually any other manipulation of the skin under the eyes do from the outer corner to the inside, so as not to further tension to the skin.

tapping on the lower eyelid should be repeated several times, as long as the cream is absorbed into the skin.


How to remove bags under the eyes with special exercises?

Exercises for eyes Exercises for eyes are considered the most effective procedure from the bags under the eyes.Only now these exercises, as well as massage, do you want daily, or the desired effect you get.

Why do exercises for eyes so useful?The explanation is quite simple: the muscles of our eyes in everyday life is almost not subjected to stress, it seems logical that in order to strengthen them, you need to get those muscles working.Next we get a natural effect: the more work the eye muscles, the limfottok better and, consequently, the bags under the eyes - not so visible or non-existent.Among other things, these exercises will help you maintain or even improve vision.

set of exercises for the eyes against the formation of bags:

first Exercise: With all the strength zazhmurte eyes and then open them as wide as possible in your case.Repeat this exercise at least 10 times in a row.

second Exercise: Keep your head straight, look alternately up and down, then left and right.You can also roll the eyes.This exercise is particularly useful to do in the workplace.It will help to relax the eye muscles tense and his eyes will not be so hurt, and vision - to deteriorate.

Exercise third: eyelids blinked quickly, quickly, and then close your eyes and try to relax, at least seconds 10.

Fourth Exercise: Close your eyes for 10 seconds, let them rest.Then they are widely open and look up, without raising his head.Then again, relax and look into the distance.Several times repeat.


bags under the eyes: how to get rid of folk remedies?

Tea is good tones skin Eye In fact, there are many recipes for how to remove bags under the eyes of the people's means.But unfortunately, not all of them are effective, and some even dangerous.Therefore, I will limit myself to only a few tips that contain proven methods.

Council №1. to remove bags under the eyes quickly, you can try the following means: Take 1 teaspoon chamomile flowers and pour 1 cup boiling water.Leaving an infusion under the lid, let it stand for about 15-20 minutes.After that, take an ordinary cotton swab, soak it in warm infusion, and gently wipe the eyelids.Do not push, do not press the swab to the skin.Let your movements are more like "tickling."Continue this procedure about 15 minutes.In addition to combat swelling is a folk remedy, a wonderful assistant, if you have inflamed eyes.

Council №2. Mix chamomile tea.This will require only 1 teaspoon of any tea channaya (but green is best), and the same pharmacy daisy.The mixture of herbs should be steamed in 1 cup of boiling water.Infuse, as in the previous recipe, 15 minutes, and used similarly.

Council №3. Remove bags under the eyes, but other than that and bruising, well helps the potatoes.For this purpose, the most common potato.It simply establishing eyes raw, pre-washing your cleanse and cut into slices.After cleaning the skin of the eye makeup and dirt, potato applied to the eyes and leave for about half an hour.To enhance the effect, the Council also mix shabby grated potatoes with parsley or dill.This mixture was also applied to the eyelids, for half an hour.Often, on top put a gauze bandage, which also enhances the effect.But not always and not everyone is able to half an hour to lie with closed eyes, so that the vegetable juice did not get inside.And if it happens eye protein may blush irritation - it is not that somehow dangerous, but unpleasant, and the result of the struggle with bags ending red eyes - not exactly the effect that you want to.

In general, what it means to give preference - up to you, and let your eyes will always be healthy and beautiful!


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