What to do if hair fall out

What to do if hair fall out

Hundred lost hair day - it sounds scary, but in fact it is the norm for any healthy person .But how to understand them dropped a hundred or more , whether to sound the alarm , or all right?It is very easy : you need to take a small section of the fingers and gently pull .If your left hand two hairs - all good , but if there are many more - to take urgent measures .

In the world of little people who can remain indifferent at the sight of the own head of hair that was left on the comb , pillow or headdress .But what to do if hair fall out , if this process is rapid , and the number of scary ?Similarly , do not panic.This attack can be stopped , assuming of course that the non-medical reasons .

When the hair falls entirely on the individual areas or all over the head , it is better to consult a doctor - it may indicate problems such as alopecia or abnormal hair loss .Also, these symptoms may be due to genetic , hereditary characteristics .All other reasons are quite solved independently, and we'll tell you how.



1. Causes of hair loss
2. Revision of the refrigerator
3. Scratching
4. Shampoos and conditioners
5. Traditional methods




Causes of hair loss

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The reasons that the hair falls out, can be both external and internal.One of the most common - unhealthy diet, including diet, are so fond of the fairer sex.Lack of nutrients damaging effects on the hair follicles, they just die.Lacking vitamins B5, B6, C, PP, as well as iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium weaken hair roots.Even the daily diet abundant in vitamins, does not guarantee their health - alcohol, smoking and taking certain medications can interfere with the absorption of nutrients.

Often, the active loss due to changes in hormonal levels.It can start during pregnancy , it is linked to the use of birth control medications , abortion , menopause , diseases of the endocrine system.Any problems with the body's immediate impact on the health of hair.

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One of the most powerful causes of hair fall is that any stress.This may be a dramatic weight loss , and the effects of the operational anesthesia , and personal emotional experiences .Typically, the detrimental effect becomes noticeable after 1-2 months , thus to determine what is the cause of stress is not always easy.

Also a negative and exposure to extremes of temperature hair .Blow-drying after washing can be great " thin out " your hair , you should not also forget in the cold season of the headdress .


The audit of the refrigerator

If you want to stop the rapid evacuation of hair of your head , as it should, inspect your daily diet .There should be a sufficient amount of protein and iron.Be sure to include a lean beef , lean poultry , cheese , beans, an unlimited number of fruits and vegetables .Consume a multivitamin , especially in winter and spring , modern pharmacists offer the whole range of specialist hair .



Why hair falls

Comb is not just a way to give your hair neat and well-groomed appearance .Choosing the right she gently massage improves blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on the hair follicles .People with hair loss problems , it is recommended neatly combed hair, massaging the scalp for 5 minutes before bedtime .


Shampoos and conditioners

Of course, not all funds labeled " firming " good.However, they are prepared according to a recipe containing many substances that can reduce or even stop hair loss.For example, ginseng extract stimulates cell function well , makes hair stronger and more robust.Pantenon and jojoba oil to shampoo or balm contains vitamin PP, and also stimulates the hair follicle .

Useful are shampoos with herbal extracts such as nettle, chamomile, suitable for colored hair means chestnut extract and protein.It will help protect the roots from the harmful effects of free radicals vitamin E. But abused all possible means for stacking , even " fortified with vitamins " , not worth it.


Traditional methods

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Because of the rich heritage of folk remedies to strengthen hair is best provenmask with burdock root.Make it easy to remedy , Bay 2 tbsp.tablespoons boiling water and heating for half an hour on low heat .Then, the broth should be cool and drain , and use it after washing , rinsing head.

Good, but a specific tool is madewith onions.Take 1 tbsp.spoon vegetable oil, strained onion juice, warmed honey and 1 egg yolk.Carefully blended mass is rubbed into the roots, insulated head with a towel, leave for 30-40 minutes.This procedure should be repeated 2 times a week.Count on instant results, both in this and in any other method, it is not necessary.The effect will be visible only after 3 months.Although this is a very powerful tool, and the peculiar smell of onions makes it not very popular.However, to reduce the "flavor" is not difficult to zero: First, use is onion juice and pulp is not, and secondly by adding a few drops of perfume water - all.

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Another popular method suggests using warmingcognac mask.To do this, 1 tbsp.a spoonful of brandy , mix with egg yolk dessert spoon of honey and add a little vegetable oil (if hair is oily oil can not be added ) .The resulting mass is necessary to rub into the roots and carefully distribute through hair .Rinse shampoo can be half an hour , then further to rinse with boiled water with the juice of half a lemon .

Vulnerary plantsWe have always been famous for its unique properties.Brew in a thermos of herbal St. John's wort , sage, nettle and Helichrysum .After 4 hours , add the henna must obtain a homogeneous paste.Acts such mask for half an hour before washing the head .

HennaIt is known not only colors the hair in shades of red , but also strengthens their fine .It is important to remember that it can retain moisture , making hair brittle and split .So keep it on the hair can be no more than an hour.