Cleanses, nourishes and moisturizes the skin with a bath masks for face and body .How to use these masks

Masks for baths

Who among us does not like hiking in the baths and saunas?It is not only fun, but also very useful for our entire body, especially for our skin.A bathhouse to take a few simple but very useful natural masks, this procedure will increase a hundredfold.By the way, bath - the most suitable place if you want to apply the mask.Many wonder why the room?We will explain, especially because it is very easy to do!Our pores under high temperature (namely, it is in the bath) open.It helps to remove keratinized skin and removal of dirt.And after the open pores and cleanse all the useful components (they are full of natural masks for a bath) penetrate and absorbed much better and faster.Not surprisingly, the mask for the bath amazing effect on the skin of the face, body and even our hair.On their useful properties, we'll talk.



1. How to use masks for baths
2. Masks for baths - a variety of choices
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4. body mask in the bath
Cooking mask after bath, video

How to use masks for baths

masks activated under the influence of a particular climate that reigns in the bath.Under the influence of these factors come true miracles - the skin is fresh, young and supple.However, each girl who already knows how to use masks for baths, will tell you: mask to be effective, the procedure must be carefully prepared, carrying out all the necessary rules for the preparation of masks bath.

Firstly, masks for baths should be fully fit your type of skin .Otherwise, you not only will not achieve the desired success, but radically opposite and get the desired result.By the way: if you have oily skin will cause the mask to dry on it can begin reddening and various rashes.

Secondly, should not prepare masks for the bath beforehand .It is better to do it yourself before going to the steam room - they are much more efficient, higher quality and better effect on the skin.


Masks for baths - a variety of choices

facials photo

masks baths are divided into several types.Each of them is intended for a specific purpose, and to achieve special effects.

Potonagonyayuschie mask. is intended for removing toxins from the body.Bath and so promotes sweating and special masks for the bath only enhance this effect. often to create such masks are used salt - table salt or sea .

cleansing mask for bath .In the bath, our skin is deeply warmed, while the upper layers are softened and the pores open.In this state, they are more susceptible to the absorption of nutrients and vitamins.For this to happen more quickly and efficiently, we need to help purify integuments of the upper horny layer of dead cells.

And here to the aid of a special cleansing scrub mask.They are always part of the solid particles.If scrub mask designed for a body - the particles are large enough for a person - smaller. Are put such funds are not directly in the steam room, and between taps into it.The mask is applied to the first body or the person sufficiently thick layer, then rub massage movements.Then wash agent first warm water, then - cool.

mask for baths .Such masks are applied to the end of a visit to the bath - when the pores enough to steam and disclosed.Incidentally, as such recipe nutrient bath masks which are put on the body, there is often used for nutritional purposes cream.But as the skin here is where carousing fancy - mask recipes for a bath to a person not just diverse but also very useful.


facial mask in the bath

mask of sour cream for a bath for the face.Prepare means easy.To do this, you need all three components - sour cream and aloe juice in equal parts (a spoonful) and egg yolk.When properly connect and vzobete ingredients, the mask can be applied to the face and neck area.After half an hour - wash.

Honey Scrub face mask in the bath.Equally mix ground cinnamon and honey.This tool is suitable not only for individuals but also for the body.After his exposure to the skin cleansed, become smooth and silky.


body mask in the bath

mask with salt for bath Photo

Oat mask body in a bath .Mix half a cup of oatmeal flakes with cream and milk (three tablespoons).

mask with honey and salt.The same amounts mix the salt and honey, as this is meant to mask the body, the proportion should not be too small.The components should be mixed until until a light foam.Then gently apply the mask on the body, but do not rub and do not rub.When the cause - head to the steam room where you are under the influence of the mask, as follows propoteete and thus get rid of excess toxins.

Coffee mask. Before you go to a bathhouse, a few days posobirat coffee grounds.This is - just a wonderful tool on which you can prepare a wonderful mask for the body.To prepare it, you should mix the coffee grounds and the same Herculean flakes.Add a pinch of baking soda into a means, a little sea salt.To components "connected", add a mask quite a bit of olive oil.

exotic mask. For its preparation you need to stock up on a banana and kiwi.So, clean fruit, interpret them into mush, add a little honey.This tool is indispensable, if you want to moisturize your skin and rejuvenate them.By the way, all the means with honey contraindicated allergies.Do not forget this!


Cooking mask after bath, video