What if there were spots on the chest, nipples , acne armpits ?Causes and treatment of pimples on his stomach

[Pimples on stomach]

Eruptions in the abdominal area may appear every person, regardless of gender.The reasons on which they are located in this part, quite different.Depending on their spots on the abdomen may acquire one or another form, have a different character - to be permanent or temporary, with purulent or watery contents.

As a result, such a large number of differences and the reasons for the selection of tactics of treatment is individual.But in any case it is necessary to understand - why there are spots in this area of ​​the body to prevent their occurrence in the next time and know how they can be cured.



1. Pimples on stomach - common causes
2. Pimples on the chest - Causes and types
3. armpits Acne - Causes and types
4. Pimples on the chest - Causes and types
5. Treatment and prevention of acne in the abdomen
Pimples on stomach: Causes and Treatment, video

Pimples on stomach - common causes

In most cases, causes rashes on this sitebody are viral skin infections and allergic reactions and bacteria. often spots on the abdomen arise as a response to inflammatory processes in the body. Depending on these reasons, they may itch, peel off and take various forms, have a certain color.

acne may be due to improper care of the body, and with the feature of the skin itself.It would therefore be logical to consider the reasons for them depending on the localization.Top

Pimples on the chest - Causes and types

acne on the chest

most common rashes on the area appear in the summer, which suggests the wrong skin care. In this case, they represent a small rash with watery contents, or, to put it simply - prickly heat.If on the spot "bubble» began to form pustules, the first signal is that they became infected.

However, acne on the chest, such as under the arms, may also occur for other reasons:

Viral infections:

  • Chickenpox , in which the bubbles are formed with a red rim forthroughout the body.At the same time they are very itchy, and there may be a general malaise.
  • Rubella , in which there is a clearly defined and millet rash, do not merge with each other.First, it affects the face and then spreads throughout the body.
  • Measles , which is characterized by patches of pink and irregular in shape, merging with each other.Staining starts from the face and on the inside of the cheeks are "white knots", located opposite the lower molars.
  • Ringworm , which is characterized by the formation of red nodules.As a result, they become quite painful blisters.Itching - is absent.

acne may be due to bacterial infections - secondary syphilis, and scarlet fever. noteworthy that scarlet fever - a childhood disease, which adults do not get sick and can not get infected her. scarlet fever is characterized by a clear indication of nasolabial triangle.It rash absent, whereas in other areas of the body, it becomes a scarlet color. In secondary syphilis rash resembles a red nodules, which can be randomly scattered throughout the body.

armpits Acne - Causes and types

pimples on hand

Acne at hand can occur for the same reasons as in the abdomen, thorax.However, this is not always the case. Because of the great location of the sebaceous glands and sometimes very active their work can various inflammatory processes.They are due to:

  • improper hygiene,
  • wearing low-quality linen,
  • immunocompromised,
  • the presence of the organism Staphylococcus aureus.

When late reaction at the beginning of inflammation increases the risk of degeneration of minor eruptions in the form of the same prickly heat in purulent acne . their most common species in this area are boils, carbuncles and hidradenitis.

Unlike boil gidradenity tend to have multiple septic nodes under the skin. Diameter nodes and about 3 centimeters at the beginning of the disease, they are red, then bluish, sometimes purple color.At the site of the lesion marked itching and some pain.The healing period is characterized by the formation of fistulas, the release of pus and tissue scarring.

Furuncle has his characteristic purulent rod. If there are several entities, they never merge with each other.If this happens, then in that case, you should talk about the formation of a carbuncle.However, pus boils can independently come to the surface.In contrast to the boil carbuncle opening it occurs only on an outpatient basis.Top

Pimples on the chest - Causes and types

spots on the nipples

Causes of acne can be associated with the same disease as in other parts of the abdomen.So do not be repeated, and select those that are unique to this area.

Most often nipples acne can celebrate at the woman.They are white lesions, which are called atheroma.It was situated on the areola (the areola). reason of its occurrence is associated with blockage of the glands of Montgomery, whose function is the allocation of natural lubrication that prevents dry the nipple and surrounding tissues.

Atheroma - benign tumor.It may occur during breast feeding the baby, and nulliparous women. In this case, we should talk about hormonal disorders or improper hygiene.However, squeeze it undesirable as it can lead to a secondary infection listed.Treatment should be entrusted atheroma mammologu to avoid unpleasant consequences.

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Treatment and prevention of acne in the abdomen

pimples on stomach

Since pimples on stomach or any other portion thereof may occur for various reasons, and the treatment strategy will be different. It is said that acne on the area of ​​the body is better not to try to treat yourself.In particular, when they are caused by disorders in the organism, viral and bacterial infections. These include rashes, which is characterized by pain, pus, and itching.After all, ensure that you have a rash is not associated with infection, no one can.Therefore, it is desirable to seek a dermatologist.

However, to eliminate the rash in the future to prevent their occurrence is recommended to follow certain rules:

  • a balanced and varied diet .Inclusion in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals from cereals, low-fat varieties of fish and meat contain normally allow the required amount of vitamins and minerals.If confidence in the correctness of a balanced diet not, you can take additional vitamin complexes.
  • proper personal hygiene .This rule applies to the choice of high-quality cosmetics for the body.If you have acne, you can try to wash the affected area with soap and tar.If they have any on hand, you should think about the correctness of the selection of a deodorant.Solid antiperspirants often lead to blockage of the sebaceous glands.
  • quality clothing .Quality clothes directly affects the condition of the skin.Therefore, it is desirable to choose a material that allows the skin to breathe, and will absorb excess moisture.And it can be done not only based materials cotton, but also synthetic if they are of high quality.In addition, all the items of clothes should be of appropriate size.

In most cases, implementation of these simple rules will save you from acne.However, if the acne began to appear regularly, it is characterized by pain or itching, you should promptly consult a specialist.After all, the health - the most important thing!Top

Pimples on stomach: Causes and Treatment